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General Information: Amateur Radio Operator plates can be issued in Salmon, Crater Lake, Cultural Plate and Wine Country designs in addition to the yellow background plate shown to the left. General Information: In 2012, a vehicle must have been manufactured in 1956 or earlier to qualify for this license plate. For more information on whether your vehicle may qualify for antique or special interest vehicle registration, you may wish to contact DMV. This plate is also issued to a vehicle that is a racing activity vehicle as defined in Oregon law. Vehicles may only be used for exhibitions, parades, club activities and similar uses.

Surcharge Supports: Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. Who Qualifies: The plates are only issued to Oregon residents who hold valid, unrevoked and unexpired amateur radio station licenses issued by the Federal Communications Commission.
An Application for Amateur Radio Call Letter Registration Plates (Form 735-231) must be completed and submitted to certify that you have a valid amateur radio license. Available For: Passenger Vehicles, Motor Homes, Buses, Mopeds, Motorcycles, Trucks, Travel Trailers, Campers, Special Use Trailers, Heavy Trailers and Light Trailers.

If a Salmon, Crater Lake, Cultural Trust or Wine Country plate is chosen as background for a passenger vehicle, see the sections above for information on surcharges.
Available For: Passenger Vehicles in yellow background, Salmon design, Crater Lake design, Cultural Trust design, or Wine Country design plates, and for Mopeds, Motorcycles, and Motor Homes in a yellow background only.

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