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The Write Checks screen has a very simple layout that allows you to manually write out a check for whatever reason. The bottom area is where you select which account(s) you want to be affected along with the dollar amount(s). After youa€™re finished with your first check, you can click a€?Savea€? to save and close out of this screen or click a€?Save and Newa€? to continue entering more checks.
Getting your first check book can be an exhilarating, liberating moment representing another step towards financial freedom.
Here, you may write the reason for the payment as a reminder to yourself or you may write your account number if paying a service provider.

The word “dollars” (or whatever currency is being used) is already written at the end of the line. This does not need to be so, because with time you will find that writing a check is so easy, and it will become second nature to you. In the US, the first number (01) represents the month while the second one (03) represents the day. When writing the numerals, it is advisable to begin the first digit very close to the left edge of the box to ensure no one slips in an extra digit in front of it.
So an American would read the date as the 3rd day of January 2013 while the Briton would read it as the first day of March.

It is not recommendable because if the check is lost or stolen, anyone in possession of the check may withdraw the cash.
You may put a strikethrough line at the end of the last digit to make it difficult for anyone to add digits at the end. Very important, it is also advisable to draw a straight strikethrough line after your last word up to the place written “Dollars” at the end of the line.

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