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If you're unable to post or login please submit a support ticket here - include the forum, MX Trax and your username Unregistered. The RF14A is 1992 to 1995, but i don't know what year by the other numbers, do as UKAF said and call a dealer with the number. I rode it for awhile then went into the military and really never drove it much, it has sat in the shed on blocks with a cover over it and got start twice a month by my dad.
A simple call to a suzuki dealer will confirm it for you, but I have been using this website for years and it is always correct.
The front fender by where the rack mounts left side was loose from the dealer, when driving home the rack shifted while it was strapped down and rubbed a little of the plastic around the mounting hole.

I have not yet cleaned it up since bringing it back to where i live now, but will be clean by the time it sells.
Thanks for looking and email me with questons, Will reserve the right to end early to due local sale. Solid-state digital CD ignition with electronic advance for precise and reliable performance. 32mm carburetor offers economical operation, superb drivability and excellent throttle response. Front and rear shock absorbers provide excellent ride quality and smooth, fade-resistant action over a variety of terrain.

Durable, lightweight long-travel double-wishbone front suspension with Arvin shock absorbers offers a comfortable ride, a tight turning radius and light steering effort. Additional Features Large-capacity front and rear cargo racks allow payloads of 66 and 132 pounds respectively. Handlebar switches, controls and warning labels useinternationally approved ISO graphic symbols.

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