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Well no real answers were forthcoming from the discussion on the Ducati.ms Multistrada Forum but today (22Jan2011) I received the Ducati Multistrada 1200 Workshop Manual I ordered recently and lo and behold!
The management works very hard to make sure the community is running the best software, best designs, and all the other bells and whistles. Frame number I could not make a pic of due to all the wiring and cables there but the engine number is clear.
I can't get at my engine number at the moment because it's under cover and too cold in the garage to get on the floor. Doctor says I can't crawl around until the end of January and besides it's up against a wall. Both our bikes were produced in the same good week then, yours on Mondaymorning and mine on Tuesday ? I purchased one in the US and have brought it to New Zealand and the NZ autoraties wont register it here because they do not know what the numbers and letters mean. The following characters used are still correct, just different codes selected by Ducati for different models. Each year Ducati needs to submit their VIN number decoding information for all bikes available. I have obtained a copy of the 2014 VIN decoding information from Ducati North America covering all bikes sold in 2014. I've always found that owners and enthusiasts whether for bikes, cars or whatever always know more about their machines than the dealers. Currently I'm using motorcycles on ebay to cross compile as many different VIN to model relationships as I can. I'm a new DUCATI owner and new to this forum, but VERY excited to get started on my new bike. I did discover last night that the engine number does not match the VIN on the title that I have. Anyway, sorry for the long winded explanation, but I wanted to introduce myself, and share the experience.

I'd guess you've got a replacement frame that somehow didn't end up with the VIN stamped into the headstock. Some older non-US bikes had a 13-digit VIN like ZDM906P**** which explains why the manual uses this as an example.
I have some general questions regarding the bike and hoped those who have one, or know of them, could help answer a couple.
Q1 - I read in the owner's manual the last 6 digits of the VIN are the sequential build numbers.
Q2 - Not sure if the guy making my bike had a bit too much vino at lunch, but the VIN plate is upside down (see attached photo). Q3 - I read the discussions on previous threads re the heat problem generated from the Voltage Regulator. Q6 - What is recommended for a bike that sits unused for awhile (meaning two or three weeks without being ridden)? Probably a fault of somebody, but I noticed that the european PS's have the VINtag on the right front part of the frame, just in front of the tank. And changing sprockets will help in slow traffic, but the pain in the wrist will only go away when riding a lot and when riding quickly so the wind takes you up a bit. Most of us believe that the tank spreads because ethanol is added to the fuel here in the US. The Paul Smart is geared way too high (for noise emissions) so a sprocket change does wonders for low speed travel. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. This is used, according to local regulations, to identify the vehicle type and may include information on the platform used, the model, and the body style.
We have a 2012 Ducati diavel USA new, not a a post 2002, the vin configeration is way different, the 5th character through to the 8th character, as they are nothing like what the post 2002 say they are. Unfortunately I don't have access to a Ducati so can't check out some information I need and wondered if anyone here could help?

The purchase was somewhat painful as right after a price was agreed upon (no transfer of money), the owner decided to disclose something. I do have a title in hand that matches the description of the bike, but the head set on the frame is lacking a VIN.
The only thing that caused me to question this was that the owner's manual showed an example where the VIN on the frame and engine number matched (i.e. Generally the engine number encodes engine displacement, number of valves, cooling type, fueling type and build number.
Riding it on sunny Sundays is good too, just tends to hurt the wrists a little more than the polishing! This info threw me for a loop, but in the end I felt ok about the purchase, especially knocking the price down from $4300 to $3450.
I did read one thread that mention it was common on these older bikes for the engine number to not match the frame number. VIN on frame ZDM906P**** and the engine number was ZDM906P****), but maybe that's just an example for owner's manual ease for editing.
Having said that, I'm working (at a glacial pace), on a solution involving Speedymoto 'Tall Boy' clip-ons that will bring the grips up and back toward the rider.
The bike is absolutely immaculate and I had 2 DUCATI friends come take a look and ride and they were extremely impressed. I'm thinking it will be a lot more comfy and afford greater leverage, which suits my riding style.
This mod entails trimming the fairing (I have spares), and 86ing the horizontal aluminum fairing stay. An eye operation has delayed the project, but I hope to have it done by summer and will post all details and photos when completed.

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