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New York Daily News Best used cars: Consumer Reports picks the top cars for price and reliability Consumer Reports ranks the best used cars Consumer Reports grades used cars for reliability and safety features, offering the top used car options. Continue to Gallery Next Previous Next Replay Next Gallery First Pictures! Re: Skoda Auto India announces cutback in the discounts When 9 out of 14 manufactures are having less than 5% market share in one of the growing economies despite having varied segment of cars, I think it is not fair to speak in extremes for selected few. Re: Skoda Auto India announces cutback in the discounts Well not sure if I agree or disagree with the price cuts.
The assumption that after-sales service is directly propotional to sales numbers is an interesting one. View My Garage Re: Skoda Auto India announces cutback in the discounts I sense something deeper afoot.
Now, one can easily tell how many pages the thread would run into if the incident were to happen at a Skoda service center! Originally Posted by torquing_points If you're only going by initial impressions and log term running costs aren't part of your decision metric, then you'll buy it even without a discount.
Originally Posted by tosathyas I guess we may need to have periodic poll or realtime statistics like % of owners of a particular brand of car who are happy with it and not happy with it.
Why I am suggesting this because India Doesn't have anything like this and magazines keep rating each cars based on their perception without giving any absolute ranking.
View My Garage Re: Skoda Auto India announces cutback in the discounts It was mainly the Fabia on which they were loosing money.
Despite 2012 being a bad year for cars :- Skoda's sales have jumped 24% to 17,015 cars in the first six months of the fiscal in an otherwise slowing Indian car market.

And anyway at the end of the day if it does not work out , they will take some egg on their face and revert back or simply make it sound like dealer discounts not manufacturer! Hi I could get the senior officials contacts and that's why I am posting here for some hints and Yes next is Facebook and Twitter. Similar to our countries subsidy problem, Discounts in my opinion are not sustainable long-term solution. The initial going would become tough but parent VW would be backing this strategy to the hilt. Tbhp has seen (and still is) the determined battle that Harish is putting up against Skoda India. While the gist of the matter is that such unscrupulous personnel are common to the industry, it is a select few who end up getting bashed every time.
MODS: Can we even do an opinion poll on this to really check if members would like this poll? Cut back on discounts, improve on customer experience, and they will see benefits in the long run. Judging by the recent reports on our forum they seem to have taken over from Skoda as the champions in disgruntling the customer. If you're concerned about the horrid after sales, then no amount of discount will bring you in.
I agree that in same way the companies have to make money to continue to innovate and provide excellent on road cars and service. We somehow managed to get it to his parking lot and THEN started an epic saga which ended precisely last evening.

Because in my opinion there are no other cars in that price range which offers the thrills along with the rigidity of the Laura. Take out all Fiat sales and service centers and these guys would still be proud owners of Fiats happy and content with DIYs. It may not have the detailed predicted reliability as the criteria but can have perception based ranking based on Votes. The car was at the service center the whole month and the twerps were simply looking for reasons to charge the customer. While there are customers who blindly run after discounts, there are a lot out there for whom the decision is spontaneous and then the war to convince conscience and better halves just gets desperate. He needs desperately to increase this 1% market share that he is just about hanging on to and I believe he is taking steps in the right direction. While Skoda's market share in India is a tad bit above 1%, Fiat's market share is still struggling at less than 0.3%. Inspite of the battery being under warranty, they tried to cheat the customer saying battery warranties are only for 6 months and not a year. He needs desperately to increase this 1% market share that he is just about hanging on to and I believe he is taking steps in the right direction.

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