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Did you ever wonder what that strange series of letters and numbers on the transom of your boat are. The boat manufacturer must display two identical hull identification numbers, no less than one-fourth of an inch high, on each boat hull. Boats manufactured or imported on or after August 1, 1984, also have a duplicate secondary HIN affixed somewhere on an unexposed location inside the boat or beneath a fitting or item of hardware.
The Coast Guard maintains a searchable database of MICs if you want to check yours out - click here. Individuals building boats for their own use and not for the purposes of sale are what are referred to as "backyard boat builders." They must obtain a 12 character HIN from their State boating agency. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. From front to rear: TH-2004R (note dual bellhousing bolt patterns), TH-700R4, unidentified. This month, we conclude our four-part feature on VIN decoding for '72 through '11 Corvettes. Looking forward, there are some brand-new and exciting developments in VIN technology that will be of interest to Corvette owners.
Now that we've looked into the VIN's fantastic future, come along as we show you how to decode them on '05-'11 models. The Muncie 4-speed transmission was used with many different GM models and engine combinations from 1963 through 1974.
The Muncie is distinguished from the Saginaw in that the reverse lever on the Muncie is mounted in the extension housing, where the Saginaw reverse lever is mounted in the side cover. Muncie 4-speeds were produced in two different ratios wide ratio (M-20) and close-ratio (M-21). Proper identification of the transmission type is absolutely necessary, but sometimes difficult due to several factors. For example, due to interchangeability, a 1969 Pontiac could have a trans case and gears from a Buick and a rear housing (extension) from an Oldsmobile. The M-22 was only produced in a close-ratio version, so it will not appear on models with high rear-axle ratios (3.55 or lower numerically) unless someone has changed it.

The main internal differences in the 3 types of transmissions are listed in the parts below. Well, if you have taken the Nautical Know How course you know they are Hull Identification Numbers (HIN) and that they are required. The purpose is to help authorities identify your boat if a thief or vandals remove or damage the primary HIN on the transom.
The Manufacturer Identification Code at the beginning of the HIN for a "home built" boat is an abbreviation for the State followed by a "Z" which indicates that it is a State identification. Throughout this series we've briefed you on the background, purpose, and history of the original car-ID system that was introduced in the U.S.
Very recently, Chevrolet announced the Customer's Selectable VIN Ending Option (RPO PIN), which will allow new-car buyers to select their own unique VIN ending numbers on '11-forward Corvettes. They will likely transform from a passive method of car identification, accident prevention, and theft recovery into a sophisticated system that utilizes RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags to accomplish these purposes, and more.
As we mentioned in previous installments, GM keeps VIN Data cards from model year '72 through '11 in a database system, as a way of helping dealers' service departments decode VIN-plate data. The basic design and operation theory of the gearbox changed little during this period, however several design upgrades and modifications were made during the total production run. The main difference between the Muncie and the Borg-Warner is that the Muncie has a 7-bolt side cover and the Borg Warner has a 9-bolt side cover.
An extra heavy duty close-ratio version (M-22) was also offered on many of the big-block high-performance models.The choice of transmission was dictated by the engine size and rear-axle ratio. First, GM used several different methods to label and identify transmissions from year to year and model to model.
To ensure that you are ordering the correct parts for your transmission, please carefully count the number of teeth on all gears and or counter gears (clusters) to verify transmission type. It is illegal for anyone (manufacturer, dealer, distributor, or owner) to alter or remove a HIN without the express written authorization of the Commandant, U.S.
Prior to August 1, 1984, the manufacturer had the option of expressing this in the form of a model year designation. For example, a '67 Vette owner might specify that the same VIN ending numbers from his classic Sting Ray roadster appear on the VIN of his new Corvette convertible.

One use of this not-that-far-in-the-future feature would allow a federally mandated, factory-installed RFID reader in your Corvette to record the VIN of a vehicle that collides with your car.
The Muncie was used with most performance engines, and is not to be confused with the Saginaw or Borg Warner 4-speeds. Unfortunately the identification systems seem to have many exceptions, rendering them virtually useless to the restorer. We recommend that all transmission parts be ordered by telephone to verify requirements and reduce the chance of ordering errors. It enables manufacturers to clearly identify for boat owners the boats that are involved in a defect notification and recall campaign. The starboard outboard side of the hull aft is the preferred HIN location for many manufacturers.
This data would then be uploaded through the OnStar system to both owners' insurance companies, as well as to law-enforcement and emergency-services agencies. In addition, many GM high-performance engines came with M-22 “Rock-Crusher” in the 1970-73 years, however an early version of the M-22 was available as early as 1965 in Corvettes.
In addition, due to engine and transmission swaps, and modifications that occur over the years many cars do not carry the original drivetrain that they were produced with. We also recommend installation of all parts by trained professionals with the proper tools and equipment. A HIN is not the same as a State registration number, which may be required to be displayed on the bow of your boat. On catamarans and pontoon boats the HIN must be affixed on the aft crossbeam within one foot of the starboard hull attachment. It could even let the police know if either car involved in the accident is registered as stolen, before they ever get to the scene. The HIN is a Federal requirement; your boat’s registration number is a State requirement similar to the license plate on your car.

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