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Consumer Reports isn’t the only game in town that’s identified potential issues with the Model S. Admittedly Karesh’s sample size is small; TrueDelta only has about 30 reliability responses for the Tesla Model S (covering both 2012 and ’13 models). Fisher said they’ve also noted some issues with the car’s electrically operated exterior door handles. Karesh said “the main difference in my survey, first of all I have people report every repair, not just the ones that are ‘serious.’” Consumer Reports asks respondents to identify problems they consider significant because of factors including cost, safety concerns or vehicle downtime.
Despite its question that focuses on “serious” issues Consumer Reports tries to steer clear of those abovementioned issues. Backing this up Fisher said they re-contacted thousands and thousands of people driving vehicles equipped with MyFord Touch in order to verify they were having real problems with the infotainment system, not just gripes about its functionality.
But the real question is why has the Model S fallen from a solid red dot to half a black dot in just one model year? Shanna Hendriks, communications manager at Tesla Motors, said they’re “very concerned about quality,” which is why they decided to increase production incrementally.
Another possible reason for its stellar initial quality scores has to do with the customers that bought them.
Automotive quality is likely the best it’s ever been but will the Model S still be recommended once Consumer Reports’ new survey results come out?
Karesh said the 2014 models could be significantly better, but they’re not really showing up in his survey at this time. Assuaging potential concerns, the Tesla Model S is backed up by a pretty generous guarantee.
Reinforcing the company’s customer-focused mind-set Karesh noted that Tesla’s service rating is outstanding and he shared an interesting repair-related story that came out of his survey. Tesla is a young company that has very little experience with long term durability of vehicles. Compared side by side, the two are quite similar on paper, but when driven, the two feel entirely different.
Surprisingly similar in some aspects, yet still completely different in others, these two hatches take different approaches to a common goal. Despite how similar the Kia and Nissan may appear on paper, they are very different in execution.
Watch our Short List video to learn about the top 10 most unreliable cars on sale right now, according to our friends at Consumer Reports.
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Land rover range rover - new and used land rover range, New and used land rover range rover vehicles. Conscientious shoppers in the market for a new ride turn to the magazine’s pages for advice. To earn a coveted “Recommended” rating, vehicles must perform well in the organization’s testing and have a reliability score of average or better. Considering the progress Ford has made over the last handful of years its rather dissapointing to see some of these. Consumer Reports should stick to evaluating washing machines and digital cameras because they know squat about cars.
I came here to read about RELIABILITY and all I found was some nitpicking from a publication that doesn’t know anything about cars. I’m trying to figure out why a small back seat in the Ford Focus makes it any less reliable.
Consumer Reports is the most unreliable source of information for auto advice anyone could ever consider.
Oh, and Consumer Reports doesn’t have the influence you say they do, Ford seems to be doing quite well with all the models on the list, except the Flex. I have to say that, considering the way Consumer Reports tests cars, they have to be the most trustworthy. The problem is they are claiming that because a radio is complex, that makes the whole vehicle unreliable. Another issue is the results they claim to use only come come from the narrow demographic that are CR readers – and only from the ones that are activist enough to fill out their forms. There are even some that think that everyone that does their vehicle report to the CR pollsters always does it honestly, think again. CRs obsession with the MyFordTouch system continues to have them loosing any credibility they had left.
No one cares what they have to say, and consumers ALWAYS buy more of what CR does not like. Wanting to tell consumers what to think and what to like, it’s clear that CR forgot that the CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! Which is why when CR trashed the 2012 Civic, it outsold the Corolla and was the #1 selling compact car in NA for 2012.

CR trashed the MyFordTouch system, and it’s now the #1 chosen technology option in Ford vehicles. This is also why it’s better to read the Amazon consumer reviews of products, than depend on something like CR. When you’re going to use bias in your article, try and make your seams a little less obvious, CR. You headline this as a list of the least reliable vehicles then neglect to say anything about what’s unreliable about them. For those of you not familiar with the way CR rates reliability: Current owners fill out online or printed surveys on all sorts of vehicles, appliances, etc.
Without question Consumer Reports is spot on with the reviews of the My Ford Touch systems. This list has absolutely nothing to do with reliability, its people complaining about certain aspects of their vehicle that they dont like.
Pople ask for technology and then complain when they get it…Also wind noise in the lincoln???
