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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. More than 400,000 cars are likely to be sold when the new '57' plates come out next weekend, and millions of motorists who bought cars around this time of year in the past will receive renewal notices from insurers soon.Both groups need to drive a hard bargain or they will end up paying far more than they need to for their cars and cover. Anyone buying a A?14,000 car would pay a total of A?15,707 over three years, while at 6.3 per cent , you could get that down to A?15,361 - a saving of A?346. One in 10 of us think the advertised sale price of the car is fixed and cannot be changed through negotiation, even though more than three-quarters of men - and just over seven in 10 women - would try to get a better deal by negotiating with the salesman.Reducing the actual cost of the car is as important as securing the best finance, because the amount you lose in the first year through depreciation can be surprising. For example, the Ford Focus Style 1.8l would lose nearly half of its value in the first year after it was bought, dropping from A?14,622 to just A?7,563 - a loss of A?7,086. The AA, More Than and Swiftcover all provide a 'new for old' vehicle in the event that the car is written off. But there are several key providers such as the Admiral Group who will only 'pay out' the value of the car minus depreciation or the 'market value'."Whether you buy a brand-new or nearly-new car, getting the right finance deal is only half the story.

Insurance also needs serious consideration to get the best price, yet one in three of us would not even consider getting an insurance quote on the type of car we were after before we sign on the dotted line, said Mr Batabyal."When motorists shop around for car insurance, price is at the top of their minds but having a good-quality product is also crucial - especially if the unexpected does happen. Many insurers no longer offer 'driving other cars' cover and some policies don't offer courtesy cars as standard.
It includes security features, such as emergency services being able to find you immediately thanks to a satellite tracking system.Tesco insurance is offering A?100 off a TomTom in-car satellite navigation system, if you take its insurance before September 18. Most motor dealers offer per cent Ps, but they will have their own brand name - such as Options for Ford. These plans allow you to pay a deposit for the car, and the car dealer will give you a guaranteed future value for the car at a given date - usually two or three years after purchase, according to the miles you expect to drive. The amount you pay interest on is the 'bit in the middle' that you are borrowing - if the car costs A?10,000, and you pay a A?2,000 deposit, if the GFV is A?3,000, then you pay interest on A?5,000.You can buy the car by paying the GFV at the end, hand the keys back, or use any money the garage offers you above the GFV to carry on with another car on the scheme.
You would not have to get an MOT for the car as you could swap it before this was necessary. This scheme allows you to take a finance deal with the garage, with or without a deposit paid for the car depending on the deal on offer, and you pay off the loan over a set period.

At the end of the term, you will own the car outright without the need to pay a balloon payment.Unsecured loan from banks and building societies can be significantly cheaper than the motor finance on offer, and you can choose the term of repayment depending on your needs. If you have a mortgage already, the cheapest way to borrow more would be to add the loan amount to your mortgage.
This will often give you access to finance at a lower cost than an unsecured loan, but defaulting could put your house at risk. The policy has a voluntary excess of A?200 - the first part of a claim which the policyholder is expected to fund - which helps to keep the premiums down.

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