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If you have suffered an injury in a car accident which was clearly the fault of the other party, you may be entitled to file a compensation claim.
Irrespective of whether you were driving the car, a passenger in the car or a pedestrian hit by the car, you have a right to be compensated for all your medical expenses, lost income, lost potential future income and other related expenses that are directly related to the car accident.
Even if the car damage looks minor and the injuries look like they are very mild and do not require immediate medical treatment, it is still advisable to call the police to the scene of the accident so you can get an official record of everything. At a later date, when you can, get a copy of the official police report and keep it with you. You should also maintain a daily diary where you record all other details related to the case that cannot otherwise be substantiated with receipts.
The amount of compensation you can claim for a car accident injury can vary drastically, as with most types of accident claims. Speaking to us however whether by phone or through our chat feature will help us to determine what injuries and other possible effects you might have suffered from the car accident. For an more accurate and detailed evaluation of your car accident claim please use the Live Chat feature, phone our solicitors on 0800 6524 881, or you can fill in the Call Back form on the page and we can call you back at a convenient time for you.
If you are planning on filing a car accident compensation claim, and you should, it is always a good idea to have a solicitor representing you for several reasons. First and foremost, with a solicitor by your side, the car insurance company will not be so quick to tempt you with a dismal settlement in exchange for dismissing the case.
Many car insurance companies make their money off coercing accident victims into entering a quick settlement instead of dragging the case in court. The Law Society itself has a page here that explains why you should think twice about accepting the first offer you’re made. Another reason for hiring a personal injury solicitor is that they are experienced and will know exactly how to present your case and what factors to include in the presentation so that you get the highest compensation possible.
With decades of experience in personal injury claims such as car accidents and whiplash claims, our solicitors are experts in No Win No Fee claims. We provide any potential clients a free initial consultation where they will receive confidential legal advice about the injury claim that you would like to pursue, with absolutely no obligation to assign your claim to us.
Below is a table that displays the average compensation amounts for various injury claims including car accident claims.
Witnesses described seeing the truck head up the bridge with its bed up while motorists tried to warn the driver by honking their horns. The driver of a large truck that crashed into and damaged the Burlington Skyway a€” putting a cloud over Toronto-bound traffic ahead of the busy August holiday weekend a€” has been charged with two impaired driving related offences, according to the Ontario Provincial Police.
The Toronto-bound lanes of the bridge remained closed Thursday night, and will be for a€?some time," police said, after it was damaged when the truck hit the superstructure that afternoon.
Witnesses say the truck drove across the bridge with its bed raised, hitting scaffolding and the bridge itself, which was undergoing scheduled maintenance.
Police have not said how long the lanes will be closed, but Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring tweeted the damage could keep them shut down for days.
Traffic is rerouted around the Burlington Skyway after a dump truck hit scaffolding and damaged the bridge superstructure.
An extended closure would affect holiday travellers for the upcoming Civic Holiday weekend and also traffic heading to Toronto for this weekend's Caribbean Carnival. Traffic signals in Burlington were changed to help improve the flow of traffic around the Skyway, the city said via Twitter. Concerns about the extent of the damage have also stopped shipping into and out of Hamilton harbour.
Witnesses described seeing the truck head up the bridge with its bed up while motorists tried to warn the driver by honking their horns, but to no avail. The driver did not slow down, though the honking appeared to warn the construction workers of the danger, said witness Robert Grimme.
Structural engineers have to inspect #BurlingtonSkyway, trucks removed & girders on the truss need repairs before it opens eastbound.

