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Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. On all 7 years you can also find the vin number on the left hand frame rail in front of the A arm. Notice how they only stamp the year, assembly plant, and the sequential serial # on the frame rail. According to the 6066gmcguy the panel and suburban vins are located on the Lh drivers door pillar, roof pillar, rear driver door pillar, or on the footwell by the GVW tag.
Just to point out that GM can be inconsistent, on the '64 Chevy cab I recently asked this question about I found it on the LH rear door pillar, not above the door.

I am going to check out some 64's at the wrecking yard, I changed the gmc pic to note that 64 gmc is on the rear driver door pillar, and I think that chevy will turn out the same way for 64. So you need the 3 or 4 digit code after the 9x number on the build sheet to know exactly where the car was destined for? Eibach Pro springs, Tokico D spec,Camber plates Steeda Adj Panhard bar + brace, Front G brace, Uca + Lca's & relocation brakets, oil separator, hood pins. DSO 1607D1280 - there's too many digits here that I see, even for a special order car which this car appears to be. 1 - tranny code for the 3 speed 1968 Mustang coupe, Acapulco Blue, 289 2v, C-4, Power Steering.
Last thing, can you tell me where was originaly located the VIN tag from factory, as I've heard it was not so difficult to have a "reprint" one !!! The owner has tried tracing the history but all he knows is the car was back in the States during the mid 80's and has no history before that, couldn't find prior owner to the person he bought it from.

I used to know most of the ones in Germany and France when I was restoring these cars for a living, but, I seem to be getting a bit foggy on some of the details now, since I'm no longer doing that all day, every day. The car above has a DSO 95 in France plus I know of a few other cars with a DSO 95 that are in Australia, two different areas of the planet. The speedometer is in kilometers (appears original to the car), has the export brace and other than that has no other visual differences from a regular Mustang. 16 is for Philadelphia and is where the car was shipped after being built and sold originally at a dealer around that area. The 07D1280 is additional info about a special request that whoever ordered this car wanted, something that Ford didn't normally do.

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