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A lion tattoo on the back of a girl is so enticing; you would just want to admire her even more.
Mixing a lion with other elements of power is a common concept, and the idea is not exclusive to lions. The rich patterns of solid black against the light colored skin and the look in the eyes of the lion add to the appeal of this tattoo. Adding subtle colors and patterns to a lion face, as shown in this tattoo, slightly alters its meaning and context.
The stripes and checks patterns, looking like a spider’s web, accentuate the appeal of this marvelous lion tattoo.
Here, the lion has been portrayed as an imaginary sort of mythological creature, letting its powers to be decided by the perceiver. The raw ferocity of the lion and its keenness to portray dominance is the key attribute which makes it so attractive. A black lion tattoo added to an aggressive personality is bound to kick the shit out of your opponent. Arm tattoos are nice, but since the lion’s features are somewhat elaborate, it would be better to ink it on the biceps or chest. Portraying fearlessness and a determination to kill, this tattoo says- Back off, I am not an easy target.
Ferocity, power and aggression are not the sole attributes of men- this girl shows it with an upper back lion tattoo. With closed eyes, this lion seems like a mourning lion, and might represent the fact that even the most powerful beings feel down at times. Cruising forward with a rage and speed that’s unfathomable, this lion is sure to strike fear into anyone. The tinge of ripe yellow amongst the black stripes shows the creativity of the tattoo artist. Here the eyes of the lion are embedded into the black outlines, a style artists usually employ.
The curled structure of the nose and the long face with sharp features make this lion look even more fearsome.
The straight hair of the lion as well as the calm look in its eyes paint a serene and soothing portrait. With a subtle look in the eyes, this lion fails to deliver any special emotion except an easy going lovely life. This one looks like a fashionable lion, with the hair pattern and the eyes fairly different from typical lion tattoos. Engulfing a lion within a heart, this tattoo tries to show the power and intensity of love.
The wide open mouth, the powerful jaws and the ferocious eyes make this lion tattoo absolutely terrific. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, later simply Andromeda, is a science fiction television series that aired from 2 October 2000 - 13 May 2005.
Andromeda is set thousands of years in the future, and centers on a fictional constitutional monarchy called the Systems Commonwealth, which is based in the governmental system of Tarn-Vedra.
The Systems Commonwealth is a Utopian society, but is in a semi-state of war with the Magog, a humanoid species that is obsessed with war and that worship their god, the Spirit of the Abyss. The Systems Commonwealth is defended by the High Guard, a military and diplomatic force which includes an armada of extremely powerful ships capable of destroying suns and depopulating entire planets in a matter of seconds. The entire Systems Commonwealth, including Dylan Hunt, are caught totally by surprise by the opening ambush of The Fall of the Systems Commonwealth. 303 years after Andromeda Ascendant and Dylan Hunt are suspended, the crew of the old salvage ship, the Eureka Maru, locates the Andromeda Ascendant. The first season of the series shows the devastating surprise attacks that destroyed the Systems Commonwealth, and Dylan Hunt assembling a crew and adjusting to the changed universe, while pursuing the creation of the New Systems Commonwealth.
Dylan Hunt also encounters many remnants of the old High Guard and witnesses the consequences of his own actions from 300 years before. In the season finale, the Andromeda Ascendant encounters the Magog World Ship, a huge megastructure consisting of twenty connected planets and an Artificial star. The season shows the crew reacting to the sudden need of a powerful government in order to organize species to defeat the Magog, and the New Systems Commonwealth that can fill that need.
Andromeda's Nietzschean crewman, Tyr Anasazi, is revealed to have a son, Tamerlane Anasazi, who is a genetic reincarnation of Drago Museveni, Founder and Progenitor of the entire Nietzschean Race.
