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Critical human functions and behaviors are driven by an intricate and fragile system of chemical messages and responses in the blood and brain. Although persistent sadness is a common symptom of depression, there is much more to the disease than that. Depression treatment can range from outpatient counseling to residential full-time recovery programs. Navigating the often byzantine rules and procedures of modern insurance companies can be overwhelming even to an emotionally healthy individual. Many homeowners don’t fully understand what their home insurance policy covers and excludes.
Flood, earthquake, expansive soil, hurricane, landslide and subsidence damage is often not covered! One day I received an updated policy from my insurance company in the mail and I decided to spend a little time reading.
I wanted to find out if my policy would cover the same disasters that I saw other people suffering.
Your homeowners insurance probably does not cover half of the things that you assumed it would. In my opinion, the "all perils" name is misleading because the coverage excludes so many different types of losses that commonly occur. Below I have done my best to summarize what many homeowners policies do not cover and provide links to more detailed information.
Expansive soils contain a significant amount of clay which can expand when wet and shrink when dry. There are certain areas of the United States where expansive soils are beneath much of the land.
One way to do this is to ask your homeowners insurance agent if your policy provides earthquake coverage. The map at right shows the geographic variability of earthquake hazard in the conterminous United States. According to the National Flood Insurance Program, floods are America's #1 natural disaster. Although landslide problems occur in all 50 states, some areas have a much greater incidence than others. Condemnation occurs when a government inspector determins that your home is unsafe for occupancy. Mine subsidence occurs where coal or another mineral resource has been removed below the surface. You don't need mine subsidence insurance if your building is in an area with no minable resources below. The area where I live is entirely underlain by the Pittsburgh Coal, which was mined out decades ago.
Subsidence can also occur from natural voids below, such as underground caverns in limestone. Subsidence also occurs in some areas where large volumes of water or oil are being extracted through wells. Ant Hill Garnets are tiny garnets that ants haul to the surface and discard on their anthill. Largest Oil Spills Map - Eleven oil spills from war, tanker wrecks and out-of-control wells.
Flooding is one of the most common disasters that is not covered by the typical homeowners insurance policy.
A portion of the author's homeowners insurance policy that excludes the most common geologic hazards (underlined in red). Over 50 percent of these areas are underlain by soils with abundant clays of high swelling potential.
Less than 50 percent of these areas are underlain by soils with clays of high swelling potential. Over 50 percent of these areas are underlain by soils with abundant clays of slight to moderate swelling potential.
Less than 50 percent of these areas are underlain by soils with abundant clays of slight to moderate swelling potential.

Probabilistic seismic hazard maps have been prepared for the United States by the United States Geological Survey. Satellite image of Hurricane Fran, a large, powerful, destructive hurricane that made landfall near Cape Fear, North Carolina on September 5, 1996. Map of relative landslide incidence and susceptibility across the conterminous United States.
Development of a new irrigation well in west-central Florida triggered hundreds of sinkholes over a 20-acre area.
Sign warning motorists of subsidence hazard was erected after an earth fissure damaged a road in Pima County, Arizona (left). Map of areas underlain by water-soluble rock units such as carbonates, sulfates and halides with the potential to produce karst features. General liability insurance is one of the most basic business insurance necessities any Virginia operation can secure. Your operation is charged with business related claims such as false or misleading advertising, libel, slander, and copyright infringement (up to a certain extent). Martinsville General Liability Insurance for businesses will help cover the cost of legal defense and any settlement or award should your operations be sued.  These expenses can include compensatory damages, nonmonetary losses suffered by the injured party, and punitive damages. While general liability policies are a vital part of any risk management strategy, they are not designed to protect every operation from every liability exposure.
As your business grows and as our region expands in population and business opportunities, your commercial liability insurance needs will also increase.
Insurance coverage will likely depend on what type of rehabilitation program a person wants to enter. Since the terminology in insurance policies can be difficult for many people to understand it is wise to contact the insurance agent prior to entering a rehab program.
Insurance companies are beginning to realize that untreated addictions can lead to other physical and mental ailments.
How much rehab programs cost depends on several factors including the length of the program, the type of program, and the amenities included. For those who find their insurance will not provide enough coverage to make a stay at a rehab center feasible, there are other options. Disruptions in critical brain chemistry cause symptoms that, if not treated, can result in self-destructive behavior, substance abuse, addiction or suicide.
To help ease any concerns and uncertainty about calling for depression support help click here to find out what happens when you call.
For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser or learn how to browse happy! The entire bottom floor of the insured’s home was flooded resulting in $52,000 in property damage. The grill was on a deck and close to the home; a fire caused $24,000 damage to the deck and home. The lanterns were original and hard to replace, but one of them was damaged in a storm.  Because the homeowner was unable to purchase a match, the insurance company had to pay to replace both lanterns. For example, more than 37 percent of people who have homeowners insurance mistakenly believe flood damage is covered by a standard homeowner’s policy, according to a 2011 survey from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
The list of exclusions was almost identical to the table of contents of an environmental geology textbook.
Many homeowners never learn about these exclusions until after they have paid premiums for many years and then suffer an uncovered loss. More detailed learning for these topics can be obtained by reading an environmental geology book or taking an environmental geology course at a university. If I lived in these areas I would buy the insurance for my residence and for a commercial building if I owned one.
In these areas the water aquifer or oil reservoir begins to compact and that compaction results in subsidence or fissuring at the surface.
Check your homeowners policy to determine if it covers hazards that are likely to occur in your area. It was so destructive that the name "Fran" for a tropical storm or hurricane was retired from use. Often offered as a standard part of a package policy, commercial liability coverage is essentially designed to help protect a business for lawsuits and claims brought by third parties.

