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Though hard to fathom in today’s hundred-page-contract-for-every-agreement corporate world, deals between automakers once originated on the basis of long-term friendships, sealed primarily with a handshake. A strange car, good-looking with the roof off, but the back end was just too square cut in my opinion and did it no favors. GeoffG, I would agree on the Reatta’s lines, and would argue the same for the Cadillac Allante. And they kept messing around with the windshield (it ended up being cloned off of the Le Baron) and other things. In the end and after all of the delays and dashed expectations, from 30 feet away, the TC just looked like a wayyyy over-priced Le Baron convertible with a missing rear seat. Forget driving it,just pull it inside in front of the TV and lets chill out in those seats! Remember the “deTomaso” sticker job edition on the Omni 2-door (later called the Charger body)? I worked for a Chrysler Dealership from 1995 until late 2000 and this was one of my favorite cars to see come in on trade. They always had low miles and several had the infamous burn in the carpet from the sunlight hitting the crystal porthole windows just right. You can call it armchair quarterbacking, but surely someone in product planning could have seen that selling a $33K car that looks nearly identical to your $16K car wasn’t going to work no matter how nice the seats. Top Photo: 1955 Chevrolet possibly 2 door Handyman wagon, followed by a couple of 1957 Fords, 1956 Cadillac Coupe de Ville turning out of the picture, A couple of 1958 Plymouth parked on either side of the road, on the left parked behind a Nash, on the right behind a 1956 Chevrolet. I can’t make out the car behind the parked Plymouth, but the one parked crooked behind that looks like a 1957 Chrysler. The 1957 Ford wagon is followed by a 1956 & 1955 Chevy, then a 1957 Plymouth, then a mid fifties Ford Pick-up, maybe then a 1953 Chevy.
Middle photo: The newest car I see is 1959 Plymouth parked in front of the Oldsmobile, next to the Ford Pick-up.
The Bottom picture looks like it was taken shortly before the top picture, because the 55 Chevy & 57 Ford wagons have not reach the Nash yet. In this picture I can see more of the Plymouth and it is looking more like a 1959 Model year. The guy in the 57 buick must have hauled out as soon as the man and lady got out of his way. In the second photograph looks like a 1959 Plymouth Fury driving away behind the truck with the black rear door. When I enlarged the photograph it became blurry for me also, but when I saw the fake rear tire it looked to be a ’59 Plymouth Fury. In the third picture: In the distance, there appears to be a rider on a horse coming down the center of the street.
Turning into the main drag, just behind the first horse, appears a big dark colored car – maybe an early 1950s Packard limousine or hearse.
Think I see the second horse, but when I enlarge the picture it becomes too blurry to see exactly what it is.
What I took as a second horse definitely is blurry, but it seems as tall as the first horse, and is also only blocking the center section of the car behind it.
Hi geomechs, while I don’t have any snide comments, this van sure brings back a memory of an old girlfriend that got one like this through her divorce. OK, if I buy this van, re-do the interior and buy a couple of new polyester shirts, will my hair grow back?
When your teen-age daughter’s new boyfriend showed up in one of these, she automatically got grounded for whatever reason you could think of.
Hi Bruce, if the boyfriend had the guts to even show up in this, it was probably long after the fact.
Don’t forget that the Chev Police car is ONLY made in Australia (unless GM closed it’s plant already)!

