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Can someone tell me what do the numbers and letters mean on my vin id plate and also what does the ford transit 90 badge mean? I have just checked this against mine and I also have the C at digit 5 for an MY08 Premium. My i30 is listed by the dealer as a MY09 but it has an A in the VIN which means a MY10 according to your decoder. Where to find the vin on a yamaha rhino - ehow, The vin on a yamaha rhino is etched into the frame behind a rear tire on the driver's side of the vehicle. Where to find vin and year info - yamaha atv forum, Yamaha warrior 350 vin location, what year is my yamaha bruin, yamaha bruin 350 chassis number, yamaha wolverine 350 vin numbers, find out the year of you 350 rapter atv.

North state auctions - atv, utv, motorcycle, dual sport, Our last atv auctions have been so successful that we have decided to make atvs, motorcycles, utvs dirt bikes, and dual sport motorcycles auctions a regular feature.
Hi my question is I just looked at my trim tag and looked at it in the NCRS #4 book and it has a build date of October 68 , but decoding the vin says it was built in February. Does anyone know if the number stamped onto the side of the 258 motor should match the VIN? Likely he was trying to link the VIN Decoder from the FAQ page, first post down towards the bottom of the page.
Can someone tell me where I can find a copy of the page of the manual that gives this Information, thanks in advance, Johnny.

3 cylinder yamaha, Hi mate im from aust we have the same issue in aust we can only put a 25hp on a supa skua whcih is a 12ft alloy tinny but we have run 115hp any way i have a yamaha 30. Can anyone tell what the "90" in the lower right corner and the superimposed M on top of the S on the left signify?

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