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INFAMOUS footage of the late Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack has been made public for the first time. ARIANNA Huffington is leaving the Huffington Post, which she founded in 2005, to launch a start-up tackling stress and burnout. THE embattled government bureaucracy behind last night’s bungled Census pays its boss more than the Prime Minister. TOYOTA has been forced to admit it has been selling a completely worthless product in this embarrassing letter to customers.
These shysters are travelling the country with false identities and offering their services as shonky home handymen. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. The government has announced plans to crackdown on the rogue scrapped car dealers who help fuel this trade in so-called "rung" cars. Luke Bosdet, legal and technical spokesman for the Automobile Association, says those buying a second hand car should be wary. Many of us wrongly assume thieves target prestige cars rather than family runabouts for "ringing" or think we'll be safe if we buy from a dealership.
Driving a "ringer" off a dealer's forecourt at least offers you protection under consumer law.
Mr Bosdet says that while number plates can be easily swapped, a car's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is harder to doctor. The VIN can be found on a plate in the engine bay and engraved on the car body, often near the driver's door.
You could be looking at a "ringer" if the VIN plate doesn't sit flat or flush with its mounting, if it's bent, if its rivets have been disturbed or if there are suspicious scratches. While thieves avoid cars with VIN numbers etched onto the windows, it may also be worth checking if any attempt has been made to cover or alter the markings. Thieves note down registration and VIN numbers from cars, often while posing as buyers at above-board dealerships. As well as checks on a car's identity and history, variations in paint finish and gaps around badly fitting body panels are both tell tale signs of a "cut-and-shut".
With such ramshakle vehicles commonly called "coffins on wheels", Mr Bosdet says the only way to be sure of what you're buying is to have it inspected by expert engineers.
Opting for a used car instead of shelling out for a new one can be a good way to save cash. Private sellers - whether found in a newspaper classified section or online via websites such as Ebay and Gumtree - tend to offer the lowest prices. Be suspiciousDrivers should do thorough checks on the car itself, as well as its history, before making an offer. A crucial check to make when buying a used car is on the service history, otherwise you risk a hefty bill for repairs.
When it comes to purchasing a car, many feel reluctant to visit a dealer since it can be more expensive that buying one privately. If owning a luxurious Chevrolet is one of your long-cherished dreams, buying it from an independent Chevrolet dealership is probably the safest way of purchase you can opt for. A Good Reputation Is a Must: While you would come across a number of Chevrolet dealers in your locality, it is your responsibility to find an established firm with a clean reputation. Ask For Recommendations: For someone who is not well acquainted with the automobile industry, it can be quite baffling to choose the right car dealer among innumerable options.
Look for Certifications: It is certainly wise and advisable to get into business with a car dealership having appropriate license and certifications.
Ask About the Financing Options They Would Provide: This is a very important aspect when it comes to buying a car from an independent dealership. Check for Necessary Documents: Remember, your Chevrolet dealership is responsible for providing you all the necessary documents such as car insurance papers, service records, registration documents and others to keep you protected against any possible legal hassles.
A reliable car dealership provides you thorough information about Chevrolet cars, and assists you in making the right choice. Author Bio: Mark Judd, the author of this article, is an expert content writer having years of experience in writing high0quakity articles and blogs on topics related to the automobile industry. Holden's small sedan and hatch, the Cruze, has been a little lost for sales since the Commodore's VF-led resurgence. You're in a sticky situation; you need to get something and there doesn't seem to be a legal way of getting it. These are the guys who'll attempt to sell you anything, mostly items that Fell Off the Back of a Truck.
Like its cousin trope, the Friend in the Black Market, Honest John can fit anywhere on the neutral or chaotic side of the Character Alignment spectrum: a good comparison would be the Loveable Rogue Jerk with a Heart of Gold 'Del Boy' Trotter or Mr. Expect him to wear an obnoxious outfit (plaid suit jackets seem to be popular), record Insane Proprietor advertisements and Kitschy Local Commercials, and say "But Wait, There's More!" every other sentence.
Despite trying to appear as having Names to Trust Immediately, chances are fairly good that the "Honest" part makes it a Non-Indicative Name.
