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With a French and Cuban background, the American writer first delivered her intimacy in a journal from the age of 11 – a long letter to her absent father but also an analysis of her tormented adolescence. Maria de Madeiros as Anais Nin, Fred Ward as Henry Miller, and Uma Thurman as June Miller in Henry & June (1990). Links from trusted websites like yours to Yankee Containers helps us by increasing our "trustworthiness" in search engines; but, did you know that linking to trusted sites like Yankee Containers can actually increase YOUR sites trust level?
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In 1924, after having married Hugh Guiler, she settled in Paris where she once again confided her secrets in a journal to free herself from the boredom of her domestic life. We stock a 55 gallon blue open head plastic drum (barrel) with a natural colored solid lid and a lever locking ring.
In no case should performance ratings of packaging be construed to imply chemical compatibility. In 1930, she met the American writer, Henry Miller and his wife, June, and therefore began the most fruitful period of her life that fuelled her intimate writings, exploring sexuality and eroticism.

She pushed her boldness further when she published erotic books during the 1970s – a doll-like lady of seventy who spoke the crude words of sensuality.

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