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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! For a Black South African woman of Indian origin, it is impossible to understand South Africa outside of its political and historical context.
I was inspired to do a portrait of Nelson Mandela, entitled ‘Decoding the Colour of Nelson Mandela’ (canvas size 85cm x 85 cm), based on what he stands for in South Africa and globally.
The process of painting with black and white paints, and mixing, manipulating, blending, diluting, rubbing and erasing those colours, creates a variety of tones of grey.
When Apartheid was formally instituted in 1948, South African identities were defined primarily in terms of race. The oil painting, “an image of an image”, is an interpretation of a photograph of Nelson Mandela taken soon after his release from prison.

In his book “Without Color”, based on the oeuvres of German artist Gerhard Richter, Reinhard Spieler observes, “…grey is nothing but a sum of all colours.
Will the mixing together of people be an embodiment of our ‘sameness’ rather than our differences? Notions of femininity, masculinity, white, black, European, and African are derivatives of a common humanity. It is no longer possible to celebrate being South African without recognizing and honoring Nelson Mandela and his role in delivering our freedom, democracy and common humanity. Out of my process of working and reworking the colours black and white, Nelson Mandela emerges. While these categories contribute and help to shape our identities and the notion of the Self, these categories can be manipulated to create divisions in our common humanity, as our South African past attests.

The absence of colour became pertinent in my painting, diminishing the differences and distinctions that divide us.
This approach to religion was a new idea, said electrical engineering professor and ordained Zoroastrian priest Poras T.
Balsara.Other religions had prescribed a ritual or compensation to be performed for bad deeds. The biggest celebration is the NouRouz, or new day, which is the celebration of the New Year that occurs on March 21, the first day of spring.

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