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Consumer Reports was given a top-of-the-line XT5 to review, and it didn't disappoint in any major way.
Back in June 2009 when GM filed for Chapter 11, you couldn't imagine a Cadillac like this one ever existing. Nobody is going to write a full editorial about how awesome the V6 engine in this crossover is. If you see an XT5 riding on 20-inch alloys, that means it also features another layer of technology. The recent apparent failure of the semi-autonomous driving feature called Autopilot in a Tesla Model S that resulted in a fatality in Florida has focused public and regulatory agency attention and concern about the safety and efficacy of such technology that is still in beta testing. Tesla issued the following email reply to Consumer Reports’ request to address the concerns: “Tesla is constantly introducing enhancements, proven over millions of miles of internal testing, to ensure that drivers supported by Autopilot remain safer than those operating without assistance.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) last week sent Tesla a letter requesting detailed data on the company’s Autopilot system.
According to the Consumer Reports’ article, the Florida crash also spurred the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to begin an investigation. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating Tesla for possible breach of securities law by failing to inform investors of the May 7 crash in a timely fashion. Consumer Reports says that it has owned three Tesla vehicles, a 2013 Model S 85, a 2014 Model S P85D, and a 2016 Model X 90D. The publication also points out that research shows that drivers are “notoriously bad” at re-engaging complex tasks after their attention has wandered.
As Consumer Reports cautions, at 65 mph, that’s a traveled distance of between 100 feet and a quarter-mile – with effectively no driver control of the vehicle.
Drivers under the mistaken impression that they’re free to watch videos, check emails, read or do other things rather than be fully focused on driving a vehicle are also at risk for not quickly comprehending what’s happening or what they need to do when the system fails to detect an obstacle it was supposed to see.
This is more than distracted driving, it’s not driving – and then needing to instantly react in a potentially life-threatening situation.
Mandatory safety standards for driverless cars should be put issued by the NHTSA and the agency should insist on independent third-party testing and certification of semi-autonomous and autonomous driving features.

Other calls for Tesla to rename the system to something less misleading than Autopilot may fall on deaf ears. Not that some early adopters of technology won’t be tempted to push it to the limits – as the unfortunate victim of the Florida crash repeatedly did. One of the hottest gifts trends this year is the smartwatch, a case of comic book technology coming to life.  The devices are designed to let you quickly check e-mail and even make calls without the hassle of having to pull your smartphone out of your pocket.
With automakers already investing heavily in infotainment systems designed to pair up with your iPhone should it be any surprise that several manufacturers are also looking to launch their own lines of smartwatches?  Nissan recently announced its Dick Tracy-like device and Mercedes-Benz plans to formally introduce its smartwatch at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month.
The Nissan and Mercedes timepieces add some appropriately automotive features, as you might expect. The Japanese maker’s smartwatch is designed for use in its performance NISMO models and, as that might suggest, will provide a wearer with all sorts of performance telemetry, such as  vehicle speed as well as fuel consumption – as well as the driver’s heart rate.
Indeed, the maker is one on a growing list of automotive manufacturers who have set up research centers in the digital kingdom. Nissan also hasn’t set a hard date for release, though it appears to be closer to production than Mercedes with the smartwatch it hopes to offer to buyers of such high-performance NISMO models as the GT-R, Juke and 370Z. Tags: auto news, car news, infotainment, mercedes smart watch, mercedes smartwatch, mercedes-benz news, nissan news, nissan smart watch, nissan smartwatch, paul a. German discounter Lidl is removing its brand of fruit yoghurts and honey peanuts from the shelves because it fails to tell customers they might contain milk and peanuts.
The interior is far better than a BMW's, the chassis is light, and the powertrain is relatively advanced. We will continue to develop, validate and release those enhancements as the technology grows. The requested information includes any system design changes and updates and detailed logs of when the system prompted drivers to take control of the car’s steering. The NTSB investigation is looking into whether the crash reveals systemic issues in the development of autonomous cars and probes into accidents involving Tesla Autopilot cars.
Disturbingly, the publication notes that testers of the Model X in Autopilot mode, during recent evaluation on a long, straight road, experienced more than a three-minute delay before the system recognized that the driver’s hands were off the wheel.

It cites a 2015 NHTSA study that found test subjects took anywhere from three to 17 seconds to resume control of a car in semi-autonomous mode after being alerted that the car was no longer under control of the computer. That means cars driven by drivers will need to share the road with vehicles in semi-autonomous driving mode – a very perilous situation.
Are we as a society so fixated on the latest and best technology that we ignore basic common sense when it comes to using it properly? While we applaud research and development of new technology to make our lives easier, driving safer and less strenuous, it’s time to face the reality that we’re not – and the technology’s not – ready now for a total hands-off approach to driving.
For example, it one day expects its smartwatch would be able to alert you to, say, traffic jams or bad weather by using a vehicle-to-vehicle communications network still in the early development stage. And it will use a Bluetooth link to connect with the vehicle, getting about 7 days use per charge. We thought the Mercedes GLC cost too much money at $49k, but this Cadillac is over $62,000. Even though it's only got 310 horsepower, because the gearbox has more cogs and the chassis is about two people lighter, it feels a lot faster than the SRX. The feature does, however, come with a warning that drivers should still at all times keep their hands on the wheel. How many more senseless deaths and serious injuries will it take before appropriate safety and regulatory measures are implemented? Nissan says it may add new features in the future, including an electrocardiogram function – apparently to let you know if your new car is simply too hot to handle. But it comes with many innovations that the SRX predecessor lacked and which most customers will appreciate.
If you are going to compare it to the Lexus RX 350, you will notice that the exhaust on the Cadillac sounds way better, but the Japanese car is roomier and cheaper.

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