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Checks and balances is a system that prevents each of the branches from having too much power.
It is called the separation of powers in which government is divided into the three following branches: legislative, executive, and judicial. It gives each branch of gov't the authority and responsibility to restrain the power of the other two branches. This way, if the executive branch tries to carry out a law that the legislative branch finds unacceptable, they can choose to veto it. The state's population votes in senators and representatives that ultimately leads to create the state's legislative branch. They carry out all of the laws after legislative creates them and judicial interprets them.

However, their biggest one is the power to check legislative's laws and veto any that are unconstitutional before it goes to executive. For example, when a law is made, it starts with the Legislative branch that introduces and votes on a bill. What fraction of Congress must agree to propose (suggest) an amendment (a change to the Constitution)? This separation act alone helps prevent tyranny and lets each branch have their own job, unlike our government in which everything is controlled solely by the King.
One major responsibility of the executive branch is the power to call special sessions of Congress. This way, the executive branch doesn't carry out any laws made by legislative that could violate any of the public's constitutional rights.

As seen above, the executive branch has the powers to appoint judges and pardon power for the judicial branch as well as veto bills or laws for the legislative branch. This is important because the president (executive branch) has that power in case anything is urgent. If something is going on that Congress should know about, the executive branch has that authority to call them in. The Judicial branch can over rule the president's "yes" by declaring something unconstitutional.

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