Compare and Contrast Friend in the Black Market, who also sells items at a premium but at least guarantees he's giving you the good stuff.
See also Snake Oil Salesman, Shady Real Estate Agent, New Job as the Plot Demands, Crooked Contractor, Medicine Show, and Traveling Salesman. Completely straight examples tend not to last long in Real Life, but we've probably all met one at least once.
Then there was Joe Isuzu, fictional spokesman for Isuzu cars and trucks in the late 80s and early 90s (and again briefly in the early 2000s), as played by David Leisure from Empty Nest. In the 4kids dub he's like a car salesman, while the original version is based on a polite and humble Japanese salesman — but the roles are just about the same. In Vandread, Rabat (or as Word of God said, a contraction of Rat Bastard) is a Honest John. In the manga and anime series Area 88, the base quartermaster McCoy is a prime example of this, stocking everything from toilet paper to nuclear weapons. In the very first episode, she actually haggles over how much she can get paid to save the town she's in from an attacking dragon, stating to her companion that "Necessity drives a hard bargain".
The same exchange occurs in the original light novel; Lina justifies herself to Gourry, saying that the extreme paranoia with which the buyer conducted himself (refusing to even specify which item he wanted to purchase until he was actually handing her the money) piqued her curiosity, so she deliberately named outrageous prices so that the buyer would buzz off long enough that she could have a closer look to find out what was so damn important about three valuable, but otherwise unremarkable, tchotchkes.
Pretty much everybody in Black Lagoon who's not a Friend in the Black Market, given it's a Wretched Hive.
The Magikarp Salesman that often appears in Pokemon also acted as such, often tricking Team Rocket with useless things. In Vamp!, there is a team of vampire hunters known as Otherworld Welfare Inc., Branch 666, that has a website that sells garlic spray, stake kits, and talismans, in addition to exterminating vampires themselves.
The Firesign Theatre's album How Can You Be in Two Places at Once When You're Not Anywhere at All? There's also a Phoenician recurring character, Ekonomikrisis, who calls his slaves "partners with the right to row".
In the Super Mario Adventures comic serial, Mario and Luigi buy a Yoshi language learning book from a man named Friendly Floyd, only to find that it's worthless because all the sentences are translated simply as "Yoshi." Later on, though, Luigi manages to get help from Floyd in rescuing Mario from the Koopalings. One issue of Marvel's Transformers series had Big Steve, a slimy dealer who used every dirty trick in the book.

Issue #1, for instance, included ads for an "Ironed Man" suit of armor and courses in a martial art called "Yubewasted" that would allegedly allow its practitioners to take out opponents with just one finger. Weird Pete (and his customers) are regular targets of sharp dealing from game publisher Hard Eight Enterprises. Suske en Wiske: Theofiel Boemerang, a vacuum cleaner salesman who prides himself to be trustworthy, but really isn't. In Adventure Time: Marceline Gone Adrift, Suspencer is an obnoxious, greedy, hipster who appoints himself keeper of the (falsely believed) dead Marceline's memory and produces tons of tasteless merch before finally looting her house for memorabilia. Dogbert tries his hand at this in Dilbert and unsurprisingly discovers he is quite good at it. In Peanuts, the advice Lucy gives at her psychiatric booth is usually worthless at best, but she always manages to get a nickel out of it from Charlie Brown. In a Ziggy cartoon, the protagonist walks past Honest John's Used Autos, and sees Honest John being arrested. Disney's Pinocchio gave us the actual Honest John who was a fox that cheated Pinocchio on several occasions. Similarly, in the Disney Hercules, when Hercules lands in Thebes, a man appears, opens his vest, and says "Wanna buy a sundial?" Of course, Hades himself would be this trope if his deals involved actual money. Arizona Dream: Leo, played by Jerry Lewis, runs a Cadillac dealership in Arizona, to which he unsuccessfully tries to recruit his nephew Axel to be his salesman.
Reversed in Borat in which they wanted a really cheap vehicle just to get across the country, so the guy tells them that he can sell them a used ice-cream truck which isn't very well equipped but it will at least get them where they're going (i.e. It was a real used-car salesman who was being filmed, and thought it was a documentary, not a parody of one. Bobby Bolivia, Bernie Mac's character in the Transformers film, when he isn't masquerading as a Magical Negro. Limbo in Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes (2001) grabs some random stuff from a space pod and starts hawking it within 20 minutes of touchdown.
