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This car was a local car and when we saw it we immediately noticed that the VIN number on the car was W455100011 which means it was the eleventh car off the assembly line. We will go into more in depth analysis of what we found in the car next week and find out if this car was something special. Every Corvette owner knows his or her car has a vehicle identification number (VIN) that's intended to help prevent theft and aid in the recovery of the car if stolen. Today's VINs serve a much wider purpose than theft prevention, recovery, and public safety. In addition to these regulatory and safety functions, VINs allow Corvette owners to obtain certain historical information, depending on the year of the vehicle. From 1953 through 1964, the Corvette's VIN provided data in a 10-digit sequence, showing model, model year, assembly plant, and serial number, respectively. Chevrolet – vintage serial number decoders, A directory of serial number decoder websites for classic and vintage chevrolet cars and trucks.. Classic auto dna - chevy vin #, trim tag and engine decoder, Chevy vin #, trim tag and engine decoder website is for sale! Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
To learn about Camaro Trim Tag decoding for specific years click on the link below for the desired year.
Starting with the introduction of the Camaro in 1967 Each first generation Camaro has had a special identification tag attached to the Camaros body known as a trim tag or cowl tag as some prefer to call it. The first box on the top row is a two number code which indicates the month of the year that you car was assembled.
The second row indicates from left to right the year the car was built followed by a dash and then the body style.
The third line of codes starts with the interior style and color followed by a Z or Y indicating if the car had headrest seats or not.
The fourth and fifth lines may be blank on your trim tag or have a series of numbers and letters like the example below.
Sometimes on the fifth line regardless of if there is a group 5 set of options or not there may be a dash followed by a series of numbers and letters these represent a special order car and vary from order to order.
To learn more about decoding 1967 Camaro Trim Tags place your mouse over a section and click for detailed information, enter your trim tag data into the form below for a complete decode or refer to the chart below.
Use the trim tag decoder form below to have our decoder decode you 1967 Camaro Trim Tag for you.
To use the trim tag decoder form below simply fill in the information from your trim tag and click decode tag. Listed in the table below is information that will help you understand more about your trim tags option codes and decode what they mean. Two digit code referring to the calendar month that the vehicles body was scheduled for production.
Individual Body Sequence number assigned by the Fisher Body plant prior to production of the vehicle.

Actual color dependant upon customers choice from other General Motors model lines available paint colors.
For single color vehicles (upper and lower paint match) refer to the lower body color chart.
But that's not the only reason behind the original car-ID system that was introduced in the U.S. The trim tag depending on the year of the Camaro can supply you as either the owner, potential buyer or just a simple enthusiast with a great deal of information about eh car you are looking at. For the first generation cars 1967, 1968 and 1969 the trim tag is located on the firewall between the wiper motor and the brake master cylinder.
These areas have been enclosed in black boxes which you can click on to learn exactly how the codes are broken down and there meanings.
This number looks a lot like the first five digits of your VIN but it actually has no direct relation. The next code to the right is the lower body paint color and then the upper body paint or top color. If you own a car with a set of these numbers we would very much like to here from you about your car.
If you do not have any options for a certain section for example no Group 3 Options but you do have Group 4 Options just leave Group 3 blank and fill in Group 4. This is not an error or an indication that something is wrong, the code on the trim tag refers to body style and interior, deluxe or standard, and is a separate code from the VIN tag identification. If the first digit in this line is a two or three then no group one options were ordered with the vehicle.
It is believed that during this time any that may have been produced may share the N code with the L35 option 396.
In the case of this code appearing the vehicle in question was a special ordered or fleet ordered vehicle. These number will explain and show your division number, engine description, chassis type, model year, assembly plants, and the vehicle assembly sequence number. When you start to look at the numbers of these cars, whether it is the VIN number or the fender tag codes or other interesting things, you can find out a lot of information about them you wouldn’t normally see.
Entities that today utilize VINs in data systems include NHTSA, state motor-vehicle departments, law-enforcement agencies, insurance companies, organizations involved in motor vehicle research, and manufacturers," says the agency.
The new alphanumeric sequence included engine type—not just whether the engine was a V-8—and assigned a specific letter (later, single-digit numbers were used, too) to every RPO engine available in the Corvette during the model year. No trim tag though will be able to tell you more about your first generation Camaro than the tag used in 1967. The second box right next to that is a single letter code which indicates the week of the month in this case E for the fifth week of the month. In this case it tells you if the car is a coupe or convertible and also lets you know if it is supposed to have standard or deluxe interior. For each group the letters that follow indicate a type of option that was installed on the car.

The VIN tag identification identifies number of engine cylinders and coupe or convertible body style.
In Norwood produced vehicle this number is sequential for all Camaros produced for that year. In many of the cases we have documented so far when this code appears the vehicle in question is either a Pace Car or special paint vehicle showing the O-O paint code. The location of the VIN Identification is located on the left hand door pillar of your pickup.
This change made it possible to quickly identify a Corvette's original engine option by looking at the alphanumeric character in the fifth position on the VIN and decoding it.In 1976, the Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association petitioned NHTSA to adopt a 17-digit industry-standard VIN, which the agency did in 1981. For those of you who are Firebird fans the trim tag for your Pontiac is located here also and shares many of the same codes. In the same line all the way to the right is another single letter on Norwood cars which indicates the interior paint trim color for the tops of doors and the dash panel area.
The next part is a 3 letter code indicating the plant of Manufacture NOR or LOS followed by a six digit unique body number assigned by the plant. So in this tags case group 1 (the one in group one is never shown) the W stands for a tinted windshield, the 2 shows an L for the manual transmission, G for console, etc. This is not always the case though and in many instances it has been documented that the vehicles have no special difference from standard production vehicles but are in fact part of a large or specially ordered fleet order for a dealer, corporation or special promotional use. The new system added even more data to the metal plate, including country of origin, manufacturer, and restraint system installed.
In LOS cars this is an assembly sequence number which starts with a letter and followed by 3 numbers. Example for LOS is that the first standard interior coupe and deluxe interior coupe produced will both be assigned body number 1. If you own or know of a vehicle that has the special characters after the group five options we would love to hear from you to learn more about it. I was changing my mind in selling THIS Car: vin #455100011,license plate 116lsj, when Tom hergert, made me several promises, in order to strike a deal. Though later revised for uniformity across all domestic and import vehicle lines—and to include a scannable bar code—it's still in use today and is scheduled to remain in use for the next 30 years.GM keeps VIN Data cards from model year '72 through '11 in a database system, as a way of helping dealers' service departments decode VIN-plate data.
For example, in some years GM calls the model-year code "Year Designation," while in others it calls it "Last Digit of Model Year." We've left the data-field-naming anomalies exactly as they appear on the official cards.
Also, doesn’t a person have to buy a vehicle under a business name, in order to sell it under That business name??

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