New vehicles have always had to be RHD to Be imported new hence the Holdern Suburban, so nothing new there. Yes, this is probably the best news for Australian classic car enthusiasts for a long time.
For Ford you can add to the list the Detroit Head Office stopping any development of an export program for the local Ford Falcon to other markets. I seem to recall a comment being made that a Ford Focus could be made in Thailand for $1, Germany $2, and Australia $4 due to wages and conditions. What is probably required is for the Auto industry to cease making RHD cars as most of the world is LHD. Still, I can’t help but wonder how much of my perspective is influenced by the Chrysler LeBaron that preceded the TC to market. And those pseudo-BBS wheels… that style was realllllly flogged to death by the time this car got to market and the style was not just old hat–it was ancient hat. While the Le Baron actually had a similar look, great features, bigger engine and a wayyyy more attractive price.
It would make the rounds as a salesman demo for a couple of weeks and then disappear within 24 hours of hitting the used car lot, if it ever made it that far.
Actually, if you think about it, every car built had FACTORY AIR in it at one time or another. Looks like someone already did everyone else a favor by tearing out all that shag carpet and the waterbed. I remember, it was a beast to drive, nasty blind spot on the right side, hard to work on, and got like 3 mpg. I know you know, but to the uninformed COE stands for Cab Over Engine, like driving with blinders on. If you didn’t have fun back then, maybe you were a puritan, worried that someone, somewhere, was having fun! Many threads ago, (Larry Brown auction Econoline), Daniel said he had a certain connection with custom vans,( resembling a remark from geomechs) I’m dying to hear about it, unless the wife monitors these things somehow.
The Impala sedan ends production at about the same time as Holden, leaving the Tahoe as the only GM police vehicle after 2017.
Will be watching with interest the reforms tortuous progress through Parliament.The entrenched bodies with vested interests in not allowing this reform will be lobbying hard to kill the legislation. Instead of bitching and complaining Australians simply down sized and the large big displacement cars that were the bread and butter cars of the local industry became unpopular as people switched to smaller more efficient vehicles.
The Federal government used to subsidies the car industry here as it is hard to be a competitive manufacturer with a population of only 23 M. Iacocca and de Tomaso had previously worked together on the development of the De Tomaso Pantera, a Ford-engined Italian exotic that was sold through Lincoln Mercury dealers during Iacocca’s tenure at Ford. And if you were going to hand over the kind of dough that Chrysler wanted for the TC and an Italian-ized Le Baron, the Italian Cadillac Allante was a far more exciting value and package. Iacocca’s mixed message of over-the-top luxury and Maserati-massaged mechanicals was a stretch in every direction for Chrysler.
This is a ’57 and only a stray reflection (or my imagination) made it appear that the color wrapped over the roof. There are other memories I probably shouldn’t go into here,,,,but,,,um, oh dear, excuse me, will ya?
When it was approved in 1989, Australia’s Motor Vehicle Standards Act prohibited individuals from importing into Australia any vehicle made after January 1, 1989, a date that the law left fixed in stone and that remained fixed even after the country updated the law in 2000.
Ford is supposedly dropping the Aussie-market Falcon in favor of Fords built in Malaysia and other countries. It was a shame to see American classics cut to take a right hand wheel never mind the expense. Around the same time saw the rise of the family friendly SUV craze that killed the local station wagon based on the local sedan platform.

The Stingray’s updates are mostly aesthetic in nature, and include three new design packages, new options for the exterior color, updated wheel designs and more. Having the cheaper-but-sleeker looking LeBaron next to it in the showroom didn’t help. Further enlargement reveals the beltline trim going straight back to the rear, indicating a Super model. Yet with local manufacture of automobiles by Holden, Ford of Australia, and Toyota coming to an end by 2018, Australia’s government last week proposed a set of reforms to the MVSA intended to make it easier for Australians to import both new and older vehicles. I can’t remember which manufacturer announced this intent first, but once one did, the other soon followed. The three new design packages are truly the Stingray’s most significant alteration, with each focusing on a different color as the main theme. For Chrysler, this halo car was expected to deliver a new level of prestige to the brand, while De Tomaso would benefit from increased production volumes and the associated rise in income.
Unfortunately, the Allante also was birthed and marketed in too much indecision and died too (for instance, it should have come with a power top!).
Cool side windows and sunroof to vent the van when things get hot & heavy inside … these things come in handy when you want to party! If not then stopping local production of all automobiles will put their economy in a serious bind, putting a lot of Australians out of work. Govt also dropped tariffs on imported cars and created free trade agreements with countries like Thailand which is a huge vehicle manufacturer in our region with very low labor rates. The Twilight Blue, Spice Red and Jet Black packages bring together new interior and exterior colors along with a new rear spoiler and motorsport steering wheel.Available as coupes and convertibles, these will make the ordering process much easier.
As Chrysler already had the turbocharged Dodge Daytona and the Mitsubishi-built Conquest sport coupes in its lineup, the focus of the joint-venture vehicle shifted to that of a grand touring convertible. A concept was shown at the 1986 Los Angeles Auto Show, where the car was erroneously billed as a 1987 model.
If a manufacturer chooses not to sell a particular model in Australia, a consumer may now have an option to source this model overseas.” In addition, the reforms scrap the January 1989 fixed date and replaces it with a rolling 25-year admission rule, similar to the one in place in the United States.
NO GM POLICE CAR is made in America or any other Country, from what I can find out, sense they were first produced! In addition to the numbered dash plaques, each car from this limited run will feature a new hood and a C7 .R graphics package.
Fletcher’s press release notes that keeping the fixed date would have steadily reduced the pool of older cars available to import into Australia. Any older vehicle allowed into Australia under the reformed rules would still need to pass state and territory requirements, the proposal notes. Australia’s government estimated that the reforms will reduce the AUS $280 million that Australians spend annually to meet current MVSA regulations by about AUS $70 million. Maserati produced 3,764 units in 1989 and 3,536 units in 1990 (though 1,636 of these were sold as 1991 models), ending production after just two years. The 300 Chrysler dealers selected to sell the TC found themselves fighting an uphill battle, and even the automotive media of the day were critical of the price differential between the $33,000 TC and the LeBaron convertible (which sold for about half as much). Could things have ended differently if the Chrysler TC by Maserati launched ahead of the restyled LeBaron? Possibly, as the TC was price positioned directly in between the Buick Reatta and the Cadillac Allante, which also boasted an Italian-built body.

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