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The reason they were so rare is because there was only one Easy Idle launcher per case and also because this Case C was somehow released after Case D due to some sort of manufacturing debacle.
Wasnt this the Launchers Case C release of the Error of Mood springs car with Nitroade launcher??
Our Meijer just got in LYL cases with View Zeen, Lil Torquey Pistons, and McQueen on the Night Skyline cardback.
The Big Toy Store at Disney Village in FL had Vinyl Toupee & Easy Idle Launchers on Wednesday.

Out of the original¬† 12 CARS + 9 Movie Moments CARS, there were the three main Piston Cup finalists. And a few months later, the arrival of Trunk Fresh as a launcher (along with the availability of No Stall & RPM as launchers). I think it was Night skyline, just like Vitoline, Rev N Go, and Lil Torquey, but I didn’t save the card. I can’t wait to have a good copy of Easy Idle, just not sure what to do with the case.

All the missing ones on my list except a few I have target exclusive next too, so they must be coming someday.

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