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There are some very cool funny quotes to live by that will tell you how fun is the true essence of life.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Happy Love Quotes, Real Life Quotes, Happy Life Quotes and Wiz Khalifa Love Quotes. Wow all the quotes are very much funny and i liked “Don’t count your checks before they’re cashed.” is very funny.
My attention was really caught by this quote “Many marriages would be better if the husband and wife clearly understood that they’re on the same side.” – Zig Ziglar.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Author: Extension Family Resource Management Specialist, Department of Extension Family and Consumer Sciences, New Mexico State University. Checks also cost merchants or sellers less to process compared to credit and debit card transactions. It is your responsibility to write a check so that it cannot be easily altered by another person. It is a good practice to fill in the check stub before you write the check so you do not forget to record a check. If the amount written in figures and the amount written in words don’t agree, the bank will generally pay the amount written in words. Although you don’t need to endorse a check to deposit it to your bank account, endorsing a check provides increased security.
Sometimes called bank drafts, cashier’s checks can be used by people who do not have a checking account and do not want to make a payment in cash. If you have any reason to be concerned that a check may not be good, it would be wise to ask for payment by cashier’s check. Money orders typically have a smaller dollar amount transaction, normally capped at $1,000.
Cashier’s checks are issued by banks, while money orders are available in grocery stores and convenience stores.
When you buy these checks, you must sign each one at the top in the presence of the seller. When you purchase the checks, you receive a receipt stub to record the serial numbers of each check. You avoid the risk of finding that the person closed the account on which the check was written. You minimize the possibility that the writer’s account might not be adequate to cover the check at a later date.
You do not cause inconvenience to the writer in reconciling his or her bank statement because of outstanding checks. This may be done if a check or checkbook is lost or if you find you have already paid the amount.
You can ask for a stop payment order by telephone, but you must go to the bank and sign the order within two weeks.
Protect yourself against check fraud by being as careful with checks as you would with cash.
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They can be easily cashed than a personal check, and can be cashed directly from banks or post offices, or can be deposited in the banks, to get the money credited to your bank account. Happiness, for sure but how does one find happiness when one has been taught from childhood that life must be taken seriously in order to make it fruitful and productive. These quotes carry witty facts and thoughts of some very well known people who have been successful in their respective fields.
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Because of these favorable properties, checks tend to be used for large-dollar items such as paying utility bills, buying computers, and making car payments. Write the amount in figures, starting as close to the dollar sign as possible to prevent anyone from adding another number.
Write out the dollar amount in words and the cents in figures, with a line and 100 under the cents. Sign your name in ink exactly as you signed it on the signature card you filled out when opening your bank account.
The numbers on the check in the upper right hand corner are identification numbers used to sort and identify checks so they can be returned to the originating bank. The first set of numbers in the lower left-hand portion of the check is identification numbers used by coding machines and computers for electronic sorting and processing.
It is placed here by some banks so that computer verification or recall can be made for a particular check. The person to whom the check is made out (the payee) simply signs his or her name on the back of the check (Figure 2). Use this type of endorsement when mailing checks to be deposited in a checking or savings account. If you receive a check and your name was misspelled by the writer, endorse the check first as your name was spelled on the check, then sign your name correctly (Figure 5). Some banks issue only bank money orders, and others issue both money orders and cashier’s checks.
When travelling, it is not wise to carry large sums of cash because of the risk of theft or loss.
When the check is cashed, you fill in the date and the name of the payee and sign the check again at the bottom.
It is important to fill in the amount of the check, where it was cashed, and to whom it was paid when you cash each check.
When you ask for a stop payment order, you need to give the bank the following information: your account number, the check number, date of the check, amount of the check, name of the person it is payable to, and who signed the check. However, you should always ensure that you fill out checks correctly to prevent fraud and errors that could affect your finances. When a transaction status is manually changed from Unreconciled to Reconciled a warning is issued.
Money order service like Western Union works this way.To purchase and cash money orders, a valid identity proof is required. Well, there is nothing wrong with the philosophy but the fact is that we take it much more seriously than it was actually intended to be.
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Writing checks the right way ensures that your checks are valid, avoids bad check charges from your bank, and protects you from fraud. It is not a good practice to postdate checks (writing in a date that is after the date the check is actually written). For example, 95 is the location of the bank, 115 is the bank’s identification number, and 1122 indicates the Federal Reserve District, branch, and state or city where the bank is located.
This is especially useful to remind you of the transaction purpose and related information. You can obtain a cashier’s check with cash or by personal check from a bank or a savings and loan association.
These checks may be required in some transactions in which the person writing the check is unknown and in cases where a contract calls for a certified check. A bank may refuse to honor a check that is more than six months old unless a bank officer can be certain of the validity of the check. As the sender pays the fee for the money transfer, the receiver is at the advantage of receiving it free. The person holding the check may try to cash it before the date, and the bank may not honor it if presented for payment. In this example, 11 is the Dallas Federal Reserve District, 2 is the El Paso branch of district 11, and the last 2 indicates the bank is located in New Mexico.
Transaction information, including that in the memo section, should be recorded on the check’s duplicate or carbon copy side. The institution issues a cashier’s check, which is drawn on its own account made payable to the person you name. If the checks are lost or stolen, this information is needed when you report the loss in order to have your money returned. It would really surprise you to know that in reality life is made up of lovely moments that put a smile on your face and this happens only when you can enjoy and have fun. If you don’t have the duplicate side, a scanned copy of your check may be available via online banking.
If you wish to deposit the check to your bank account, you do not have to endorse it, although some bank tellers may insist you do so. Report any loss immediately to the nearest institution that sells the type of traveler’s checks you bought. Some banks do not cash money orders, if the money order was not purchased from the same bank.Upon receiving the money transfer details from the sender, track the money order and make yourself available for receiving the money order, with the relevant documents. Owned and operated by the global money transfer company MoneyGram International Inc, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, MoneyGram cashing is the most convenient of the money order schemes.
Same day service accepts cash from credit or debit cards, and the receiver gets the fund on the same day.
Economy moneygram uses bank accounts to accept cash, and usually takes 3 business days to encash money.
Walmart, Safeway and Giant are a few of the famous MoneyGram agents.Money Order Cashing Fee - Domestic and InternationalThe money order cashing fee is different for domestic and international money orders.

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