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From 15 August 2010, all Vehicle Registration Certificates V5C(NI)s that are issued by the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) will have a new look.
The reason for the new V5C is to make it clear that the registration certificate is not proof of ownership and it will also provide details of where you can get advice on buying a used vehicle and how to avoid becoming the victim of vehicle crime. One of the most obvious changes is the colour with the front now being red instead of blue and the customer information areas on the back have been made much clearer and easier to understand. The new style will be sent to you if you buy a new vehicle and the DVA are notified, if you apply to change any vehicle or personal details i.e. This entry was posted in News and tagged new look V5c, new look vehicle registration certification, New look vehicle registration certification V5c, new look vehicle registration document.
SO HOW DO I GO ABOUT GETTING A CODE?If you need to get a licence check code, you will first have to know your National Insurance number, your driving licence number and your postcode. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The DVLA’s plan to scrap the paper counterpart to the UK driving licence could cause chaos for drivers hiring cars abroad this summer, according to motoring groups. Originally planned to have been axed from January 1st this year, the organisation pushed back the nixing of the paper counterpart until 8th June after concern that it wasn’t ready for the changeover. From that date onwards, UK drivers will be obliged to carry only their photocard licences as the traditional paper half of the license will be cut to save millions of pounds in admin fees. Information previously held on the counterpart, like penalty points or endorsements, will instead be held on the DVLA’s online database and can be checked online, over the phone or by post.
However, drivers wanting to hire cars abroad will have to register their intentions with the DVLA in advance by using their website to enter their licence number and obtaining a code. The code can then be given to the car hire company instead of the paper driving licence, however the code is only valid for 72 hours, meaning that holidaymakers could be at risk of getting caught out.
Drivers can also download a printable PDF of their driving history, but with the changes not widely publicised it’s not yet known how many car hire companies abroad will accept the print-off.
Mark Bower from hire insurance firm MoneyMaxim, said that this could potentially cause massive problems for drivers intending on holidaying overseas and hiring a car.

Outlining the dangers of getting caught out thanks to the changeover, he said: “Most people are simply unaware that these changes are on the way – and it is not just renters. He added that even doing it on a smartphone is a hassle, thanks to the complicated process needed to redeem the code and high data roaming charges while in other countries. Get in touch for info, advice, quotes, upgrades, parts, test drive inquiries, accident repair, electrical issues, car setup or anything else kit car related. Road car preparation, Pre MOT & IVA inspection and submission, Service & safety checks, Full kit car geometry setup, Upgrade packs installed, Engine changes, Accident damage repair, Electrical trouble shooting and Race car preparation. If you are seeing Rate Limited Exceeded please go to our Twitter Options page and follow the instructions under the header Twitter API Token.Oops, Somethings wrong. The story of these pre-war photographs and them featuring on oldclassiccar began in 2005, when Andrew Slater dropped me an email, with two photographs that showed his grandfather stood next to two unidentified cars. A quick check online shows that CRB 154 is still on the DVLA system, and currently taxed, so who owns it now? In 2008 Mike contacted me, with some more information on the CRB- registered cars (he owns one of this batch): "I've had some good information from the Kithead Trust giving me details of registrations CRB 150 through to CRB 156. Second of the photos that Andrew sent over, show his Grandfather stood alongside CNU 753, another car used by the Derbyshire force. Amazingly, this wasn't the end of the story though, as in August 2008, Ian Guilor sent me an email after spotting the photograph of CNU 753 on the site. Ian adds: "Yes the car on the 'mystery cars' page is in fact a Ripley, and the very one I owned in mid 1950's, and I am enclosing a photo of me as very young man at the wheel!!
Thanks again to Andrew for sending the original photos over, Richard and Mike for adding more background information to the cars, and finally Ian who turned up this super old photo showing CNU some twenty years after the first photo was taken! This means that anyone hiring a car on their summer holiday will have to jump through some new hoops before driving away their vehicle. The code will be made up of eight characters, comprising numbers and upper and lower-case letters.Because you need to apply within 72 hours of when you will need it, be mindful of time differences if you are hiring a car abroad. From advice to pre-test checks, whilst we cannot guarantee a pass, we can make it a lot more likely simply because we are at the test station talking to the VOSA team on a regular basis and are aware of the updates and pitfalls.

Again the shape of the grille stumped me at first, until Richard contacted me in 2006 with his identification of both cars. It turns out he later owned the very same car, and sent me a photograph of it when he owned it in the mid 1950s. I was pretty sure that they were both Austins, but the model names escaped me, so I placed them on the Mystery Car photographs page to see if any more information would come to light. Actually CRB 154 is just described as an 'Austin' (in 1977 when no-one knew what this model was!) but we know for sure that it is a Ripley. He also mentioned that a six cylinder version of the Austin Ripley was also produced, called the Newbury.
Ian also sent me a photo of his first car, a '29 Austin 7, and that now features on this Austin 7 photo page. But anyone who passed their test or renewed their licence after 1998 has both a photocard licence and a paper counterpart.The paper licence has always been the bit that shows your driving offences. The engine was modified, thanks to the fitment of a downdraught carburettor and high-lift camshaft, enabling the Ripley to crack 65 mph, when the standard car would only make 55 or so. The exception is CRB 152 which was a Wolseley 25 HP 'Shooting Brake' (possibly a 'Black Maria'?). Whereas the Ripley had three cooling vents on the bonnet side panels, the Austin Newbury had four. So, if you had to show your licence, this was the part you needed to present.As of this week, though, all driving offences are stored online, so companies can check your history without looking at it on paper.

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