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A French political thinker named Montesquieu thought of the political idea of separation of powers. This picture show how the government of America works, a great example of separation of powers. The system of checks and balances makes sure one branch of our government isn't more powerful than another.
The legislative branch also has the power to remove a president or judge if they aren't doing the duties of their job right. Maamulka cusub ee degmada Burtile ayaa galabta kulan wadatashi ah la qaatay qaybaha bulshada ee degmada. Guddoomiyaha Golaha Wakiillada Somaliland Muxuu ka yidhi Xadhigga Fannaaniinta Xiddigaha Geeska?
This portion of the study assumes that you have or will be studying the colonial period of the United States. The PreambleWhat six reasons did the founding fathers give as the purpose for establishing the Constitution?Click here to listen to the "Schoolhouse Rock" Preamble song.
Describe the purpose of a writ of habeas corpus and give a time in our nation's history that the privelege was suspended.

According to Article II, Congress may determine the time of choosing Electors; when are federal elections held? How large of a majority is necessary in both houses of Congress to pass a proposed amendment to the U.S. Paragraph 2 is very important because it establishes the Constitution as the "supreme law of the land." What does that mean? What kind of test can never be required of a person in order to serve in any office or public trust under the United States? The Constitution: Fixed or Flexible?, Using the VideoHow does the battle over the Taft-Hartley Act demonstrate the Constitution's version of checks and balances? Instead of having one branch that does everything, it is much more productive having separate branches completing their different tasks.
The executive branch chooses the judges and the legislative branch approves the executive branch's choice. Which branch of government is responsible for writing bills and voting on whether or not the bills should become law?
Why do you think that the writers of the Constitution had the legislative branch of government declare war instead of the executive branch?

What can the president do if he does not like the legislation (a law) that Congress sends him?
ConstitutionThe following Study Guide can be downloaded in a pdf file so that students can work offline if you prefer.
Constitution study guide is meant to supplement your own homeschool American history or government curriculum. The executive branch has the power to veto any of those laws, making it hard for those laws to get passed. The judicial branch can say the law is unconstitutional, making sure the law is not passed.

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