The resulting gridlock marooned some of GO Transit's Route 12 Burlington-bound buses and detoured others. Anne Marie Aikins from GO Transit advised checking the agency's website for the latest information. Rte 12 #GObus psngrs; effects of the Burlington Skyway closure to continue for the reminder of the evening. On the water below, the canal under the bridge has been closed as a precaution, said the Hamilton Port Authority. By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses.
Factors that can affect what a police officer does include his or her rank, location, jurisdiction, education, job history, occupational specialty, and more.
There are also many minor duties of a police officer, all of which are also important within the greater scheme of keeping law and order intact. I was concerned about the police duties because they are not willing to prevent crimes they told me they can only come when one is already committed. I think the community an officer works in would also have a lot to do with daily responsibilities.
The police there spent a lot of time dealing with college students getting into trouble, which I'm sure is much, much different than dealing with domestic violence cases or robberies like you might in some places.
It's ironic, because although drunk people cause a lot of hassle for police, the officers still have to spend a lot of time keeping them safe from others trying to take advantage of them. I guess I never thought too much about all of the additional responsibilities a cop would have. In the larger cities where police could easily have to deal with armed criminals, I think it's good that they get a couple extra years of training to learn how to handle those things instinctively. The simplest way to put things is that Police Officers are responsible for enforcing laws and ensuring the safety of everyone around them. This report will contain several important details that could help you when filing your claim for compensation successfully. For example, if you are undergoing treatment at the hospital, write down all details of how you got there and back, what the treatment involved and how long it took as well as the discomfort and pain you had to go through. While this may seem like a good offer at the time, the truth is, what they offer is likely to be far lower than what you are entitled to and what you will eventually get if you file an accident compensation claim. Besides our excellent reputation for our expertise we are a law firm that cares about our clients and provide a service that is second to none. The description acts as a guide to show how the different compensation amounts for various areas of the body that have been affected can vary depending on the severity of the injuries.
The compensation range also takes into consideration should the leg have been amputated below or above the knee.
JF Law Limited is a law firm and limited company authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under SRA No: 619586. Workers are on the second phase of applying anti-corrosive coating to the steel, which should be finished by fall 2016. By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that CBC has the right to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever. Some might think all that they do is issue traffic tickets, while others might limit their duties to handling emergency 911 calls. Whether a police officer is on or off duty, he or she is expected to protect the lives and property of people, and this might be considered to be the primary duty of all police officers. A common example is directing traffic, whether it is at the scene of an accident or at a particularly busy intersection. When I was in high school, there was an officer there who was sort of a security person and also did all of the anti-drug programs. I went to college in an area where about 60% of the 100,000 people were tied to the university in some way.

I think that is fine considering that most of what they do is investigate less violent crimes like assaults, burglary, etc. Many officers go through rigorous training while others simply go through a minimum requirements kind of thing. It is a scary profession, yes, but it is also honorable despite whatever the general public thinks. Becoming a cop is different no matter where you go, though, and you might be surprised to find that some officers go to school for years while others are only trained for a few months. In clear cut cases of where the fault lies, the report may also include the police officer’s opinion of who was responsible for the accident. You will need to maintain all documentation and receipts that are associated with the accident. All of this will help strengthen your case and get you the compensation you deserve especially if you are suffering from long-term effects. The best approach to getting an accurate assessment on the amount of compensation you could claim for an injury is to speak with us, or a solicitor of your choosing. We can then more accurately estimate what car accident compensation you could be entitled to, and should you like us to take your car accident claim on (there’s no obligation) we can then proceed further. Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines. The truth is that there are most police officers have many duties, some of which are very dangerous while others can seem rather benign and tedious.
They also patrol areas to catch people who are breaking the law and then to arrest them, warn them of their actions, or to give them a citation depending on the severity of their crime or misdemeanor.
At the scenes of accidents, the police officer must also sometimes administer first aid to victims until paramedics arrive. I pay my hard earned tax dollars so you can come after it's over when it could have been prevented? I think that would be a fun job if you liked to try to make a difference among younger people. There are also things like conservation officers that deal with much different situations.
I have definitely seen officers patrolling school zones and directing traffic, but I never really thought of that as a main part of the job. There is a huge difference in the amount of training they go through and the daily responsibilities. I grew up in a small town for 20 years, and there were never any armed robberies that the police had to get involved in. It's scary to know that in only a few months not only will they learn to protect the public, but also themselves. Not all police officers share the same list of duties, however, and they do not necessarily do them in the same capacity. One important and time-consuming duty of a police officer is paperwork — writing police reports and keeping records of their activities. Another minor, yet important, duty of a police officer is that of patrolling areas for the purpose of keeping them secure.
He or she may school campuses, stores, shopping malls, public transportation facilities and more, all of which are also often patrolled by off duty police officers who do security work to earn extra income. A lot of people don't think about it, but those situations can often be more hostile, because hunters always have guns and don't like being told they're doing something illegal.
Some are Sheriffs, some have county jurisdiction, some do routine traffic stops, some respond to 911 calls, all are CPR certified I can assure you that much.

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