At Fieldale Insurance Agency we help Virginia business owners plan for their present and future. Inpatient treatment involves the patient living at the facility with a medical staff available at all times.
Insurance companies and employers are well aware of the fact that addressing depression is more cost effective than letting it progress, and they usually cover treatment to some extent.
This emotional numbness may drive them to use drugs or alcohol or to engage in self-destructive behaviors.
While different policies cover different levels of treatment, most plans cover a certain number of therapy sessions, and others offer more comprehensive coverage for a variety of recovery options. The United States Geological Survey has information about subsidence in response to water and oil production. Photo of a flooded residential area in Greenville, North Carolina by Jerry Ryan, United States Geological Survey. Your insurance agent might be able to help you obtain additional coverage for hazards of concern in your area. In some cases Martinsville general liability insurance can also protect you against any liability as a tenant should you be responsible for damages to a property that you rent, such as by fire or other covered loss. Our business insurance specialists can work with you to determine your specific risk exposures and coverage needs.
Outpatient treatment ranges from attending meetings a few hours each week to spending most of the day at a facility and then leaving in the evening.
Does insurance cover rehab without a refferal from a primary physician? Many insurance companies require a referral from a primary physician before paying for any treatment.
Some programs receive money from charitable donations and may offer reduced rates for those who qualify. Well, there are many other kinds of accidents that can cause damage to your home that are covered under most Texas homeowner’s insurance policies.
We represent many different insurance companies, so that we can compare coverage and price to get the best possible value for you.
We offer a host of liability products and solutions from Martinsville General Liability Insurance to more specific coverage options designed to protect you and your operation from liability losses. It’s important to find out if a co-payment will be required for every visit if a person decides on outpatient rehab. Does insurance cover rehab at any treatment or detox center I want to go to? Many companies will stipulate which treatment centers are covered under their plans. Remember each homeowner’s insurance policy is different, and if you bought your homeowners insurance on line you may not have proper coverage.  Claims will be paid based on your individual homeowner’s policy terms and conditions. While its mechanism of action is not understood, it is thought to decrease alcohol intake by affecting calcium channels and modifying transmission along GABA and glutamine pathways in the brain. Decreased positive reinforcement of alcohol intake = decreased withdrawal cravings.But how affordable is acamprosate?
Acamprosate’s effectiveness has been studied and found to help alcoholics by reducing cravings for alcohol.
So, this medication has been accepted by the mainstream health community as a viable treatment option for alcoholism, especially when combined with psychological and behavioral therapy.For people whose insurance does not cover behavioral or mental health treatment plans, one available option is public insurance, which can make medication assisted treatment affordable, compared to such cases when no insurance is provided. To get Medicare drug coverage, you must join a plan run by an insurance company or other private company approved by Medicare. Talk to your doctor for more details about your therapy and find out the best way to order acamprosate. Thus, they frequently make it a point to provide terms for partial or complete coverage of medication assisted treatments like acamprosate when they offer policies to individual clients or to employers. If you have any questions or concerns about acamprosate insurance coverage, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Ste 200 Scottsdale, Arizona 85250 More Info Best Drug Rehabilitation 300 Care Center Drive Manistee, Michigan 49660 More Info California Highlands Addiction Treatment 300 S.

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