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The car’s high-tech drivetrain, active aerodynamics, and beautiful, wind-cheating body represent a blend of engineering and design that could come only from Italy, according to Jonathan Ko. The 488 GTB is more powerful than its predecessor, the 458 Italia, and is equipped with twin turbochargers that help it rocket from zero to 60 mph in 3 seconds flat. The 488 GTB will demonstrate its full capabilities on a racetrack, but on the public roads around San Diego, it did an excellent job of energizing drivers.
While lauding this new offering from the prancing horse, Don Quigley acknowledged the elephant in the room: the roughly $335,000 price of the model that he and the other judges drove. The first SL Roadster dates back to 1957 and was the open-top successor to the iconic 300SL gullwing.
The biggest news for both of these models is a new 9-speed automatic transmission (dubbed 9G-Tronic), which is lighter and offers a broader gear ratio compared with the outgoing 7-speed gearbox. An optional Active Body Control with curve tilting function is also new for the SL450 and SL550. Two AMG models, the SL63 and the SL65, also get the updated face, with distinct AMG styling cues like an A-wing-shaped front spoiler and a new front-grille design, as well as a new rear bumper with quad tailpipes. Such was the case when the Car of the Year judges discussed this year’s winner, the 488 GTB.

2016 GMC Sierra photos received many good reviews of car owners for their consumer qualities. He should know; he helped bring to life the high-performance versions of the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class, updated with a new face and added features. Now in its sixth generation, the SL-Class gets a refresh for 2017 that makes it visually more akin to its earliest predecessor. The SL450 replaces the SL400 (although its name stays the same in Europe), powered by an updated version of the 3-liter, twin-turbocharged V-6 engine that now produces 362 hp—an increase of 34 hp over the previous power plant. We drove the SL550 through the rocky, arid landscape of eastern Orange and San Diego counties.
Packaged as an additional driving mode, called Curve, the system uses a variety of cameras and sensors, and works with the SL’s adaptive suspension to keep the car more level when going around a corner. Mechanically, the AMG models carry over unchanged, although the SL63 now comes standard with a rear-axle differential lock, previously an option.
On this page we present you the most successful photo gallery of 2016 GMC Sierra photos and wish you a pleasant viewing experience.
Everything from the A-pillar forward has been redesigned: Sheet metal has been resculpted with twin power domes on the hood, the headlights are new, and the front grille has been stretched and reshaped.

Both are still pleasing as ever to drive, especially the low-volume SL65, which boasts heart-in-your-throat acceleration from its 630 hp, 6-liter, biturbo V-12 engine that let us blow by our colleagues in an SL450 like they were standing still.
In addition to 661 hp, the 488 GTB’s V-8 produces a gut-twisting 561 ft lbs of torque, and delivers it at only 3,000 rpm. For spirited driving, we switched into manual mode, where we could wring the most out of the hearty power train. But regardless of which variant of the SL-Class you drive, each captures the joy of open-air motoring in a grown-up, sophisticated package—especially if you are driving in California. Because the gearbox is tuned with fuel economy in mind, the system told us to upshift as early as 2,500 rpm—but of course, that choice is up to you.

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