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The Russian announcement came as Syria’s President Bashar Assad offered a general amnesty for rebels who give up their weapons and surrender to authorities over the next three months. For days now, Syrian government forces and allied troops have encircled the main rebel enclave in the city of Aleppo, urging fighters there to surrender. But humanitarian groups have warned of a major catastrophe if the siege on the rebel-held parts of Aleppo continues. Moscow welcomes international aid organizations which operate in Syria to join the Russia-lead humanitarian operation, he added.
Bahaa Halabi, an opposition media activist inside Aleppo, said there are no corridors out of east Aleppo, and even if there were, he would not take them.
Assad’s forces on Thursday took the Bani Zeid neighborhood on the northern edge of the Aleppo from the rebels as part of a steady advance meant to tighten the siege.
Assad, meanwhile, issued a decree offering amnesty to armed opposition fighters who surrender within three months and urging all detainees to be freed.

Assad has issued amnesty offers several times in the past in the course of Syria’s civil war, now in its sixth year. More than a quarter of a million people have died and millions have been displaced since March 2011, when Syria’s conflict erupted.
Separately, Shoigu also said that Moscow is sending a top general and experts to Geneva at the request of U.S.
The encirclement set the stage for a prolonged siege that the government hopes will eventually scare out and force the rebels to surrender, a tactic Assad’s forces have used elsewhere, including in the central city of Homs. Some 300,000 residents are trapped in the eastern part of the city that is controlled by rebels, according to the United Nations.
The fighters who want to surrender will be able leave the city via a corridor to the north, Shoigu also said.
State-run news agency SANA said the military has begun clearing land mines there and claimed dozens of terrorists laid down their weapons and surrendered in the neighborhood.

The decree, which was published by the state-run news agency SANA, said that those who might set free their captives will be exempted from punishment if they turn themselves in within a month. The offer is largely seen by opposition fighters as a publicity stunt and psychological warfare against the rebels. Stanislav Gadzhimagomedov and a group of experts to the Swiss city, which has hosted several rounds of Syrian talks and international negotiators trying to resolve the crisis. Slaughtering us, starving us, and besieging civilians,” he said, speaking from the city.

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