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The state of Alaska mandates that all drivers and vehicle owners must carry with them proof of owning liability insurance at all times. If your priority is a family sedan and Nissan Altima is within your budget, you must note that this car is available at a median price of only $17,998.
Below are the minimum, average and maximum insurance rate estimates for neighbourhoods in and around Alaska, AK. In addition to the location, one key factor that contributes to the insurance rates in Alaska is the vehicle's make and model.
Toyota Insurance Rates in Alaska, AKThe average auto insurance premiums for top Toyota models in Alaska are Toyota Corolla ($1400), Toyota Avalon ($1400), Toyota Sienna ($1200), Toyota 4Runner ($1300), Toyota Sequoia ($1500), Toyota Camry ($1400) and Toyota Prius ($1,400). Volkswagen Insurance Rates in Alaska, AKThe average auto insurance premiums for top Volkswagen models in Alaska are Volkswagen Golf ($1400), Volkswagen CC ($1500), Volkswagen GTI ($1500), Volkswagen Tiguan ($1400), Volkswagen Eos ($1600), Volkswagen Jetta ($1300), Volkswagen Touareg ($1500) and Volkswagen Passat ($1,400). Mazda Insurance Rates in Alaska, AKThe average auto insurance premiums for top Mazda models in Alaska are Mazda MX5 ($1400), Mazda CX-9 ($1300), Mazda Mazda3i ($1400), Mazda Mazda2 ($1300), Mazda Mazda5 ($1400), Mazda Mazda6s ($1500), Mazda Mazda3s ($1500), Mazda Mazdaspeed3 ($1500) and Mazda Mazda6i ($1,300).
Nissan Insurance Rates in Alaska, AKThe average auto insurance premiums for top Nissan models in Alaska are Nissan Pathfinder ($1300), Nissan NV3500 ($1400), Nissan Altima ($1500), Nissan Rogue ($1300), Nissan Titan ($1400), Nissan 370Z ($1700), Nissan Murano ($1300), Nissan Quest ($1400), Nissan Versa ($1300), Nissan Armada ($1600), Nissan Juke ($1300), Nissan Sentra ($1400) and Nissan Maxima ($1,700). Lincoln Insurance Rates in Alaska, AKThe average auto insurance premiums for top Lincoln models in Alaska are Lincoln Navigator ($1600), Lincoln MKT ($1500), Lincoln MKS ($1700), Lincoln MKZ ($1400) and Lincoln MKX ($1,400). Lexus Insurance Rates in Alaska, AKThe average auto insurance premiums for top Lexus models in Alaska are Lexus IS ($1700), Lexus RX ($1700), Lexus GX ($1600), Lexus LS ($2100), Lexus GX460 ($1600) and Lexus ES ($1,600). Jeep Insurance Rates in Alaska, AKThe average auto insurance premiums for top Jeep models in Alaska are Jeep Patriot ($1300), Jeep Grand ($1400) and Jeep Compass ($1,300).
Average premium prices for car insurance rose about one-third of 1 percent between January and February, according to the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The price of coverage has risen almost every month for the past 12 months, amounting to an overall increase of about 3.7 percent. Every month, the BLS publishes an update of its Consumer Price Idex, which is meant to track and give data on the price changes of consumer goods in America over time.
The BLS collects its motor vehicle insurance data from a sample of insurers from each of the 87 pricing areas used in the CPI. Matthew Morisset is a proud alumnus of the University of Redlands, where he obtained a degree in English Literature. Age is one of the primary factors that insurance companies consider when coming up with a car insurance quote.
Generally speaking, novice drivers tend to get expensive quotes, while experienced drivers will see more moderate quotes. Quotes for teenagers are 3.5x as expensive than quotes for a driver in their mid-thirties, and cost nearly 4x the rate for an experienced driver in their mid-fifties. Even though beginner drivers and senior drivers tend to pay more, there are ways to reduce auto insurance costs for these two age groups in addition to middle-aged drivers. We found, for example, that the cheapest auto insurance companies were generally USAA, GEICO, and State Farm.
Advertiser Disclosure: Many of the card offers that appear on this website are from companies which ValuePenguin receives compensation.
Jaguar xf saloon lease deals & business car leasing, New jaguar xf saloon lease deals and business contract hire special offers. The insurer must provide vehicle owners and drivers with a card that indicates that you own the correct policy.The average insurance premium in Alaska is $1455.