Consumer Reports tests its vehicles that are purchased anonymously – not by way of surveys as stated by some individuals in this comment section. Trucks that are loud and hard to shift are made for ignorant insecure rednecks while technically superior foreign trucks are easy to shift and made quiet so they don’t disturb the peace.
This is the most retarded, biased, and ignorant comparison that I have seen in recent times. Time and again people here fail to understand that these articles are vague summaries and not the actual comprehensive report that goes into great detail. I’m a bit puzzled that Consumer Reports is not saying anything about Mechanical issues with Ford and the others.
To say Ford quality is waning in specific cars depends on your sample size and what motivates you to say the things you say.
2016 bmw z4 review, ratings, specs, prices, photos, Get the latest reviews of the 2016 bmw z4. 2016 bmw z4 information - autoblog, 2016 z4 overview the bmw z4 is more stylish cruiser than high-performance sports car, heavier and less athletic than the redesigned porsche's a rear-wheel.
Bmw z4 price, photos, specs - bmw z4 - car driver, Check out the bmw z4 review at caranddriver. This all-electric luxury sedan accelerates with the force of a tsunami, it’s loaded with the latest technology including a massive high-resolution display and it even delivers a lively driving experience.
For a vehicle to earn this accolade it must meet a few criteria; it has to perform well in all of their road tests, it’s got to deliver adequate or better crash-test scores and have at least average predicted reliability.
He noted that the strength of Consumer Reports is the massive consumer network they leverage. The main issues that have popped up in TrueDelta’s survey include rattles, wind noise from the car’s available moonroof as well as a clicking sound in the steering system, all admittedly minor bugs. But in the same breath he said the Model S’s battery, motor and overall drivetrain – major components – have been absolutely flawless. Participants are asked to include problems covered by warranty but not issues that are the result of recalls or collision damage. Additionally he said that if someone doesn’t like their car they might think an uncomfortable seat is a serious issue; likewise a transmission overhaul might not be considered a serious repair if the owner loves their vehicle or if the dealer took really good care of them. According to Karesh TrueDelta is “much more up to date” because they do surveys every quarter, not annually like Consumer Reports.
Back in June of 2012 when the Model S was introduced they were only building five per week.
That allows Tesla to closely monitor quality and make changes more quickly than they could if they relied more heavily on third-party suppliers. The car features a four-year, 50,000-mile new-vehicle warranty while the battery is protected for eight years and either 125,000 or unlimited miles depending on its size (the smaller 60 kWh pack is the one that’s covered for 125,000 miles). One owner brought their Model S back to the dealer because a motor in the power seat wasn’t functioning. They will have to learn this over time and it takes years before they can match industry leaders.
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From new refrigerators to bottles of wine, Blue-ray players to homeowner’s insurance, if it’s on the market it’s likely the non-profit organization has scientifically tested it. They search out cars and trucks with most the red dots, and shun ones that get black marks.
They don’t get cars from the manufacturer, they buy cars off the lots without the dealer knowing they are who they are.
However I live out in the country and been farming for quite a few years now, My Ford Expedition and F150 have really proven itself.
It’s mostly reliability, but the use of My Ford Touch and certain quibbles they had with the cars (with the exception of their eco-boost issues).
I have a 2013 MKX myself, and all the areas where the article mentions it supposed to be least reliable, its stack for me above average, Especially how can anyone have comments on the interior: Par with BMW and Mercedes (I have also a 2013 BMW 5 series). As a professional technician who has repaired vehicles for 25 years I have never seen a vehicle manufacturer produce a worse system. Anytime we’ve had a question about the vehicle, the dealership has been quick to address them. Kudos to Robert Niehay and his comments, which proves that whining is not limited to Democrat voting liberals. It never says the lincoln mkx blows out the transmission every 25000 miles (not saying it does just an example) it says the back seat is small.
Consumer Reports only writes these somewhat vague articles as a courtesy and to attract potential customers.
For a new brand that by automotive standards is in its infancy, this vehicle is nothing short of miraculous.