His goods may be a quite a bit more high dollar than your average Honest John, but Iron Man 2's Justin Hammer certainly has the attitude down pat as well as the cluster of malfunctions, if the videos from the Senate Briefing at the beginning are any good sign.
In Mad Max, Max encounters a shady gas station repairman who tries to sell him repairs on everything but Max's car frame. Jay Austin Motors in the first Sherwood Pictures film, Flywheel, starts off as this before Austin's Heel?Faith Turn.
Herbie Rides Again: Grandma Steinmetz can get Herbie to calm down by implying that she'll send him there if he doesn't behave. This trope was formerly named after Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler, Ankh-Morpork's most famous entrepreneur and inedible-sausage-inna-bun vendor, from the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett. Besides the Ankh-Morporkian Dibbler, the Disc is home to a host of suspiciously similar salesmen, including Disembowel-Meself-Honourably Dibhala, Fair Go Dibbler, Cut-Me-Own-Hand-Off Dhblah, Al-Jiblah, May-I-Never-Achieve-Enlightenment Dhiblang, Dib Diblossonson, May-I-Be-Kicked-In-My-Own-Ice-Hole Dibooki, Swallow-Me-Own-Blowdart Dhlang-Dhlang, and Point-Me-Own-Bone Dibbjla.
If you are in the market for a motor vehicle or truck then why not consider purchasing at auction? For more information on our next auction or to view motor vehicles and trucks online, visit Park Village Auction today!
Sign up today to get all the latest auction information and reminders sent directly to you. Heartthrob actor Zac Efron was attacked during a street brawl when his car ran out of petrol in a dodgy area of downtown LA. Zac reportedly got punched in the face during a scrap with at least three very unsavoury characters in a downtown area which is said to be plagued with drug dealers and gangs.
Even the High School Musical star’s bodyguard couldn’t protect him from the digs as the pair were outnumbered. When questioned by cops, Zac told them the fight kicked off when he throw a bottle out of the window of his car, which had run out of petrol, and it smashed on the pavement near the group of men. The actor said that two of the men took on his bodyguard and when Zac got out of the car to help, he got an almighty blow to the mouth. Sounds bad, but a witness said that the actor was clearly drunk when the brawl took place, and no arrests were made as the incident was seen as ‘mutual combat’. You may be the proud owner of one the 25,000 stolen cars sold under an assumed identity in the UK each year.
If you get stung during a private sale you can kiss your money goodbye if the original owner wants it back. Using lists complied by insurers, this alerts buyers to anything suspicious in a car's history. Mr Bosdet warns the penalties for "ringing" and "cloning" have encouraged some to turn to "cut-and-shut" scams. Showroom cars depreciate by roughly 40 per cent in the first year of ownership, according to The AA, which means those that do their research could substantially drive down the cost of a dream vehicle, simply by compromising with a nearly-new model.But with pushy sales tactics and hidden histories to contend with, This is Money has come up with some top tips to help buyers avoid landing themselves with an old banger, rather than a bargain motor.
Instead, make sure to consider aspects such as safety ratings and insurance brackets, as well a running costs like fuel usage.Once buyers have come up with a shortlist, the next step is to check out model-specific forums, such as the Honest John website, to see if the car has any common problems which could mean costly repairs down the line. Even if you know a dealer to be reputable, always check everything yourself.It can be a good idea to enlist the help of a friend or family member to ensure you don't miss anything, according to Shane Teskey, of HPI, which specialises in vehicle data checks.FIVE SIGNS OF A SHIFTY SELLERIs your car salesman a dodgy dealer? What people ignore or might be unaware of is the legal protection received from a certified, independent dealer in case anything goes wrong. For this, you need to study the market well, and obtain as much information as you can about the service standard and reputation of the car dealer you are planning to get into business with.
Getting recommendations and advice from friends and other reliable sources can help make the right decision. Look for a trade association sign to make sure that the dealer would follow a code of practice.
