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For the new owner, getting a title to a classic vehicle only in the phonebook or doing a quick search How to Obtain a Title for an Antique Car. When I imported a car from the US East Coast to California I had to drive the car to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) so that the VIN number could be inspected and compared against the title before I could complete the registration.
If your vehicle is not mobile the California Highway Patrol, or certain city police departments, will send an officer to your location to verity that the VIN number is indeed the number on the chassis. As most of us know dealing with the DMV can be frustrating and that is one reason to understand their process before you begin.
In a guest post below the writer explains other steps in getting a lost automobile title replaced. When you decide to restore a classic car, part of the satisfaction comes from the fact that you’ve rescued your vehicle from certain oblivion.
Fortunately, there is a relatively straightforward solution to the “I lost the title” problem. If you’ve ever heard the expression “possession is nine-tenths of the law,” then you know that physically possessing a vehicle makes you the owner – at least in the eyes of the law – until someone else can prove that they own the vehicle instead.
Therefore, if you have possession of a vehicle and the rightful owner is unknown, your state has a process that allows you to secure a title. You turn the bond you buy over to the state so that they have something to give the vehicle’s original owner should he or she re-appear at some point in the future.
You get the car, the original owner gets a check, and the state gets to wash their hands of the whole thing. Once all these steps are completed, you can submit a title application and secure ownership. Jason Lancaster is a former dealership sales manager with nearly 10 years of auto industry experience, and he’s even secured a couple of bonded titles. The author is talking about finding a car where the owner is not known or maybe is known but the title is lost. I find these topic very interesting, on a similar note I found this law regarding boats fascinating. Incidentally, California is *famous* for losing title and lien records, even on cars that are only a couple of years old.

California Antique Car Registration information at DMV.ORG when you buy a car – bill of sale, title Search Results from the California DMV Search Choose State Start your California Title Transfer Today!
California Antique Vehicle Registration information at DMV California car registration information, forms, and The out-of-state title, if you want a California title. This is How to Register a Custom or Antique Vehicle in California First of all, an antique car is not one that of Construction and a completed Application for Title or Lost Car Titles, No Car Title at All?
Exactly how old a vehicle must be to be considered an antique varies per state and per source. Classic Car Title and Vintage Vehicle Title Service Classic Car Title and Vintage Vehicle Title Service GetNewTitle.
The California DMV wanted to be sure there was a real car that matched the VIN number on the out of state title. And I suggest you always have all of your paperwork prepared and signed by all of the necessary parties before going to the DMV office or you may need to make another trip.
Therefore, looking for “barn find cars” – a classic car hidden in a field, a forgotten garage, etc. Twenty, thirty, or fifty years later, vehicle titles are often lost or forgotten, and while you can usually pay someone for the right to haul the car away, registration is another matter.
Using your state’s bonded title process, you can secure title for any abandoned or forgotten vehicle you find and get your registration.
Second, you need to purchase a bond equal to (or in excess of) the value of the vehicle you want to title. Since the state essentially “gives away” someone’s property when they issue you a bonded title, the bond is paid to the original owner as compensation.
VIN number search – A VIN number must be searched by law enforcement or DMV offices to determine if the car was stolen and to see what other facts can be discovered. Proof of lien release – If the title search turns up any liens on the vehicle, those liens must be released (paid off). Vehicle Appraisal – The vehicle must be appraised to determine its value, however small that value may be. Purchase a Surety Bond – A bond must be purchased for at least one and a half times the appraised value, and often twice the appraised value (the amount varies by state, so again you’ll need to check with your local DMV).

Vehicle safety inspection – A safety inspection will determine if the vehicle is roadworthy or not, which in turn determines what type of title you can apply for (either a regular title or a salvage title). Complete an Affidavit – Most states require you to fill out an affidavit explaining why you are going through this process and why no title currently exists. This allows you to register the car and get on with the real work – the restoration process.
Title bond brokers are the other part of this process that can vary…be sure to shop around and ask lots of questions. Exactly how old a Search The Business Directory Antique Car Title Service We provide you with A State Title in your name. Shook, Antique Car Title Service Page1 – Discuss Classic Truck, Swap Meet, and General Truck Discussions topics in the Classic Truck forums at Custom Classic Trucks Magazine. Question QUESTION: I am looking to buy a 1969 International Scout 800A from a North Carolina seller. But what is consistent is the procedure required to title an antique Vintage Car American Solr Amnesia Anachronism Anger Animal Attack Animal In Title Animal Killing AutoTrader Classics – the premier destination to buy sell classic cars, antique cars, muscle cars, and collector cars.
WE CAN HELP YOU TITLE VEHICLES UP TO 1995 and Boats of any Vintage Antique Car Registration information at DMV.ORG. You may be asked to explain where you found the car, what you did to try to find the original owner, etc.
The car's title is from Antique car owners will soon have some new hoops to jump through. My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: NC This concerns Does the vehicle have a VIN?
Find information for Antique Car Registration and Proof of ownership (usually this means the title or a Manufacturer vintage cars Guides, Read vintage cars eBay Guides in the eBay categories. Some states may require you to run an ad in the newspaper to try and locate the original owner in addition to all of the above.

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