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Website of the Telegraph Media Group with breaking news, sport, business, latest UK and world news. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. A treasure trove of classic cars found languishing in a barn for 50 years has sold for A?20 million.
For those who are forgetful, if you often parked at unmarked parking spaces in a large event, fair, or even the expanded parking spots at the mall for holiday shopping, this app might prove very useful.
Chocolatedeath - WHERE THE HELL ARE THE HELLCATS…PUT HELLCATS IN IT AND I WILL BUY IT. EBFlex - So the JC Whitney special gets even more unnecessary shocks to handle the harsh reality of mall parking lots.

Removed: The bees are expected to be passed to a beginner beekeeper after they were taken off the carThe Mid-Kent Maidstone and Swale Beekeepersa€™ Association was called to remove the insects, which are expected to be passed to a beginner beekeeper.
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If you park in underground garage with no GPS access, you can write down the location of your car in your iPhone notes, because underground garage are typically marked with parking floor and section. Then you might need Car Finder, an iPhone app that helps its owners find their vehicle by using gps, compass, and augmented reality.
This being said, you can guess my reaction to hear that there is an abandoned yet 100% complete Sunbeam Tiger on one of my relative’s property in some shed.

The car wears Mayne’s name, the #46 that he raced with, and the right sponsor lettering.
I thought someone was doing a Youa€™ve Been Framed trick on me.a€?I was told there were about 20,000 bees and around 5,000 were left on the car or dead. Car Finder will visually provide onscreen arrow pointing to the vehicle direction and how far away you are from the vehicle. Mayne was no joke, finishing 4th at Darlington in 1965 and having five top-10 finishes in 1966, but it looks to be undocumented as to whether any of those results were in this actual car.

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