In this article he writes about how to select the best independent Chevrolet dealers while purchasing a car. You'll have to spend more money and switch badges if you want that, unless you can wait for the return of the Holden-badged Opel Astra GTC.It is, however, a surprisingly refined warm hatch, with terrific interior space and a good dose of family car practicality. If this character is rendered as a Funny Animal, chances are quite high that he'll be a weasel or a fox.
He would frequently make outrageous claims about the car he was pitching (which would then be immediately contradicted by captions at the bottom of the screen). Only later we learn his true purposes, but until then, he sells everything from weaponry to cosmetics to ship drive boosters.
He is not above tricks like placing a photographer's bag in the sun to force him to buy new film or selling faulty Sidewinder missiles at $20 each.
A couple of episodes later, she sets prices for several items in her possession at 100 times the street price, and accuses the would-be buyer of having no balls for balking when he explicitly stated that he'd pay any price she named. A notable example was in James' first meeting with the salesman, where he tricked James into buying a Magikarp by making him think that it was essentially a Hand of Midas.
They admit that this is done purely for money, and that their wares aren't necessarily effective in fighting vampires. Oliveira da Figueira, a gent who manages to sell him a whole lot of junk, including a pair of skis with poles, in a desert.
Sir Oliver is only ever seen conducting business with him over the phone, and then not buying but selling stuff fallen from the back of? well, everyone. It drives well, but corners a little off, almost as thought it has something heavy hidden in the door panels.

A typical Abdul strip will have him reflecting that no-one will buy his latest product, then a Gilligan Cut to Dennis proudly showing it to a disbelieving Peep. The next day's strip sees him walking past {Spoonerism}} Honest Otto's Used Johns, which sells toilets. Leo himself seems to feel that the answers to all life's questions lie in selling Cadillacs. He told one customer that the reason the car he was test-driving had stalled was that it had premium gasoline in its tank instead of regular, and had a heart attack at the possibility of giving a refund for a crappy car. Including one time set in Ancient Egypt, of all places, where they sold used chariots that were about as good as you'd expect.
When trying to sell Murtaugh's home in, he insists on following the law and disclosing such interesting and alarming tidbits as the upstairs bathroom being "recently remodeled due to unexpected bomb damage" (which happened in the previous film).
One of the droids sold, R5-D4, had a defective motivator and was sold to the Skywalkers as-is as if it were a good droid.
It's masked by Anthony Daniels' very sincere delivery, but on paper it's clear that he was meant to have the mannerisms of this trope.
The true CMOT Dibbler is, if nothing else, an excellent salesman for his ability to continue selling his horrible products, even after everyone knows just how bad they are. Reluctant world traveler Rincewind has remarked that if CMOT Dibbler ever shook hands with one of his international doppelgangers, there would probably be some sort of explosion. Auctions provide a great opportunity to view an extensive range of vehicles that are often sold at wholesale value.
Whether you are looking to buy a car or sell your car at auction, PVA is the best place to do it! At PVA we keep the buying process fair, honest and transparent by displaying the vehicle’s DEKRA report.  We offer exceptional deals on repossessed motor vehicles and liquidated corporate assets. Most major car marques will also have fans who will have set up user forums, this is where you can find buyers guides and people happy to help answer your questions.Check up on service schedules and when things like timing belts, also known as cam belts, should be changed, so you can make sure the car has had all of that done at the right time.
The warning signs to look out for, by car history experts, HPI.Look for nose touching and mouth coveringWatch when the person nods.
Most sellers will agree to a slightly lower price it if means getting their hands on the money immediately.It is also a good idea to come prepared with a list of the car's faults.
Do not forget to check with the trade association to confirm that the dealer is genuinely associated with it.
They offer a huge variety of options to choose from and work with utmost efficiency to make sure that you find the best deal.
The looks may not be great in hatch form and some of the plastics and panel fit a bit suspect, but if feels well made and engineered.The Cruze, especially in SRi form, is an underrated performer that has to deal with competition from Mazda and VW. Items for sale at Honest John's may include a Pig In A Poke, All-Natural Snake Oil, Asbestos-Free Cereal, the Brooklyn Bridge, and of course The Alleged Car. Ironically enough, they have less of a reason to lie and cheat than new car salesmen, as used car sales are a).