If you are looking for a used family sedan in the state of Alaska this might be your best bet.
There is a difference of more than $10,000 between its median price and that of the Ford F-Series and Chevrolet Silverado. The CPI data referenced by Online Auto Insurance News are representative of changes in the cost of coverage for an estimated 87 percent of the U.S. Prices of coverage are ascertained by looking at a sample of 768 individual private passenger policies or quotes.
Utilizing his passion for analysis and writing, Matthew looks for important trends in the auto insurance industry and their implications for consumers and the market as a whole. To an auto insurance company, a driver’s age is a general measure of driving experience and accident risk. That’s because statistics show that teenagers and beginner drivers are more likely to get into car crashes and accidents than other age groups. Once teenagers gain more experience under their belt and hit 25, their car insurance costs drop about 60%.
On average, teenage drivers can pay annual rates of about $3,681 with these companies, which is about half the cost of the average quotes for that age group. Maintaining good grades (for young drivers still in school), and taking defensive driving or other driver re-education courses can save drivers up to 10% on their car insurance costs. This compensation may impact how and where offers appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear).
On our website you will see quotes and rates offered by insurance companies, as well as be able to choose and send an application online.
Over the past quarter, auto insurance expenditure in Alaska has, however, risen by more than 55%. If you are caught driving without insurance, you may be liable to hefty fines and loss of driving privileges and vehicle registration. On the other hand, if you are looking for a full-size pickup truck, you can choose between the Ford F-Series and Chevrolet Silverado, which have managed to impress both reviewers and owners.So, what are the factors you need to consider while choosing between these cars?
Based on insurers’ statistics and past experience insuring other drivers, the more years behind the wheel that a driver has, the less likely he or she is to get into an accident and submit a claim for reimbursement.
15 to 20 year olds make up approximately 6% of licensed drivers, but nearly 11% of fatal crashes – they've yet to solidify the skills, reflexes, and judgment necessary to best react to road conditions.
Costs continue to generally decline with each birthday, with drivers in their 50s seeing the best rates. The average cost for our 65 and 70 year old drivers is $2,044, but the average at these three companies is $1,138 a year - that's a 44% reduction.
We know how good it is to be safe in a car while driving but various situations may happen sometimes. Below is a chart which gives us the insurance average and median price of these vehicles in Anchorage, Alaska. If you take note of this, insurance wise this car will prove to be more expensive than the full size pickup trucks in Alaska.If the high upfront cost of the used Ford F-Series or Chevrolet Silverado in Alaska is not a concern you can actually go for one of these vehicles. Price changes reflect fluctuations in insurers’ premium-calculation formulas, as well as increases in state-mandated minimums for automobile insurance coverage. Around 60, however, auto insurance costs reverse their trend and begin to increase slightly, although rates comparable to what drivers in their 40s see.

The figures provided are for the cars that have been manufactured and sold between the years 2005 and 2012. Mature drivers in their mid-thirties to forties have greater driving skills and road maturity, which typically means lower accident rates.
Bear in mind that there may be some regional variations depending on a driver’s specific circumstances and the insurers’ claims experience in the location. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), alcohol impairment contributed to 29 % of the fatalities in 2011 and to 25% of the total fatalities in 2012.Driving under the influence (DUI) is a very serious charge.
The insurance percentage of these vehicles is exactly the same, with the used Ford F-Series commanding a slightly higher insurance average.
Once drivers enter their 60s, however, the trend begins to reverse as aging and slower reflexes begin to impact driving.
Let us consider these factors in Alaska to understand how they have shaped insurance rates in this state.State regulations -The state of Alaska follows the �flex' regulatory law. There is hardly any difference between the upfront costs so it is the insurance cost that should be the deciding factor.
In an attempt to provide price stability for the drivers, �flexible rating' (flex-rating) combines the principles of prior approval, use-and-file and file-and-use ratings. But, if you prefer one brand more than the other then do not hesitate to go for it, because the difference in costs is negligible. Insurers can put prices into use without giving notice to the state if the rate change is within a particular range.
First time offenders will have to pay a fine up to $1500 which can increase to $10000 for repeat offenders and imprisonment of 3 days and can go up to one year for subsequent offences.DUI convictions also have a direct impact on your insurance premiums. That is, rate revisions within a designated percentage flex band may be used without approval, while those outside the band must be authorized by the regulator. Insurers feel the need to increase your premium, since they consider you a high-risk driver.
The states that have adopted the �flex' system have experienced the second highest change in average insurance rates. Taking a defensive driving course could reduce this number to $2300.Most companies also increase your premium according to the surcharge schedule of the Insurance Services Office (ISO). The maximum change is witnessed by the states that follow the deregulatory system.Motor vehicle theft rate -Auto insurance rates go up in areas where theft rates are on the rise.
In Alaska, your premium could increase to $1746 for the first two vehicles on a multi-car policy, and up to $2037 for a single-car policy.Accidents also have an adverse impact on your premiums. A single accident that causes serious injuries or major property damage could raise your premiums to an amount between $2183 and $2910 after your next policy renewal. They make up for this by increasing the premiums.Percentage of uninsured drivers -In Alaska, 13% of the motorists are uninsured. When a state scores more than 1800, it is a highly concentrated marketplace.Alaska's HHI is 1672, which means that it is less competitive and moderately concentrated.

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