The Systems Commonwealth has reunited, but there is unfortunately not much progress in the fight with the Magog and Spirit of the Abyss. Since the Route of Ages closes before the Andromeda can get back, Dylan has to use Trance's help. Dylan eventually finds Nietzschean warrior Telemachus Rhade, pilot Beka Valentine and super-genius engineer Seamus Harper on Seefra, and to his amazement, they all arrived in Seefra at different times and locations. Trance is also found, but she is weakened by her attempt to transport Andromeda and its crew to Seefra.
Andromeda itself is transported to Seefra as well, but it has no power and no way to restore it.
The first half of the season deals with three main themes: Dylan's conflict with his crew, his attempts to restore Andromeda's power and eventual discovery of the true role of Trance and the Seefra system.
Rhade, Beka and Harper are all angry at Dylan for leaving them behind in the Battle of Arkology and for throwing them to Seefra without any way to return to Known Space. Andromeda's power is eventually restored with ancient Vedran artifacts, but it is still unable to leave Seefra. Trance's "sisters" (who call themselves the "Lambent Kith Nebula"), however, try to persuade her to join them. Dylan proceeds with the evacuation of the Seefra planets, although his plans are hindered by General Burma, a religious leader from Seefra 5. Maura refuses to reconsider their plans, but allows Dylan and the Andromeda to return to Known Space. Andromeda visits Earth (where Harper secretly plans to stay), but as soon as the ship arrives in the system, the planet is promptly destroyed by the Abyss.

Dylan begins to suspect Maura's motives and soon realizes she is the Avatar of the Abyss and that all of the Nebula (with the exception of Trance) are under its control. After a massive battle with the Nietzscheans of the Drago-Kazov Pride, Dylan checks the Methus Diagram once again and discovers that Trance's sun is capable of destroying the Abyss. The series started out with high hopes but a series of internal issues kept causing problems that prevented it from reaching the popularity that had been anticipated.
Keith Hamilton Cobb did not like working on a hour-long TV series in western Canada when his goal was more oriented to New York stage work.
Gene Roddenberry actually had almost nothing to do with the series beside a few leftover ideas from earlier series. The fandom even fractured early, with large numbers of early fans openly discussing how much they disliked the lead character and the lead actor to the point that they saw the evil Nietzscheans as "the good guys". The character of Dylan Hunt and the storyline of “Andromeda” are similar to 3 previous television pilots.
From Jack McConnell's hideous kilt to Theresa May's apparent colour blindness, Clare Johnston thinks it's fair game to comment on politicians' fashion disasters .
WITH so many female appointments recently, by my estimates wea€™ll all be political leaders by the end of the year. The only reason male politicians dona€™t get the same treatment is there are only so many ways to describe a stuffed shirt. AS Theresa May urges MP's to support Trident Record View spells out why this newspaper objects to nuclear weapons.
THERESA May takes office today as the most unfamiliar PM of recent times but has been an integral part of the hated Tory Government - here's where she stands on the key issues. The Aerosmith singer, who made a few concert appearances with his band Loving Mary last summer, will release his full-length solo record later this year. We may use your e-mail address to send you the newsletter and offers that may interest you, on behalf of Rolling Stone and its partners. Ranked on a scale from 1 to 10, the trending score reflects the number of users reading a story in real time. But Ranieri says he has seen nothing in his day-to-day interactions with the Algeria international to suggest that he is seeking an exit from the King Power Stadium."If he wants to sign a new contract it is OK. Olympic weightlifter Sara Ahmed brings home Egypt’s first medalDigital deception: Social media seduction, blackmail on the rise in OmanDesert discovery!
Lion tattoos are typically larger in size to support the elaborate patterns and texture of its face, shoulders and back.
An animal with features of the lion and the dragon is the last thing you would want to encounter. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. The series combines elements of hard science fiction and drama, while dealing with social and political issues such as drug abuse, death, bribery, and intergalactic politics. Humanity was discovered by the Systems Commonwealth, and soon became one of thousands of member species.
