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This chapter shows how the natural “science of control and communications in the animal and the machine” identified by Wiener in 1948 can be applied to social organizations to establish a science of governance. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. The science of governance provides a sustainable future for corporate governance theory and practice. Good governance is defined as the ability of organizations in the private, public and non-profit sectors to achieve their purpose in the most efficacious manner while minimizing the need for laws, regulations, regulators, courts or codes of so called “best practices” to protect and further the interests of their stakeholders and society. Board directors and corporate Governance: Trends in the G7 countries over the next 10 years. These include the absolute power of directors to manage their own conflicts of interest to allow the corruption of themselves and the organization.
New organizational forms for competing in highly dynamic environments: The network paradigm.

The examples illustrate how an ecological form of network governance could reduce the size, scope, cost and intrusiveness of government and their regulators while improving economic efficiency, resiliency and enriching democracy with widespread citizen stakeholder engagement. How much information is there in an economic organization and why can’t large ones be optimal? On speaking softly and carrying big sticks: Neglected dimensions of a republication separation of powers. Private e-mail communication to the author dated December 21 when head of British telecom research laboratories, UK.Cochrane, P.
The governance of firms controlled by more than one board: Theory development and examples. When “Good” corporate governance makes “Bad” (Financial) firms: The global crisis and the limits of private law. Are regulators and stock exchanges irresponsible?’ Posted by Robert Jackson managing editor (Ed), Harvard law school forum on corporate governance and financial regulation.

Paper presented to 6th international conference on corporate governance and board leadership, Henley, 7 Oct.Mathews, J.
International Journal of Disclosure and Governance, Special Issue on Financial Crises and Regulatory Responses, 9(1), 1–27.Vasudev, P. Be careful what you wish for: How accountants and Congress created the problem of auditor independence. Corporate governance, risk management, and the financial crisis – an information processing view.

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