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To inspire and support healthy communities as Oklahoma's leading grocery provider of fresh, diverse, unique and economical food products. The following button will show estimated shipping charges for this item, final shipping for your order will be re-calculated at checkout. ATM machines can help your business profit from each time a person takes money out of the machine. Cost effective, we charge the same low fee on all payroll checks including tax refund checks.
Once we have your information our state of the art system makes the processing of your check very easy and quick.
Catherine New of the Huffington Post wrote a great piece about this new credit report and you can read both the article and my response to it by clicking here.   Now let me share my personal story of exactly how under-served the underbanked truly are! Of course, having seen so many go threw this before me, I knew I needed to maintain this account so I picked up the phone and called my branch.  When I asked the girl who originally set the account up for me why this was happening, she told me it was Citi Banks policy and they could terminate the account as it said so right there in my multi-page agreement. Now, according to our man Adam, Check cashing alone generates $2 billion dollars a year!  I don’t know about you, but with numbers like that, what’s the real incentive to truly bring the “underbanked” into the “lending fold” or back to traditional banking?
As Amateur Consumers, we have to pick ourselves up off the ground and attack our credit and financial issues head on if you want to regain your upward mobility!  You can accelerate the process of credit recovery but it requires 2 things: knowledge and taking action!  It’s my hope that through this blog and the Better Credit Blueprint Video Series, I can inspire and instruct you to take the same action I am.
I recently closed my Single K account with Oppenheimer Funds.  Number one, it has done nothing but lose what little money it had in it.

I have a Walmart Money Card which I got in order to have last years tax refund direct deposited so that I could have access to it.  Walmart Money Card provided the routing and checking account number used from GE Bank that allows funds to be electronically transferred for use in my pre-paid card.
As you can see in the highlighted section, they could not cash the check because of information provided by Certegy Check Services.  If you don’t know who they are and what your rights are under the FCRA if adverse action is taken against you by information they provide, you need to watch my Better Credit Blueprint video series to become a more informed consumer.
So not only am I not allowed by Oppenheimer Funds to cash a check made out to me while having all the necessary  documentation you would ever need to cash a check at a check cashing business or service, I can’t even cash the damn thing at Walmart!
So I decided to go back to the source of the check, Oppenheimer Funds, and find out what they could do to help me out. As a matter of fact, it’s important to note that any call you make to handle an issue or situation dealing with credit or finances should always be done in a professional manner and with calm.  The old saying, “you catch more with flies with honey than vinegar” applies with this situation as well. When I explained that I had a Walmart Money Card that uses GE Bank and provides me with a routing and checking account number for direct deposit, he informed me they would need something from Walmart Money Card or GE Bank stating I had an account there.  Without calling Walmart, I already knew this would be almost impossible, but I gave it the old college try anyway. Officially; the tail is now wagging the dog and you should start to see clearly what the “underbanked” like me, have to go through in order to cash a legitimate check, while possessing proper identification, in order to gain access to money that’s mine to begin with!  Remember, I’m going through this not because I’m a serial check bouncer or because of check writing history as the Certegy automated system clearly stated, but because of my credit and the fact that my check did not meet Certegy’s check acceptance criteria based on their risk models – whatever those may be!
If you’re feeling frustrated by seeing exactly what I had to go through to cash a simple legitimate check, imagine how many of the approximately 64 million Americans that are “underbanked’ like me, might be going through this exact same thing – or worse!   As a father, I can’t imagine this happening to someone who needs access to their money ASAP in order to avoid a utility from being disconnected or to put food on the table for their family. I immediately got on the phone with Regions Bank toll free number and started the application process for opening a checking account.  I don’t need to tell you that I did so with all fingers and toes crossed as my significant other stood behind me rosarie beads in hand. Because the deposit was made on a Saturday, any deposits made on that day, as the bank rep pointed out, would count as a Monday July 9th, 2012 deposit as you see marked on the Customer Receipt.  She informed me that it would not show available in my account until Tuesday July 10th, 2012.

As you can see from the online screenshot below, for me – let Tuesday July 10th, 2012 go down as the day Regions Bank truly brought me back, not into the “lending fold”, but back onto the financial grid by giving me access to the most basic of financial services of major importance for all consumers;  a checking account!
Note:  Sign up to receive future blog posts and email updates to make sure you don’t miss my upcoming videos that will become part of the Better Credit Blueprint series where I’ll review the information contained in my ChexSystems Report and show you live what can be done about it! Do you have a story to share about being “underbanked” as well?  Please share your thoughts or comments so that others may see they are not alone! In clean-cut green and white, this checks cashed lightbox sign notifies people they have quick, convenient access to their money.
Number two, if it’s going to keep losing money, I might as well put it to good use for me and my family! About 15 minutes later, the account was opened but the agent informed me it would not be active until I went into the local branch, signed a signature card, and made my deposit.
I never realized that a bank could simply drop or close your account without ever having a bad history. I committed to liberating myself and YOU from a system that promises independence but breeds dependence.

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