Several years prior to the first episode of the series, the Systems Commonwealth ceded to the Magog a key world as part of a peace treaty. The protagonist of the series, Captain Dylan Hunt, is the captain of a capital Systems Commonwealth ship, the titular Andromeda Ascendant. Andromeda Ascendant's crew abandons ship on the captain's order, but the Andromeda Ascendant and Dylan Hunt get caught on the edge of the event horizon of a Black Hole, exponentially slowing down time for 300 years.
However, the idea of a new Commonwealth proves to be unpopular, because only 6 planets actually sign the Commonwealth charter in this season.
He finally realizes that the old Commonwealth had made mistakes, which as a result, he would like to avoid. Dylan Hunt's new crew does not really believe or value in the ideas and philosophy of the New Systems Commonwealth, and they join him only for personal gain. An injured Dylan is treated by Trance and goes to the Magog World ship with Rommie in order to recover Tyr, Harper and Rev Bem from certain death. Many worlds became very willing to sign the New Systems Commonwealth charter after learning of the Worldship, and Dylan becomes a more ruthless person as well.
Since all the Nietzschean Prides believe that Drago Musevini's genetic reincarnation will be a great leader and prophet, and Tyr Anasazi has a unique opportunity to unite all the Nietzschean Prides.
A ceremony is held on board the Andromeda Ascendant, but is interrupted by the attack of the Pocket Universe species.
One episode (The Dark Backward) is filmed completely from Trance's viewpoint, showing that she "lives" through all possible alternate futures before choosing the right one.
He implants his son Tamerlane Anasazi's DNA into his own body, and reunites most of the Nietzschean Prides. The Collectors, who were originally keepers of historical information, had broken into 2 factions. Tyr mistrusts the Spirit of the Abyss, but hopes to defeat it by working with it and discovering it's weaknesses. Dylan finds himself transported into the Seefra System — 9 identical barren worlds with superstitious population and 2 suns. Trance partially recharges the ships generators, but Andromeda still cannot move, and the Andromeda Ascendant Artificial Intelligence requires reprogramming.
Their loyalty is strained several times, but seems finally reaffirmed after the intervention by Prieus, a Paradine sent by Dylan from an alternate future. Seefra seems to be located in a Pocket Universe, and the only way out is the Route of Ages.
Trance then contacts the Nebula — the Lambent Kith Nebula, supreme council of the galaxies which includes fifty Avatars. When the Andromeda slipstreams to Tarazed, Dylan finds out that only four days have passed since the Battle of Arkology, and the Magog World Ship is crippled but still operational.
The Route of Ages transforms into a slipstream portal, allowing the Commonwealth fleet to return to Tarn-Vedra, meaning Dylan Hunt is finally home. So, I want to knock on the head right now this notion that ita€™s not on to pick over each othera€™s outfits. The Systems Commonwealth has spread into three galaxies over the span of tens of thousands of years.

This planet is key to one of the Systems Commonwealth member species, the genetically engineered Nietzscheans, who follow the doctrine of the Earth philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, taking physical and mental superiority to extremes. The ship's computer, a powerful Artificial Intelligence, is another key character in the series. After winning over the crew of the Eureka Maru, some reluctantly, Dylan Hunt recruits the salvage crew to join him in an attempt to restore the Systems Commonwealth and sign on new member worlds. Along with the crew, the man that hired them to salvage the Andromeda brought along a Nietzschean mercenary named Tyr Anasazi. Major social, military, and political powers like the Than Hegemony and the Nietzschean Sabra Pride and Jaguar Pride do not view Dylan Hunt seriously and do not really notice him.
It is also equipped with an extremely powerful weapon — a Point Singularity Projector, which creates miniature black holes and fires them. Harper is implanted with Magog larvae, and Rev's loyalty is tested when he sees his species god, the Spirit of the Abyss. However, by the end of the season the New Systems Commonwealth gains a new powerful war fleet and a total of fifty charter worlds. The first faction had remained loyal to the Commonwealth's charter, while the second faction had been using the Collector library for illegal activities. He tries to find a map to the Route of Ages — a portal connecting all the universes together.
