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So I got home and removed the air cleaner and I am real confused comparing the hoses to the diagram under the hood. This is the Vacuum Solenoid Valve which seems to have an extra hose coming out of it, not shown on the diagram. I think that 'extra' hose coming out of it goes down to the distributor and is the only hose that does.

If someone could take the time to check out the pictures and compare it to the diagram I would appreciate it. Well when I got back from Napa with my girlfriend's car with some hose length and when I opened up the hood I could not find the left over length of hose!
I'd show the picture of my car or the vacuum diagram on the underside of the hood but I can't get to an image hosting site at work.

Even telling me the name of the device on the air cleaner could get me somewhere since I have the vacuum diagram.

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