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Many MasterCard debit card issuers (including prepaid debit card issuers), will work with you to make sure you get a temporary debit card if you need a card quickly. By reporting your card lost or stolen immediately, you may be protected under the MasterCard Zero Liability policy for unauthorized purchases.
Next, make sure to carefully scan your online bank statement or prepaid debit card statement to look for any suspicious transactions that you did not authorize.
While losing your passport on the road is probably a traveler’s worst nightmare, I would guess most would agree a lost ATM card is a close second. I nonchalantly inserted my Capital One debit card into a Russian bank’s ATM machine in the center of St. As soon as the message flashed on the screen that the machine was keeping my card, tears started to fill my eyes (yes, I cry easily!), but instead of losing it in the middle of a bank lobby, I sprang into action. Using broken Russian, I managed to explain to all three of them what happened and they quickly offered their help.
The security guard was able connect me with a bank representative who spoke a small amount of English (I actually think he tried to translate phrases to recite to me every time he put me on hold for minutes at a time).
So between Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning, I started exploring backup options in case I could not get my card back. Plan B quickly disintegrated when I learned that Russia prohibits the “import” of plastic cards of any kind, including credit and debit cards.
That led me to Plan C, which would be for my parents send me the card in mid-December when I get to Lithuania. While I was hoping I would not have to resort to Plan C, I felt just so slightly better having a plan in place. Friday morning arrived and, while I speak some Russian, I was not at all confident that I could handle the situation myself. Luckily, when Irina, the hostel’s administrator, arrived an hour later, she would not take that for an answer and called the bank again. After being transferred around a couple times, the first Capital One representative I reached was skeptical that the Russian bank could return my card to me at all, saying that they typically just shred them.  However, I once saw a friend get her ATM card fished out of a machine in Egypt and multiple people shared stories on Facebook about getting cards back, so I knew it was feasible.
Ten minutes later, I was back on the phone with another representative who proceeded to tell me that Capital One cannot issue “ad hoc” letters like the one the Russian bank was requesting. I hung up the Skype call with tears in my eyes and went out to the common area of the hostel to tell Irina the bad news.
Five minutes later, I walked up the marble staircase of the bank building and through a large wooden door. Second, whenever possible, try to use ATMs located in the lobbies of the banks that own them.
Third, if you do lose your ATM card in a machine, enlist the help of a local to contact the bank to get it back.
I had a similar experience in Vietnam a few years back except I didn’t have a back-up ATM card.
I have an account with Fidelity and when my card expired while I was on the road they were great about overnighting a new one to Colombia.
Yeah, for the most part Capital One has been great – I love the no currency transaction fees and no ATM fees. Katie is a thirty-something Minnesota native, long time Chicago resident & recent transplant to Washington, DC. In many instances when a child turns 18 and leaves home to go to college they realize that they don’t know much about finances.