James seemed to wise up and be very suspicious of any new encounters with him, although Jessie's a different story. This is also after Tintin assures his dog that he wouldn't be conned into buying anything he didn't need. Including dead people (in other words, he symbolizes the political machines of The Gilded Age).
While you may not be guaranteed a bargain, there are certain factors to consider when purchasing a vehicle at auction. It is important to take note of the vehicle’s condition before placing your bid as vehicles are sold at auction as it. We have a wide selection of motor vehicles and trucks for you to view online or inspect at our auction site.
More than 240 reports of travelling conmen were made to the national hotline in the five months from October 2012 to February 2013. If it hasn't this is a point for negotiating the money off it would cost to do the work.Putting in some time at the start of the process to research the most suitable model will help you to sidestep hard-selling tactics that could persuade you into buying something that's not right for you. However, this can be hard to prove so buyers should always save copies of online adverts or save those found in a magazine.
Hence it is important to make sure that the independent car dealer you get into business with follows a code of practice, stays within the boundaries of the law and is willing to provide you all the information and assistance you need.
The only thing however that you need to keep in mind is to find the right dealer from an array of Chevrolet dealers working in the industry.
While it doesn't beat either of them outright, there are qualities in the Cruze that make it worth consideration.For the family person looking for something fun under $30,000, it's genuinely hard to beat. After all, selling malfunctioning blow-up dolls is a far more forgivable occupation then selling The Alleged Car that hates you with a passion or fake pharmaceuticals to orphanages. Since the campaign began less than 18 months ago, fraudsters have been prosecuted for more than 200 offences, fines of about $1 million have been imposed and 46 known conmen have fled the country or been deported.To contact the travelling conman hotline, phone 1300 133 408.
If the description was given in person it is worth following up asking for a description over email or confirmation in writing to keep for your records.If something goes wrong, drivers can ask the seller to rectify the problem or reject the car and ask for a refund.
Most people naturally mirror each other's movements in conversation unless they are lying.Watch the person's throat for excessive swallowing, throat clearing or gulping. Speak to a mechanic beforehand and get an idea of what repairs would cost - and then be realistic when quoting this when you negotiate.
If the "Honest John" character is genuine, pure evil, then you've got a Deal with the Devil on your hands. Depending on the specific translation, Tintin sometimes even points out that it was Figueira that got conned.
There is no strict cut off for how long after the sale this must be, but previous owners are likely to be unsympathetic if you call them up months down the line with a complaint.If the seller refuses to help, the next step is to take the complaint to a small claims court, which covers amounts of less than A?10,000 in England and Wales, and A?3,000 in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Despite this, he isn't a liar or a cheat, just extremely good at convincing people to buy stuff they don't need.
This will ensure they you do not make a commitment that is beyond your financial capabilities. You may be best off asking instead if there is anything they will be able to throw in for free such as a new MOT, full service or even extended warranty.Be prepared to walk away. Distractions come in the form of side skirts, deeper bumpers and a handsome set of 18-inch alloys and ill-advised, chintzy chrome on the door handles.Inside is standard Cruze with some metallic finishing that unfortunately reflects light into your face should you venture out when the sun is high overhead. Name your best price and say that you will leave this with the dealer with your phone number and they can get in touch if they reconsider, but you will be looking at other cars in the meantime.Always remember though that a good car can be worth paying for, buying the cheapest option can just land you with bigger bills down the line.
This isn't the only Holden afflicted with this problem, the Malibu and Commodore also suffer.It's a good car for passengers - quiet, roomy and, in the SRi-Z, the seats are quite comfortable when covered in leather. Enthusiastic acceleration out of corners also sees the inside tyre spinning away the power or the power being cut by the traction control.But once you hit the open road, the widely-spaced gears and lack of grip become less of an issue. It is, however, a good, balanced chassis that when pushed does eventually dissolve into gentle understeer.The Bridgestone RE040s let you know when it's coming and there's even a bit of participation from the rear end. The traction control is a mildly ham-fisted kill-joy and even when switched off seems to put in an appearance, sneaking in under the guise of an un-switchable stability control.

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