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It's time for the January 2012 Straight Talk Reviews and this year, the newest prepaid wireless, cell phone member to our family and friends inner circle is the Nokia E71. Straight Talk prepaid wireless, cell phone service is offered by Tracfone and Straight Talk almost always offers modest free cell phones while at the same time, they offer paid cell phones including Android powered and some great smart phone models. The Nokia E71 is a smart phone offered by Straight Talk and works with their unlimited bundle.
When you add the fact that Straight Talk does no credit check, has no annual contract, which by the way means no monthly bill surprises, how could you go wrong by choosing Straight talk prepaid wireless as your next cell phone provider? When asked about the customer service offered by Straight Talk, my review is mixed at the start of 2012. I purchased a new Nokia E71 and as most of my readers of my reviews know, my family and friends, almost all have Straight Talk prepaid cell phones, with great results. When I ordered the phones from Straight Talk, I paid for overnight FEDEX for both of them but when I received the tracking numbers, I tracked them only to see that they had been sent 2nd day, not overnight.
While I am waiting for the replacement Nokia E71, it gave me a chance to try out the features of the cell phone that work without a network connection and I am totally excited. The Nokia E71 has amazing photo and camcorder capabilities and the quality, wonderful for a 3.2 with auto focus and up to one hour of recording! The bottom line for my review of the Nokia E71 from Straight Talk prepaid wireless, cell phone service is this, if you are looking for a cell phone to fall in love with that you  can rely on, go for the Nokia E71.

Tell us about your prepaid wireless, cell phone service and what makes them good, bad or even ugly!
The Nokia E71 only works with the Straight Talk $45 unlimited talk, text and data bundle but with the features available on the Nokia E71 through Straight Talk, it's no wonder it tops our list for the best reviews of Straight Talk phones, even in 2012 and the Nokia E71 has been out since 2008!
The unlimited bundle includes unlimited text, unlimited talk and unlimited data for just $45 per month. I have not had to call Straight Talk customer service for over two years which is a good thing. It's amazing how much is packed into this sleek wonder that truly deserves to be called a smart phone. There are thousand of reviews for this smart phone from Nokia and at least 95% are positive.
I asked Straight Talk to send the replacement phone overnight since they didn't do that on either of the first two. The music player is great, the elevated full Qwerty keyboard makes the phone perfect  for my father in-law who has the largest fingers I have ever seen.
The Nokia E71 is and has been, one of the most beloved smart phones on the market since 2008.
Unfortunately, the first week of January 2012 brought with it, a not so positive experience with customer service at Straight Talk.
No signal, no nothing and after spending over eight hours with customer service, it was decided by Straight Talk and myself that my Nokia E71 was defective.

I told them I considered what they had done with charging me for overnight service and not sending them overnight fraud and they didn't seem to care.
I think just about any company who can put some humanity and compassion in place to back up their product or service, they will do well. Being a smart phone, there are tons of free and paid apps available from the Nokia store including the very popular app Vlingo which turns your talking into text. To top it off, they said they would send an empty envelope to send the defective phone back to them and then once they received it back, would send a new one. For now, Straight Talk customer service is going to have to earn my loyalty and trust back and I may just be one little customer to them but I have family, I have friends and I have a platform to tell people whether they are good, bad or ugly and I will use it! It made me frustrated that it took over eight hours to convince Straight Talk that it indeed was not the SIM card but the phone itself. Now I can understand them wanting the phone back before sending a new one but with all that I had gone through, I couldn't understand why no person at Straight Talk could make an exception and just get the issue resolved. Pollak and dealt with someone their named Christina who said she would remove the restriction of having to send back the defective phone first before sending the new one.

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