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ASCA publishes the most recent, groundbreaking and noteworthy journal and magazine article updates taking place in the profession, and it also provides position statements, ethical guidelines, and national conferences to help school counselors continually polish their skills. Both Hatch and Bowers, and the leadership at ASCA, realized the need for such a Model as the entire educational system moved toward a standards-based accountability system after passage of the federal law No Child Left Behind in 2001.
National leaders in the school counseling field met in 2001, offering input and recommendations on what the Model should include.
Based on the belief that every student in the school benefits from school counseling programs, the Model set down the basic principles guiding the development of an entire school counseling program, how to implement it, and how to assess or evaluate its effectiveness.
Within its guidelines and specifications, the Model also incorporates the national standards that ASCA developed for all counselors, creating an accountability system similar to the standards that all educators must follow.
Every new school counselor should arrive at their first job knowing the standards and how to implement the Model, and with goals that address its principles, Hatch said. Instead enter as a professional educator, she advised, with goals, objectives and specific competencies that you plan to address, and share those goals with administrators, teachers, students and parents. The ASCA Model states that counselors should go into all the school's classrooms and teach lessons that align with social developmental competencies, which Sene does at Grand Prairie. Data gathering is one of the key components of the Model, and another way school counselors gather data on the needs of a school is through surveys. In his fifth year of school counseling, Jon Strand, elementary school counselor for the Fall Creek School District, Fall Creek, Wis., said that he surveyed teachers for input on the social development skills that should be addressed in his classroom lectures. Similarly, before working with the children, he surveys their knowledge on a specific lesson, such as conflict resolution, and does another survey, after several lessons, to determine how much the kids learned from the lessons and the curriculum.
Based on his assessment, he can report to all stakeholders - teachers, parents, school board members - what his program is about, what it's achieving, and what he needs to improve on. Reporting on the efficacy of a school counseling program might frighten some counselors, but as a key component of the Model, its importance is critical, Hatch said. If a program isn't working, the school counselor develops a plan for improvement, and reports to stakeholders how the new approach will be implemented and assessed.
When Strand started in his counseling position in Fall Creek, a rural community about 10 miles east of Eau Claire, Wis., the counseling program did not adhere to ASCA's Model. While many schools still struggle with the why and how of school counseling, the Model offers a professional standard with measurable results - a goal that all educators strive for. If you have a strong belief in social and emotional issues, specifically as they relate to the academic development and achievement of children, have a passion for removing barriers to learning, enjoy advocating for change, and if you believe in the leadership of school counselors as agents of change of improvement for the nation's schools, you should consider a master's degree in school counseling. The recent apparent failure of the semi-autonomous driving feature called Autopilot in a Tesla Model S that resulted in a fatality in Florida has focused public and regulatory agency attention and concern about the safety and efficacy of such technology that is still in beta testing. Tesla issued the following email reply to Consumer Reports’ request to address the concerns: “Tesla is constantly introducing enhancements, proven over millions of miles of internal testing, to ensure that drivers supported by Autopilot remain safer than those operating without assistance. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) last week sent Tesla a letter requesting detailed data on the company’s Autopilot system. According to the Consumer Reports’ article, the Florida crash also spurred the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to begin an investigation. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating Tesla for possible breach of securities law by failing to inform investors of the May 7 crash in a timely fashion.
Consumer Reports says that it has owned three Tesla vehicles, a 2013 Model S 85, a 2014 Model S P85D, and a 2016 Model X 90D.
The publication also points out that research shows that drivers are “notoriously bad” at re-engaging complex tasks after their attention has wandered.
As Consumer Reports cautions, at 65 mph, that’s a traveled distance of between 100 feet and a quarter-mile – with effectively no driver control of the vehicle.
Drivers under the mistaken impression that they’re free to watch videos, check emails, read or do other things rather than be fully focused on driving a vehicle are also at risk for not quickly comprehending what’s happening or what they need to do when the system fails to detect an obstacle it was supposed to see. This is more than distracted driving, it’s not driving – and then needing to instantly react in a potentially life-threatening situation. Mandatory safety standards for driverless cars should be put issued by the NHTSA and the agency should insist on independent third-party testing and certification of semi-autonomous and autonomous driving features.