Jake Fisher, director of auto testing at the watchdog organization said that on a 100-point scale “we gave it a 99 and subscribers gave it a 99,” noting “we’ve never seen that before.” They praised the car’s efficiency, luggage capacity, assembly quality and more. Of course the Model S met all of these requirements with a projected dependability score of “average” for 2012 and 2013 models. He said on average, a pool of 100 cars will require a total of about 100 repair trips per year; that works out to about one annual service call per Model S. Last year they had more than eight million subscribers and received responses on some 1.1 million vehicles. Consumer Reports gave the 2013 Model S black marks in the “Body Hardware” and “Squeaks & Rattles” categories of its survey.
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Of course the consumer watchdog is probably most famous for its vehicle reliability ratings.
The group’s survey methodology, while controversial, paints a broad and easily understood picture for buyers. I have as a matter of fact never had a customer come in who was happy with their my ford touch system. You do not build a unibody SUV and say it is better than the framed vehicle it replaced when in fact it is a front wheel drive platform, no you have just created a fwd stationwagon.
My Ford touch ok it can be a pain on certain vehicles, but its a computer…how often does your home pc piss you off?? Advice for the white bread rednecks freaking out in this comment section about Ford: buy a Japanese car and you will understand why they are so highly rated. Congradulations for the size of it i cant say that i could find a way to put a bigger back seat in it either. Before rushing to judgment trying to read between the lines it is recommended to become a paid member to access the highly detailed comprehensive report.
Some that don’t care about global warming buy powerful gas guzzlers while others who do might drive a Fusion or a C Max hybrid or plug in. But to ensure they could promptly correct this issue without inconveniencing the customer, the service department ordered an entirely new seat assembly so they could drop it in if necessary. If the Sweepstakes is not capable of running as planned by reason of damage by computer viruses, worms or bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical limitations or failures, any Force Majeure Event or any other cause which, in the sole opinion of Sponsor, could corrupt, compromise, undermine or otherwise affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity, viability or proper conduct of the Sweepstakes, Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend all or any part of the Sweepstakes, and to select a winner from among all eligible entries received by Sponsor up until the time of such cancellation, termination, modification or suspension, as applicable. If you’re familiar with their ratings you’ll know products from the Detroit Three typically don’t score as well as their Japanese competitors.
You cant know what a book is all about reading the cover no more than you can reasonably criticize Consumer Reports without reading the actual report.
The writer seems to be writing in a sarcastic fashion which leads me to believe that it is very Biased.
I had a subscription a year ago and stopped it because I thought some of the reports seemed Biased on several products.
Predicting reliability is predicting the future – no one really knows what will happen, but we can make some good guesses by taking the time to do a little research.
That’s almost unheard of in the car business and it clearly demonstrates Tesla’s desire to take care of its customers. Sponsor reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any individual that (i) tampers or attempts to tamper with the entry process or the operations of this Sweepstakes in any manner, (ii) violates the Official Rules, Terms and Conditions or (iii) acts in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner, or with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other person. How do you get to be one of these people anyway, let me drive new vehicles for a living and give some actual reviews relative to what the vehicle is.
Cheap gasoline is supposed to end in late 2015 or early 2016 and return to 4 to 5 bucks a gallon. Here are the best ways to find out if a car is reliable by doing some research on the internet.1. It would be better to make comparison to similar priced vehicles and rate Tesla in their class.
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Something to keep in mind when considering a vehicles fuel economy and your long term fuel allowance. Their testing methods have been controversial for many reasons including testing a vehicle’s rollover with a giant lever attached to help it along. Any expenses and receipt and use of the prize and federal, state and local taxes and fees applicable in connection with the prize awarded are the sole responsibility of the winner. If the people at Ford had used Apple to design the integration of their system they would have not been having these complaints! I remember reading articles about recommended Vehicles in one article and then reading in a different publication about the same recommended vehicles being rated very low reliability. An IRS Form 1099 will be issued in the name of the winner for the actual value of the prize received.
Sponsor or its affiliates may rescind any promotion found to contain such errors without liability at its or their sole discretion.
Consumer ReportsConsumer Reports provides quality reliability ratings for just about every vehicle, and when you subscribe to their website you get access to all their ratings (even if you only subscribe for one month). If you don’t want to subscribe online, you can go to your local bookstore and buy their annual Automobile Buying Guide in print (most bookstores stock them all year). Take a look:Consumer Reports is dedicated to giving you a great deal of information, and they do a lot of polling and testing to come up with their data.

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