The Arkology is destroyed along with its millions of inhabitants, and Rhade, Beka, and Harper are left in no-win situations.
Technology (especially spaceflight) is shunned, and water is treasured because of constant drought.
He tried to repair her but failed, eventually building another Android, Doyle, with some of Rommie's memories.
Trance underwent a metamorphosis yet again; she is still golden-skinned but appears younger, and her personality resembles her first purple incarnation. When she realizes this, her sun enters the Seefra system, and Dylan has to find a way to fix Methus-2 and evacuate eight doomed planets to Seefra 1.
Trance stubbornly refuses, and the Nebula attempts to replace her (all Avatars of the Suns look alike). Trance was once the oldest member of the Nebula, but disagreed with their views of organic life as something insignificant and left long ago.
By dissecting what a woman in the public eye is wearing, we are not letting the side down but fulfilling our natural instincts. The Lion, being the king of the jungle, is no exception.Wild beasts have always fascinated humans. Lions can be customized to look like mythological creatures, with features like heavy tails or patterned wings added according to your taste. This is the embodiment of their basic beliefs, as they see themselves as the race described as the "Ubermensch" by Friedrich Nietzsche.
Tyr is the leader of a group of other mercenaries, of which he is the only one to survive the opening episodes. They like the idea so much, that Beka, Dylan's first officer, even promises to continue his mission if he dies. In the ensuing battle, the Andromeda Ascendant is heavily damaged, Tyr Anasazi and Seamus Harper are kidnapped and taken to the world ship, and the rest of the crew are badly injured.
Although Tyr and Harper are recovered from the world ship, Andromeda is badly damaged, there is no way to extract the Magog larvae from Harper. The corrupt faction had also allied with the Spirit of the Abyss, and manipulated the fragile government of the New Commonwealth in order to portray Dylan Hunt as a rogue officer who had gone renegede.
It is possible to weaken the Abyss by passing through it, but Dylan gets the map instead and allows Tyr to follow Andromeda through the Route of Ages because Tyr knows more about the Abyss.
Dylan frantically tries to convince them that they have to defend themselves, but the people of the Arkology hope to create a peace treaty with the Magog. Flavin, a Paradine, meets Dylan here, giving him cryptic hints about Dylan's destiny and what Seefra is before disappearing. Initially he convinces her that she is human, but later her true identity is revealed by a rebel android names Argent. Tarn-Vedra's original sun was somehow replaced by two artificial constructs, Methus-1 and Methus-2.
Real Trance is imprisoned inside Methus-2, and it takes some time for Dylan to realize the deception and rescue her. Together with Dylan she appeals to the Nebula and its leader Maura, who plans to destroy the Abyss by expanding the All Forces Nullification Point until it consumes all galaxies.
Large, sentient ships travel from one end of the Systems Commonwealth to the other via "Slipstream", riding the quantum strings that connect planets, solar systems and galaxies. The Nietzscheans are silently angry with this peace agreement with the Magog, as they believe that the Magog are inherently evil, and are playing the Systems Commonwealth for fools.
A powerful drug will prevent them from hatching for a time, but it only delays the inevitable. Methus-2 is now damaged and emits deadly flares, which are the reason for Seefra's drought. This is experience."The club is working very well and I think the players want to stay with us to try and to improve on last season.
The lion, with its powerful body and ferocious looks, is sure to scare the hell out of anyone who comes in its way.
They secretly plan to attempt to seize control of the Systems Commonwealth, because they perceive that the Systems Commonwealth has grown weak, and that it is only natural that they (as the strong) try and take over. When Theresa May steps out in a striking black-and-yellow coat paired with leopard-print kitten heels, are we seriously expected not to offer our judgment on whether said shoes were a good match? A large lion tattoo makes your opponent aware of your attitude, and wards him off even before a verbal interaction.

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