Other calls for Tesla to rename the system to something less misleading than Autopilot may fall on deaf ears.
Not that some early adopters of technology won’t be tempted to push it to the limits – as the unfortunate victim of the Florida crash repeatedly did., a portal to many government sites and services, has posted a handyA five-step letter-writing wizard. Ia€™m aware that most of us are altogether capable of writing a literate letter and searching for an address to send it.

Complaining often pays off and may make the company a bit less likely to abuse other customers. A new global study by Cisco found that half of the world’s consumers would trust a car that that can operate without a human driver.
While we are still years away from the arrival of fully automated vehicles, companies like Google, Audi and Lexus are working hard on the technology that will make it happen. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. I personally trust an autonomous car too because of how technology has proven its ability so far in the automobile industry with the existence of tracking and navigating devices like GPS and Maps. I think the statistics provided are kind of expected as technology has proven its ability to provide a wide range of advantages to us for more than a decade now. I'd like to receive useful tips, tools and resources via email from Kelley Blue Book and affiliates.
Believe it or not, the PDF viewer scene is bristling with a number of alternatives that receive far less nefarious attention than Adobe's software. Without further ado, here's a trio of PCWorld testeda€”and approved!a€”PDF readers that can free you from Reader's headaches, no matter whether you're looking for a simple, lightweight PDF viewer or a more robust PDF editing and creation tool. Once you've gone ahead left Adobe Reader in the rearview mirror, you can plug another persistent security hole by uninstalling Java (unless, of course, you have a compelling reason otherwise). PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Fortunately, she said, there are national professional organizations such as the American School Counseling Association (ASCA), a nonprofit organization based in Arlington, Va., that provide a wealth of information and guidance for those beginning their careers - and for veteran counselors as well. Joining ASCA and following its stated ethical guidelines and professional development recommendations propels those starting out forward, and remains an indispensable resource throughout a counselor's entire career.
In the same way, education needs school counselors who are current with changes in the field. Written by Hatch and colleague Judy Bowers in 2003, it encapsulates everything required of school counselors and outlines a comprehensive school counseling program that can be implemented in any school. Reform was taking place in education, but many schools failed to recognize how school counselors could impact and affect that reform. Hatch and Bowers then spent two years writing and formalizing those recommendations, in addition to synthesizing all the various state models and research that had been done on school counseling. The Model's foundation ties students' academic achievement directly to the school mission and the appropriate behaviors that students must possess in order to learn, attend school, behave, and complete necessary tasks like homework. And stepping into a school district that already employs the Model means that new counselors don't simply ask administrators what needs to be accomplished.
She also questions teachers on any special concerns, and often builds lessons around those needs, such as on spreading rumors, stealing, whining, bullying, and the difference between tattling and reporting. Based on their input, Strand searched for a guidance counseling curriculum that met those needs. Creating PowerPoint presentations and delivering talks is critical to educating others, teaching them how and why school counseling contributes to overall school success and achievement, Hatch said.
However, after taking some professional development courses with Hatch, and connecting with ASCA, he now has implemented the Model, and continues to move toward reaching all of its stated objectives.
And by helping all the children develop academic, career and social competencies, our national economy and culture benefits as well. We will continue to develop, validate and release those enhancements as the technology grows. The requested information includes any system design changes and updates and detailed logs of when the system prompted drivers to take control of the car’s steering. The NTSB investigation is looking into whether the crash reveals systemic issues in the development of autonomous cars and probes into accidents involving Tesla Autopilot cars.
Disturbingly, the publication notes that testers of the Model X in Autopilot mode, during recent evaluation on a long, straight road, experienced more than a three-minute delay before the system recognized that the driver’s hands were off the wheel. It cites a 2015 NHTSA study that found test subjects took anywhere from three to 17 seconds to resume control of a car in semi-autonomous mode after being alerted that the car was no longer under control of the computer. That means cars driven by drivers will need to share the road with vehicles in semi-autonomous driving mode – a very perilous situation. Are we as a society so fixated on the latest and best technology that we ignore basic common sense when it comes to using it properly? While we applaud research and development of new technology to make our lives easier, driving safer and less strenuous, it’s time to face the reality that we’re not – and the technology’s not – ready now for a total hands-off approach to driving.

