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From then on till the year 2008, Myspace became the most visited social networking website in the entire world. You might have got bored of Myspace or else you might have shifted your social networking presence to Facebook, the current popular social networking website or you might have got more spam in your Myspace profiles and as a result of these things, you might have decided to delete your Myspace account.
Now, click on the “Cancel Account” option which is present beside the “View My Profile” & “Edit My Profile” options.
You will be shown an option to discontinue the notification emails that you receive from Myspace without having to cancel your account, if you are very much annoyed about the number of emails you receive from the users of Myspace. Before starting to the steps to delete Facebook account permanently you must have some question in your mind like what is difference between deactivate or delete accounts, what happen to your data, will you able reactivate your account or data?
If you deactivate your account you are able to retrieve your your account your all data and photos are safe.
But if you delete Facebook account permanently then you are not able regain your account in future. He is a student of B.Tech(Mechanical) from Jaipur Engineering College and Research Centre(JECRC), Jaipur. This entry was posted in facebook, Website Marketing and tagged delete facebook, delete facebook account, facebook.
It even went on to surpass Google and became the most visited website in the U.S in the year 2006.
You can ignore that, and then carry on adding your own comments for the reason for cancelling your account. Myspace will email you with instructions to conclude the Myspace account cancellation request.

The email will have the following title-“Myspace account cancellation request – please confirm”.
Do you have any conflict with someone or do you think Facebook is no longer useful to you then you have an option to delete Facebook account.
Earlier it only has the option for deactivation because they know that what important role social media play in your life.
He is an internet activist and has knowledge of internet world and latest trends in technology. In the month of April in 2008, Myspace started to receive fewer amounts of visitors due to the arrival of Facebook.
Although it is a very simple process you will have to confirm the deletion process for numerous times.
Now, click on “Cancel My Account” option once again to confirm your deletion request again. Click on the link sent by Myspace in that email to confirm your account cancellation request.
You can still stop yourself from deleting your Myspace account, if you have made up your mind the other way. Just because of anyone or exams or any other reasons you can’t break contact with all your other friends. But remember when you deactivate your account people on Facebook are not able to search you on Facebook.
So, it better to deactivate rather than delete Facebook account permanently until and unless you have a very big reason.

News Corporation purchased Myspace in the year 2005 by paying its founder around$580 million. The users of Myspace too started to decline gradually despite of the redesigns done by Myspace team to make their users to continue to exist. To do that, you can simply close that web page and delete the confirmation link email you received from Myspace.
But still they have provided the option to delete account due to some reasons like if you have two account etc.. I saying this thing to you because I have faced this problem when I lost my all data but I was able to retrieve my photos (A beautiful memories) from Facebook. Myspace has been ranked 138th place in the total web traffic, according to a statistics in December 2011.
However, if you want to continue with the deletion process, you can click on the “Cancel My Account” option to confirm the deletion, once for all. This is not true Facebook now has provided the option to delete Facebook account permanently. You will see a page stating that your Myspace account had been listed for cancellation and will be deleted successfully within 48 hours time.

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