Report the loss or theft of your credit cards and your ATM or debit cards to the card issuers as quickly as possible.
A health savings account (HSA) is a tax-favored savings account created for the purpose of paying medical expenses. Tax-deductibleContributions to the HSA are 100% deductible (up to the legal limit) — just like an IRA. Tax-deferredInterest earnings accumulate tax-deferred, and if used to pay qualified medical expenses, are tax-free. An HSA works in conjunction with high deductible health insurance.Your HSA dollars can be used to help pay the health insurance deductible and any qualified medical expenses, including those not covered by the health insurance, like dental and vision care. Any funds you withdraw for non-qualified medical expenses will be taxed at your income tax rate, plus 10% tax penalty. Once you meet your calendar-year deductible, the health insurance pays remaining covered expenses in accordance with the terms and conditions of your particular plan. An HSA Debit card allows you the convenience of spending money from your HSA account through the use of a card.
Hometown banking was established in southern Utah with the opening of State Bank of Southern Utah in 1957.
Hometown banking is important because people who live and work in southern Utah make the decisions. Bank employees and officers understand the banking needs of area residents because they are affected by the same economic climate. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Two security guards sat in a vestibule across from the ATM machine and another woman was hanging around who seemed to work there, although I never figure out what she did. One of the guards called someone with the bank while the woman fended off people who tried to use the ATM in the meantime.
By the end of the call, I understood that the bank would empty the ATM on Friday (this was Wednesday) and I had a phone number to call Friday morning to speak to someone about getting my lost ATM card back.  The bank representative also took my name and my phone number in St.
I spoke with Capital One and, while they confirmed my card was still active, they could not send me a replacement card internationally. She pleaded my case with great force, even arguing that giving me my card back would be good for Russian-American relations (I got a good laugh at that but she seemed to think it made the difference). Nonetheless, the woman put me on hold to try to locate an account supervisor to discuss the fax request. I begged and pleaded with him (as nicely as possible of course) to connect me with someone who might have the authority to come to a different conclusion, but he refused, saying he already talked with his supervisor and there wasn’t anyone higher to which to appeal.
Turning to the receptionist by the entrance, I introduced myself in Russian, giving her my name and saying I was an American and that they had my ATM card. And then I said a very, very big thank you and walked out of the door with my card in hand. Because I lost my card in the bank lobby, there were people readily available to help me.  If I had lost my card in a random ATM in a metro station or on the side of a building, it may have been much more difficult. Even if I was fluent in Russian, I think Irina was persuasive in a way that I could never be. Make sure you are familiar both with your bank’s policies about sending replacement cards overseas and the rules of the country or countries you are visiting about importing cards.
The last time I was in Russia an American I met in Siberia had tested the Russian bank system.

My bank was willing to send a replacement card (good to know Capital one does not!) but since I was moving around a lot, it was difficult to figure out which address to give them.
Plus, there are no ATM fees worldwide with their card (well, there are but you get them reimbursed). She took a career break in 2011-12 to travel and volunteer throughout the former Soviet Union and, since returning to work full-time, continues to travel as much as possible, as far off the beaten path as possible. You have zero liability on unauthorized purchases if you notify the bank in a timely manner. The Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) and the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA) offer procedures for you to use if your cards are lost or stolen. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). They could send one to my parents in about 10 days, so Plan B was to have my parents then send me the replacement card by FedEx in Moscow.
By the end of the call, they told her they would empty the ATM machine that day and return my card as soon as they received a fax from Capital One giving them permission to do so. After thirty minutes on hold, I almost lost it when someone finally got on the line only for me to lose my Skype connection.
I mistakenly thought she meant someone was actually at the hostel with my card, so I started running all over the hostel to find my shoes and my passport, afraid that they might leave if I didn’t hurry. But considering I have close to ten months left on the road, I did not like the idea of having only one card for the rest of my trip. I think this is also a good idea for security reasons – when you withdraw money inside, fewer people are around to see it and potentially target you for pickpocketing. It never would have occurred to me that it might be prohibited to send a card into a particular country (and I am guessing Russia is unique in this, but it is worth checking). But if they treated me that way, I’d definitely consider cancelling my account with them! I definitely recommend diversifying both with banks and Visa versus Mastercard – I have both. I also sent messages to their Twitter account, trying every avenue possible to reach someone who could help. Irina laughed at my craziness and told me to slow down, that the card was at the bank branch on Nevsky Prospekt, a few blocks away.
Furthermore, because Capital One tends to market itself to international travelers by offering no foreign currency transaction fees and no ATM fees worldwide, I mistakenly assumed they would be helpful if anything happened while I was abroad.  On the contrary, a Russian bank did more to help me as a non-customer and a foreigner than my own bank did to help someone who holds three accounts with them. If you do NOT tell the bank within 2 business days after you learn of the loss or theft of your Card or PIN, you could lose as much as $500 if we can prove we could have stopped the transactions. Include your account number, when you noticed your card was missing, and the date you first reported the loss. I am glad you were able to get your card back in the end… I think I would have acted just the same. I love how they hostel lady said it would be good for Russia-America relations… that’s priceless!

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