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Below is an attempt to illustrate how the cycles of pride and prosperity might be viewed as interconnected with neither being inevitable, but choices within a continuum that we are constantly moving upon. For the sake of example, let’s say that one buckles under temptation and pursues wickedness, this would result in the loss of any previous strength in goodness or innocence they once possessed.
With an opportunity to change comes a moment of key choice where opposition presents itself again.
If the individual resists temptation and begins to pursue righteousness they are strengthened as the blessings of the Lord come upon them. Resisting temptation or standing strong under a trial of faith will have the same effect; increased strength will come as the path of righteousness is chosen, and thus the cycles repeat themselves. A simplified idea of what was presented above is a constant cycle of right or wrong with a person’s agency as the determining factor of their state at any given time as they respond to opposition. The illustration above indicates that the key to staying on the path of righteousness is to keep oneself in check, to understand that all that stands between one and the consequences of wickedness is a simple act of agency – a choice. Even with our current system of branches of government and separation of powers in the United States, we see that both just governments and individuals prosper with checks and balances. Life is not static, we cannot stand still in place, we are constantly in motion and being bombarded by real forces; some to our destruction and others to our salvation. There are so many periodic checks or reminders in our lives occurring at varying intervals that if we take advantage of these checks we can maintain a prosperous course. In opposition to this cycle of pride we see in the Book of Mormon, there is a shining example of the pride cycle being avoided altogether.
Just as the Wright Brother’s proved that human flight was possible by only flying 12 seconds through the air, that small achievement opened the door to the modern aviation and spaceflight that we observe today. We can’t change the past and we certainly cannot guarantee what the future holds for generations who will follow, the only promise from the scriptures is that we can have complete control over our present, our own lives and our own destiny.

Still all that said, I really enjoyed this article and as an individual working hard to be like the Savior, I appreciate the encouragement the examples give for my own self-improvement.
Mormons are often confused of seeking to “work their way into heaven” and although many deny this accusation and our doctrine is certainly unsupportive of it, how often do we become so focused on obedience and accountability that we set aside the healing and empowering grace of Christ? Many are aware of this danger but I feel that we focus so much on it that we consider it an inevitability, which is why I wrote this article. The central goal of this lesson is to use archival material to exemplify the checks and balances built into our system of government.
We certainly see from the scriptures and history that these things repeat themselves and sometimes we focus so much on the disasters and consequences of sin that we don’t really consider when those moments of disaster were averted altogether. Now this cycle isn’t incorrect, as was said before we have seen this happen over and over again, but righteousness and prosperity do not always necessarily lead to pride and wickedness.
They were going about seeing to destroy the church, they were spoiled children of the king and prophet of the Lord and they were not destroyed or burdened with any kind of physical harm, they were visited by an angel and they turned from their wicked ways. Usually we think of this cycle as it applies to the rise and fall of nations, but if we look a little closer, we can see how this cycle presents itself across many different aspects of our lives. The results of this choice will inevitably include consequences that justice demands such as: darkness, bondage, suffering, damnation or destruction. These blessings may be: light, freedom, joy, progress or prosperity all of which are sure to come if the individual is penitent and aligns themselves with that which is just and true. Choosing right or wrong will bring the consequences of justice that will either promote or hinder the progression of the soul.
We must learn to keep ourselves in check by never allowing ourselves to cross the line that marks transgression. If they were nearing too close to the edge, they would stop in their tracks and go no further. A free government without checks and balances will descend into tyranny just as an individual without checks and balances will descend into wickedness. Our own state of mind is the determining factor as to which course will be pursued, but if we ‘[watch] and [pray] continually, keep an open awareness of our state of mind and our surroundings and seek after additional strength through the atonement to help us continue on the path of righteousness, we can continually prosper. But thinking this way would reject the idea of agency and that good can prevail and continue.
This is the 200 years of peace that existed here upon the American continent after the visitation of the Savior.
In like manner, we can take these small examples of victory in the scriptures that the gospel can prevail despite temptations, trials and the records of the past – continual prosperity is proven possible.
We too, like the Saints in the 200 years of peace, can live out the rest of our days in light, freedom, joy and prosperity, never returning again to a path of wickedness if we simply keep ourselves in check through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For now, this is working fine and I’ll leave it this way as long as there is no abuse. It is easy to see how the true path can be so hard to find and how powerful the mists of darkness are at leading one astray. Just about to teach a gospel doctrine lesson on the pride cycle and found this very useful! The continuum is more of an illustration of how agency allows for the possibility of continual, uninterrupted, prosperity.

We are counseled to ‘avoid’ this pride cycle, but how do we avoid something that seems so inevitable? Then there is Enos, King Lamoni and his father and many others who repent without having to face a destruction of any kind. No matter how deep the descent into wickedness, the opportunity to change will always present itself or it may even be present the entire time according to the tender mercies of the Lord.
Just as mercy and the opportunity to change will always present themselves, trials of faith are sure to come; these may present themselves as a trial from the Lord or a temptation from the adversary, both of which will bring us again to a key choice. The influence of God entices us one way and the influence of the adversary entices us the other way; we are left to choose. It stands to reason that we must do the same if we are desirous to follow in the same course. Generation after generation lived and died, never changing course, and preserving the cycle of righteousness. The Zion civilization in the Book of Mormon could have been discouraged by looking at their past and the seemingly endless cycles of wickedness, but they looked forward instead, they trusted in the promises of the Lord and generations lived out their lives in prosperity without descending back into destruction. I do think one thing, however — as members of the Church, we often consider ourselves invincible to the power of money, wealth, riches and prosperity.
The pendulum of the gospel is meant to sit fixed upon one course but too often we seek to swing it toward our own philosophies and vain ideals and traditions.
I deeply believe that the power of the atonement can create Zion within us if we are truly one in Christ. There are essentially two circles – on the right going clockwise and on the left counterclock. The most notable example of the pride cycle being averted that I can think of is in the Old Testament where the city of Ninevah is spared because of the preaching of the reluctant Jonah. There is no such thing as neutrality in this cycle; neutrality is impossible because life is motion and choice governs movement. If we do not keep ourselves in check, our future is uncertain, it’s possible that we may always fall on the side of righteousness, but the opposite is evidenced in scripture. After a few generations, their descendants rejected their goodness and blessings and switched over to a course of wickedness that resulted in their destruction, but we can’t ignore the fact that an entire nation along with multiple generations of citizens never faltered. If any images that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights over any of them and do not agree with it being shown here, please also contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible.. The more you make right choices the higher you go – and the corollary to the left (and perhaps the Savior is an elevator? We also hide behind the protection of promises that by obeying commandments, and listening to the prophet, we can never go astray — but then follow those commands to a letter, instead of the spirit, believing that by paying tithing we have done what the Lord has asked.
We all need the same thing — and no amount of works makes up for what the Lord offers us through his atonement.

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