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According to Dallas police, three teenagers (Delvin Washington, Kevin Ramos and Devon Harper) have been critically injured in a serious car accident in the 2500 block of West Illinois Avenue in the Oak Cliff district of Dallas, Texas.
According to witness accounts, the driver of the Mazda was operating his vehicle at a high rate of speed while following or racing a second vehicle. Jeffrey Rasansky is an experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorney focused on helping accident victims and their families recover the money they deserve after a serious car accident. Attorney Jeffrey Rasansky has been helping automobile accident victims in Texas recover compensation for their injuries for over 25 years. Details on the accident are scarce at this time, but Forney Texas Fire Department Chief Rick Townsend says that the three injured in the accident were taken to Lake Pointe Emergency Department in Forney. Whenever you’re involved in a car accident, it is important you hire an experience attorney to represent your rights.
CONTACT US FOR A FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION Enter text from the image above. The driver of the BMW was carrying a passenger at the time of the accident, and both were hospitalized for their injuries. Because pickups sit higher than other vehicles, and because they are heavier, they can cause a lot more damage than a passenger car can if a collision is severe.
If you’ve been injured because some fool wasn’t paying attention, then you’re entitled to compensation for your injuries. In order to maximize the amount of compensation you’re entitled to, you need to retain an attorney. If you rely on the negligent driver’s insurance company to pay you what you’re legally entitled to, you’re being as foolish as the driver that caused the accident in the first place. In order to recover what your case is truly worth, you need a lawyer who knows the law, who knows what a case is worth, and can make an accurate determination of your case’s value, and then fight for that value and nothing less.
Moreover, if you’ve just been hurt, you should be focused on your health and your recovery.
The bottom line is that while we all pay premiums to insurers in order to shift the risk of loss to them, the sad fact is that insurance companies have bought sufficient political influence to make it impossible for someone without an attorney to properly hold them to their burden. If you choose us to represent you we act aggressively to force the insurance companies to do their job so you can apply your focus and efforts where they are most needed; on the process of repairing your health and well-being after a traumatic event. We help with that too if need be – by referring you to one of the physicians or treatment facilities inside our extensive network of care providers who will work for the promise of payment from the proceeds we collect on your behalf. As the Mazda passed an 18-wheeler truck to the left, the car struck the median (some accounts say the driver clipped the semi-trailer), lost control, and slammed into a light pole.
Through this website, we hope to raise awareness of the sheer number of serious car accidents that occur in our state on a daily basis.

Police say Jessica Barrientos was driving a white car (possibly a Ford Crown Victoria) down Jefferson Blvd., and may have been speeding when she lost control of the vehicle. Also in the vehicle were her 23-year-old boyfriend Augustin Gatez Molina and his 66-year-old mother, Maria Elena Molina. One of the victims has been treated and released, and the other remains in critical condition. Inevitably, with as many of them as there are, a significant percentage of auto collisions in the Lone Star State involve pickup trucks. That driver’s insurance company wants to pay you the lowest amount it can get away with, and get you to sign a release of all your claims against its insured driver.
You don’t want to be dealing with an aggressive and persistent insurance adjuster who wants to throw you a laughable settlement and close your file.
They may be worried that you will make a claim on your uninsured or underinsured policy, if you have one, and they’ll do what they can to minimize the value of that claim. All three teens were inside the black car (believed to be a Mazda6) at the time of the accident.
Call us at 1-877-331-4156 (toll-free) or fill out this contact form to speak with an attorney for no cost.
Westbound traffic was backed up to FM 548, and eastbound traffic was backed up into Dallas county. The sedan had significant damage to the driver’s side, and the accident knocked down a light pole. Early College High School at El Centro College, and were headed to graduation rehearsal at the time of the crash.
After a serious Dallas car accident, get help so you can begin recovering financially from injuryWhen a car crash happens and someone is seriously hurt, it is crucial to immediately get help to begin the financial recovery process.
Delvin Washington, Kevin Ramos and Devon Harper were all transported to Methodist Dallas Medical Center. Auto collisions can have huge costs to an injured victim including vast medical bills, a damaged vehicle, and lost income from missed work. The driver (Delvin Washington) remains in critical condition after undergoing surgery Thursday night. Kevin Ramos and Devon Harper are in fair condition with neck pain, scrapes, bruises and broken bones.
Shezad Malik will launch a claim against the at-fault driver's insurance company, will manage all the paperwork, communications, documentation, and legal filings, and will handle negotiations to secure a full settlement. If a full settlement isn't offered, he will take the claim to trial.From the moment you hire Dr Shezad you can stop worrying about medical bills, lost wages, insurance adjusters, and future expenses.

All fees and costs are paid from your settlement.Learn about your rights and options today by contacting Dallas personal injury attorney Dr.
2 or 214-390-3189 or complete this simple contact form.Dr Shezad Malik Law Firm aggressively represents auto accident victims and the families of victims involved in a fatal car accidents. We handle car accidents in Dallas, Denton, Tarrant and Colin Counties in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and all over the state of Texas.
We can be reached at 888-210-9693 ext 2, or 214-390-3189 call now for no cost consultation.Automobile Accidents Serious Business in TexasAutomobile accidents are the number one cause of serious injuries in Texas and around the country.
Many innocent people every year are injured or maimed in car accidents as a result of the careless and negligent driving of others. More than one-quarter of Americans have been involved in a car accident in the last five years.Every 13 minutes, there is a death caused by a motor vehicle accident.
Americans from the ages of 1-33 are more likely to die from a car accident than from anything else.
Likewise, elderly adults aged 75 and up are most affected by motor vehicle crashes.The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is well known for the high-volume traffic on its major roads and freeways. The most dangerous month, is August, and Saturday the most dangerous day, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.Driving can be DangerousThe fact is, getting behind the wheel of a car is the riskiest thing most people do every day, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
The instances of drunk driving, speeding and driving without a safety belt all increase during the night hours and each contributes directly to increased fatality rates.Mid-week days like Tuesday and Wednesday also pose the lowest number of fatalities, both averaging fewer drivers and 96 and 100 deaths per day, respectively. But those are the very things most drivers involved in accidents neglect to do.Ninety-five percent of crashes are caused by human error, according to the NHTSA, but 75% of drivers say they're more careful than most other drivers. UC Berkeley's traffic center says speed is the single greatest contributing factor to serious crashes--not so much the violation of a posted speed limit, but when drivers ignore weather or traffic conditions that require a reduced speed.It is the Driver, Not the CarThe research findings reinforce the idea that most crashes don't involve mechanical failures on the part of the car. Even though there are always technological improvements or preventative safety features and signs in the roads, a lot of it comes down to human behavior.Here is good advice to keep in mind and safe rules to drive by. Protect your rights and do not become a victim again.Car Insurance Companies and Recorded StatementsCar Insurance companies use a scheme where they ask you a series of general questions in a recorded statement. This will range from about $100 - $1,000 and the adjuster will state that "This is all we are have to pay for your injuries".There are major problems with doing this.
Follow up on your witnesses, and store their information and keep them current.Take photographs of vehicles.
Insurance companies will often write an estimate for less than half what the damage really will cost to repair.

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