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Sign up for our email list and gain access to free content, special promotions, sales and more. Random Field Operation audits are conducted by our full time Quality Control Staff to ensure work is performed in adherence to our clients' standards. Previous day’s field work is reviewed on a daily basis by our Quality Control Team to ensure guidelines are being followed. Field Operations Manager and Quality Control Staff meets with our field staff to discuss areas that require improvement and sends out Quality Control Reports to our subcontractors. Die Bundesverfassung der USA von 1789 galt mit ihren demokratischen Grundprinzipien als modernste Verfassung der Welt.

It is called the separation of powers in which government is divided into the three following branches: legislative, executive, and judicial. It is for this reason we have implemented our own Quality Control checks and balances system. This separation act alone helps prevent tyranny and lets each branch have their own job, unlike our government in which everything is controlled solely by the King. As seen above, the executive branch has the powers to appoint judges and pardon power for the judicial branch as well as veto bills or laws for the legislative branch.
Fur einen Kongressbeschluss sind ubereinkommende Beschlusse beider Kammern erforderlich.

Uberwacht wird der Kongress durch die Verfassungskontrolle, die der Supreme Court ausubt.
Man spricht insofern von einem System der Gegen- und Gleichgewichte (system of checks and balances).

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