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This account gives you the benefit of earning reward points for every purchase made with your debit card and for your everyday banking behaviors.
Get unlimited check writing and free official checks and money orders, along with the convenience of our online products and services.
The Passbook savings account requires an opening balance of $100 minimum, no minimum for minors. The Money Market account can be opened with a balance of $1,000 and interest is paid on tiered amounts.
Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are offered to help individuals with high deductible health insurance plans to save money tax-free for qualified medical expenses. Regular Business Checking is the perfect account for a larger business, such as a corporation.
EZ Business Checking is tailored to the small business owner: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, or small corporation. Whether you are buying a new home or car, refinancing or building the house of your dreams, we have the options and experienced lenders to help you make the right decision.
To support the many business needs we offer loans on commercial real estate, construction, inventory, working capital, business equipment, lines of credit and letters of credit.

Online banking allows you to view all of your VCNB accounts including checking accounts, savings accounts, loans, individual retirement accounts and certificates of deposit.
Online Bill Pay allows you to receive your bills electronically, set up payment reminders and ensure your bills are paid on time every month.
Account Alerts is a free service offered through Online Banking.A  With 19 different notifications to choose from for checking accounts, savings accounts, loans and certificates of deposit, you can choose the most convenient method for your lifestyle. The Vinton County National Bank is focused on customer satisfaction and has provided excellence in banking with local service in Central and Southeastern Ohio since 1867. Our mission is to make banking easy by providing all of the necessary support with products tailored to the needs of the communities that we live in and serve. The PS 800 has the capability of processing up to 40,000 single width, auto-fold, cut sheet documents per hour.
Checking My Way has no balance requirement, free electronic statements, online and mobile banking and deposits. Simply select the length of time you would like to invest your money and watch your money grow. We offer Traditional, ROTH, SEP and Educational IRA's allowing you to choose what is best for your long term goals.

We have on-demand tools to give you the edge needed in todaya€™s busy, competitive market place. PopmoneyA® allows you to send and receive money as easy as sending and receiving email or text messages. The system utilizes precision folding technology, combined with automatic process controls so the operator can easily make adjustments at one central location. High forms handling capacity, from a deep pile feeder mechanism allowing 7,000 forms to be loaded and processed in one operation. The system can also be configured with a top loading air feed system allowing continuous, uninterrupted operation.

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