Other times ita€™s best to start with a less inflammatory tactic by writing an old-fashioned letter or email. The wizard includes a database of many corporate addresses, a feature that can save a bit of time. But sometimes it is hard to get motivated, and the easier a task is to accomplish, the more likely you are to do it. The person reading it on the other end is less likely to respond positively to insults than to a reasonable sounding complaint. Cisco’s Customer Experience Report surveyed more than 1,500 consumers across 10 countries and focused on the automobile buying and driving experience.
Even without first-hand experience in a driverless car, the Cisco report shows growing support for the autonomous vehicles. Only 60 percent of US consumers support driverless cars and that number drops even lower to 48 percent when children are included.
Hence, technology will once again prove to us that its presence is nothing but to provide pure advantage to mankind. Switching away from Reader won't only free you from the tiresome exploit-update-exploit-update-exploit treadmill, it could very well free up some of your valuable system resources. If you just want the ability to open PDFs and don't care about bells and whistles, Sumatra PDF is an excellent choice.
Foxit Reader's not quite as fast or resource-friendly as Sumatra PDF, but it's still incredibly lightweight, and it packs a few features you won't find in Sumatra; namely, PDF-to-speech functionality, the ability to fill out fields and add text to PDFs, and optional integration with the DocuSign service.
The final PDF reader of the bunch opens files slower than the other two options, but makes up for its somewhat pokey performance with a deep feature lista€”and it's still the equivalent of an Olympic sprinter compared to Adobe Reader's downright sluggish speeds. There's no real alternative available for Adobe Flasha€” the final troublesome cornerstone in the triumvirate of hackers' favorite third-party targetsa€”but the technology has lost some of its luster thanks to the rapid rise of HTML5. Combat that danger by keeping Windows Updates set to "Automatic," or better yet, try an alternative browser like Mozilla's Firefox or Google Chrome. Going into the position, the school counselor should know what the school is trying to achieve academically, if it wants to improve in any areas, and also what are the possible barriers to that success. The feature does, however, come with a warning that drivers should still at all times keep their hands on the wheel. How many more senseless deaths and serious injuries will it take before appropriate safety and regulatory measures are implemented? But sometimes ita€™s hard to know the best way to structure that letter and you may not know where to send the complaint.
Yeah, that sounds a bit like Miss Manners, but hey, I met her once and shea€™s a very smart lady. The global report examined consumer preferences of technology in the course of these experiences and overall levels of trust in future automotive innovation.
More than half of global consumers (57%) stated they would be likely to ride in a car controlled entirely by technology that does not require a human driver.
The country with the least amount of support for driverless cars is Japan with only 28 percent of those surveyed showing support for the technology. Sure, there will be changes to the administrative portion like insurance coverage and so on, but that is just a minor phase that can easily be dealt with.
The PDF software's near-ubiquitous presence has made it a big, fat, juicy target for years now, and by this point, you shouldn't be asking what Adobe's going to do to shore up its perpetually leaky program.
Adobe Reader's so big and bloated that even its most feature-packed competitors seem downright svelte in comparison. The program's pretty much limited to straightforward PDF viewing, but it's lightning-fast and uses very few system resources.
The free version of Nitro Reader can print (read: convert) virtually any document to a PDF, comes packed with collaboration, creation, and editing tools, and lets you embed your signature into any PDF. The most trusting consumers were in Brazil with 95 percent of those surveyed supporting driverless cars and even 92 percent of those surveyed would also let their children ride in the cars as well. That's just the tip of the ice berg, and even better, Nitro PDF Reader dumps nary a watermark on your documentsa€”a rarity amongst free PDF creation tools.
India came in second at 86 percent of those surveyed supporting the technology and China came in third at 70 percent.

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