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Occasionally, you may have to re-enter a payroll check using the Manual Check window in Payroll.
Adjustment – The gross and net must be zero; this type is used to move amounts between codes. Click the “Transactions” button to enter the individual transactions to appear on the check.
You not only need to record the amount of tax taken out of the check, but you also must record the correct amount of taxable wages to be reported for this tax and, in the case of FICA, the correct amount of employer’s FICA tax. To further complicate matters, none of these fields appear on the edit list for manual checks. Note the tax amount is displayed, but not the taxable wages, and the employer FICA tax amount is only displayed in summary.
The lesson here is to make sure you review the actual transactions and not rely solely on the edit list for your review. Do you happen to know if it is possible on the standard GP payroll check to report Taxable wages to the employee on their check stub?

I noticed some people are using the manual check as a place to make adjustements for wages and taxes. Yes, I was just pointing out key fields in the window that typically cause issues for users when recording transactions. You can correct them with a manual check (enter negative with wrong SUTA code and positive with the right SUTA code). Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. For example, when you select a Pay Code transaction type, you need to make sure that the correct department, position, state, local, SUTA state and workers comp codes are populated so the wages are reported correctly.
Unfortunately, these common mistakes will impact the amounts on the 941 report and payroll summary, causing these reports not to reconcile as you might expect. The only fields we see available are Gross wages and one of our clients wants taxable wages (like those found on the Employee Summary Inquiry window). Is there anyway to set an employee that is on salary where his check would be a certain dollar amount every payday after taxes?

In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). If you click the “Transaction Type” drop-down list, you will see all of the different transaction types available. However, the most common issues are around the Federal Tax, FICA Soc Sec Tax, FICA Medicare Tax, State Tax and Local Tax transaction types. Like can you put a dollar amount in and the program figure the amount it would need to be before taxes for the net to be a certain amount? When you select one of these types, special fields are displayed for taxable wages and, in the case of FICA, the employer’s portion of taxes.

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