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While Windows 7 provides spectacular customization options, the Computer (My Computer) remains an exception.
Simply launch the application and select the items that you would like to view in My Computer. On the contrary, in the other Items tab, many of the Control Panel items can be added to My Computer. To remove these items at any point in time, launch Computer Customizer, uncheck the item(s) that you wish to remove and click Apply Changes. Computer Customizer has a unique feature which allows disabling My computer completely, even from the Control Panel and Start Menu. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems.
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Simply drag and drop your selection of tracks or folder(s) from the Windows explorer into the CopyTrans Manager track listing. If you need to convert your videos to MP4, we suggest you use the following free utility: Handbrake video transcoder. Carina is part of team CopyTrans since 2008 and is always happy to share her passion for web marketing, graphic design & social media.
I have lots of songs on my iTunes library, and I want to copy the music of certain playlists to a USB flash drive to play in my car radio. Step 2: Plug your USB drive to computer, then select the songs or playlists in your iTunes library, and click “Export o My Computer” from “Export” drop-down list.
Microsoft released the new Windows 10 Mobile build last week, but it came with its own set of issues causing the company to pull the plug and re-release it with the fixes.
One of the issues faced by Windows Insiders upgrading to the new Windows 10 Mobile build 10536 was the disappearance of the Messaging app after you do a hard reset after upgrading to the new build.
The software giant released a service-side fix to get rid of this issue so now, users doing a hard reset after upgrading to the new build won’t loose the Messaging app. It may sound a bit crazy, but during the summer when we were posting our many, many scoops about Windows 10, one of the most consistent questions we kept getting was if there were new icons in the builds. This is certainly not the most exciting thing about Windows 10 as icons do not offer any new functionality but they are a bit of eye candy. To get out of Customize view, just click or tap on the Customize button on the app bar.What other tricks will you find in the new Start screen?

For instance, one cannot add Control Panel shortcuts, such as, Parental Control, Action Center, Recycle Bin, etc.
The Common Items tab contains many of the widely used options such as Action Center, Windows Update, Recycle Bin, etc.
For example, some users might find it convenient to launch Speech Recognition or User Account Control from My Computer. This might not seem like a very useful feature to most users, but it can be used to restrict access to system drives and important components for problematic users.
We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
There’s no need for iTunes sync and the already-existing iPhone tracks remain untouched on your device.
With coffee running through her veins, she enthusiastically dives each day into the depths of the Internet searching for new cool stuff to be shared with you and her team. With iTunes, I can drag & drop music over to a USB stick, but then I just get all the files dropped into a single folder with no organization. Beside music, playlists, TunesGo also lets you transfer movies, podcasts, TV shows, iTunes U to flash USB storage device. There are still some known issues present which you should know about, but they are bound to be there as the new mobile operating system is still in beta stages.
As for those who have already installed the new build, they should reflash it again if they lose the app, says Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul. At that time, everything was the same as Windows 8 but now that we have our hands on Windows 10, we can start to see new direction for the OS. While there may be many of the legacy icons still sticking around, we can see these new ones and understand the direction Microsoft is taking. For those of you who have been waiting for Microsoft to bring new icons to its platform, your time is coming soon. Less clutter for one.In Windows 8, any app you install automatically takes up residence on the Start screen, easily turning it into a crowded and disorganized mess. Computer Customizer is a portable tool that enables adding or removing important Control Panel shortcuts to My Computer. For example, lets say a user has an 11 year old brother who merely requires browsing the internet for a school assignment or to access Facebook.
If you are looking to add a video file in another format such as MOV, have a look at this tutorial.

In another word, iTunes does not let me simply drag the song title or playlist to my USB drive.
Just with a few clicks, you can choose your favorite songs from iTunes library, and transfer to your external USB drive to enjoy them in your car, or anywhere else! How to use MPT, Install & Uninstall MPT software, Sitemap, License, Privacy, Terms of service, Contact us. Right-click anywhere on the Start screen to display the app bar and click on the Customize button. Assuming this user has a notorious reputation of messing with system components, one can disable My Computer temporarily to protect system drives and other important Windows components that may be accessible from it. That takes you to the App screen where you'll see any recently-installed apps highlighted with the word New.
Other than adding shortcuts, it can also disable My Computer, which can be particularly handy for users who may want to restrict operating system access to certain users (e.g.
As I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t want someone to accidentally format their system drive with important data in it.
Right-click on the tile or tiles of any apps that you wish to appear on the Start screen and click on the Pin to Start button. But in this Customize view, you can't accidentally open an app by clicking on or tapping its tile.You can select multiple tiles by clicking on them, and then drag and drop all of your selected tiles en masse to another spot.
There's an array of other options that can be run on multiple tiles.You can unpin them from the Start screen, uninstall them, resize them, turn off any live tiles, or just clear the selection. You can pick background and accent colors from the on-screen palette or choose a specific background image. That option makes the visual trip between the Start screen and desktop less jarring.The Start screen may still seem like an unnecessary annoyance to many Windows users, especially those working with a non-touch PC. You can enlarge the tiles for your favorite apps and shrink the ones for apps you rarely use.If you organize your tiles into distinct groups, you can more easily name them. But the latest tweaks in Windows 8.1 do make the Start screen a bit friendlier and decidedly easier to manage.

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