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Adding to this trend, LinkedIn’s API has now made it even easier for recruiters to access fresh talent via some powerful recruiting software tools. The shift here is that LinkedIn’s own search capabilities are being used less as more advanced technologies emerge, making recruiting much easier for professionals. Many of these advanced social recruiting tools deliver search results for the recruiters based on that persona€™s individual network.
Another essential factor in whether or not you come up in a recruiter’s search is your LinkedIn profile location. If you are looking for a job in Nevada (god knows why!) and you live in North Carolina (okay, lots of sun too), you need to put your DESIRED location in your LinkedIn profile a€“ even though you don’t currently live there. Did you remember getting an email from LinkedIn a while ago asking you to fill in your Skills for your profile? Subscribe to our NewsletterJoin 103,000+ readers and receive daily career tips in your Inbox! First of all, let’s begin by saying that this is not a diss towards manual transmission. Star Wars Speeder Bike Is A Thing Now And It Sounds The Same As In The MovieAs If Driving A Porsche Cayenne Doesn’t Make You Cool Enough! To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. A treasure trove of classic cars found languishing in a barn for 50 years has sold for A?20 million. In spite of the fact, that close to 35,000 people are killed in auto accidents every year, there is still a lot that car accident lawyers do not know about what exactly happens just before an accident.
The research is based on real-time study of driver behavior in a car environment just before an accident.
As many as 3,100 cars across the country have been equipped with a number of   devices that are aimed at monitoring and evaluating the driving environment in driver behavior while driving.
For example, the alcohol-detecting sensors will detect if there is alcohol inside the car, and the camera systems that are installed in discrete locations will capture the gestures and expressions of the driver as he drives.

The point is to capture all possible data and information just before an accident, in the hope that this will provide clues into car accident causes. Donk Cars are also referred to as Hi-risers, Box cars or Bubble Cars and are basically a type of customized vehicle that has been significantly altered to increase ground clearance. Donk Cars originally grew from the South American culture and over the years has spread to the rest of the United States and other countries.
Suspension modifications similar to those employed on lifted pickup trucks are made to give adequate clearance for the large wheels. Raising a vehicle off of the ground by such a degree raises the center of gravity to a point where rolling the vehicle becomes a distinct possibility. In fact, several surveys in the last few years point to a very high percentage of recruiters using social media.
This means that if you are connected to that recruiter, and you just lost your job, added a hot job title, or otherwise did something to your profile, you’ll pop up. It would be a mistake to be too general (like a€?USAa€?), but it would also be a mistake to enter your current location if you want to move. They get hired to fill positions, or they are corporate recruiters and are looking for local talent.
Because when a company or hiring manager talks to a recruiter, they aren’t always writing clear job descriptions.
We understand that manual cars can be awesome, and even in some instances better that automatics. Investigations often provide few clues about driver behavior and actions in the seconds leading up to the crash, and much of the crash investigation currently focuses on tire skid marks, cell phone records, and other tangible data that can help identify the causes of the accident. The study is called the Naturalistic Driving Study, and is being coordinated by the Strategic Highway Research Program. These cars have been equipped with GPS devices, alcohol-detecting sensors, accelerometers, radar systems, and   other technologies. This is usually achieved by installing extremely large-diameter wheels with low-profile tires.

Vehicles customized in the hi-riser style are distinguished by their over sized wheels, which are quite often between 22 to 30 inches and on some occasions even bigger. Often the suspension is modified so the front end sits slightly higher than the rear end, giving the car a swaggering appearance.
Essentially, if you are not in a recruiter’s network, you are not likely to show up in search results. Often, recruiters have to write or re-write the job description or even guess at what type of person is needed to fulfill a role. However, automatic cars have a lot of things going for them, and this video is made to explain what are the advantages that make this transmission system the superior one. A new study could provide more answers to the mystery of exactly what happens before an accident. These devices have been installed to help track and monitor the driver’s use of brakes, turn signals, lights and horns. These Donk cars are usually fully customized with fanciful paint-jobs and expensive audio equipment too.
Keyword packing and most of those SEO tricks for your LinkedIn profile are yesterday’s news. So all they have to work with is a list of random skills and they need to go out there and find people with those skills.
In turning too fast, the weight of the vehicle may shift to extremes that were never considered for the vehicle in question, and may cause loss of traction or damage to the vehicle itself.
You can have multiple skills to tag yourself with, but you can have only one or two industries and only one job title. If not done the right way by a skilled technician, a wheel could come off while driving, resulting in significant damage to anything it hits.

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