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I by no means claim to be an immigration expert but then I don’t know anyone who truly is for the rules and regulations are always in constant change. We will first cover the steps of a K1 which are not too much different than a K3 except for a little extra paperwork and money needed for the later. You will need an original letter from you and your fiancee stating your intent to get married within 90 days upon here arrival in the United States. Note: If extra space is needed to complete any item attach a continuation sheet and indicated the item number.
Items to collect from your lady before leaving the PhilippinesAlso, for those of you who haven't started yet, here are the ONLY three things that you absolutely need to bring back from the Philippines. A Set of all four pages of Form G-325a Bibliographic data Filed out and signed on all four pages by her.
THIS IS NOT REQUIRED: If you can easily get a photocopy or certified copy of her birth certificate, you can include one with her FORM G-325a in your petition. If your Fiance is widowed, 2 certified death certificates for her previous husband will be important at some point. If your Fiance has an annulled marriage, 2 certifications of annulment will be useful at various stages. If a lady is older than 28-35 years old and has never been reported as married, a CENOMAR may be ordered.
This outline includes every task that you must complete to marry me in the next 3-5 months. You remain in Manila and attend a walk-in interview at the US Embassy on the Friday following St. Get a Counseling Certificate from CFO*** NOTE: This may take several days, so leave enough time during your visit!
The INS will ship an approval notice by mail (Diplomatic pouch) to The US Consulate in Manila. Or, I can order the K-Packet for you using the $6 Credit Card number (63-2-843-8414) in Manila. Or, we can just print out several blank copies of the forms DS-156, DS-157 in PDF Format and the Form DS-156k PDF from the US Embassy web site and send them to you now.
NOTE #1: When we order the K-Packet they will need your Passport Number, your Address, your birth date, and a phone number for the courier to call in case he has difficulty finding your house when he delivers the packet. Photos should be high quality, with good back lighting or wrap-around lighting, and must have a white or off-white background.
Polaroid film hybrid #5 is acceptable; however, SX-70 type film or any other instant processing type film is unacceptable.
The letter of Intent - A Template For You To UseThis is a sample letter of intent for your girl to fill out. The easy guide to preparing a K1 Visa Petition - The Cover Letter Template.The Cover Letter is an outline of EVERYTHING in the K1 Petition.
Introduction: I am a single man requesting K-1 Visa approval of my fiance, [Fiancee’s FULL NAME], who is currently a resident of Philippines, and who is a Filipino citizen.
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Here we will try to gather information to together for people starting or going through the immigration process. This information is being put together as a reference guide to show some of what a K1 (fiancee visa) and a K3 (spousal visa) entails.
This should consist of pictures, letters, e-mails and can also include copies of your passport, plane ticket and lodging. Luke's sees evidence that your Fiance may have given birth to an undisclosed child during her pelvic exam, they may request a CENOMAR check. If you want to have your wedding dress made in the Philippines before you leave, the cost is 75% less than in America. Start thinking about what you will take with you and what you will give away to friends and relatives.
If you do not have many recipes memorized, you may wish to talk with all of your friends, family and neighbors. You will eventually need them by the time you visit the US Embassy to file your paperwork for the VISA.
Make sure you know these before you go, or bring a cell phone and call me if you have questions. In case we get a quick approval, you should have everything above completed as soon as possible. You do this by going to authorized branches of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) or Citibank. Luke's (Often, they refuse the photos and send you about 1 block away to a local drugstore to get new ones. If you skip them, we'll have to have them done in the US with a special doctor for $60-120.
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If they ask, they will help you select the important ones, organize them, and place them in an envelope for you to take with you to the EMBASSY Interview.
I can buy a PTA (Prepaid Ticket) from PAL (Philippine Airlines) and send you the PTA Number.
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You should make an appointment with a doctor and buy 18 months worth if you are willing to try this method. If you need close-toed shoes (for cold weather), consider buying a few new pairs of shoes before I come to get you!

Place them in a notebook or binder so you will know how to make all of your favorite foods when you come here! This only means that our VISA is held until the US Embassy gets the full packet from the US Immigration Service. We are applying for a K1 Fiance Visa petition, and I intend to marry [Fiancee’s NAME] within 90 days of entering the United States when our Visa is approved.
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All marriages in the Philippines get registered centrally in Manila with the Census Bureau. It even has hints that are learned from months of reading and refinement via posts to the ASAWA Message board. Bring the food, because you may not get time leave for lunch if you leave, you may loose your place in line! Don't leave the Philippines without hers, or you will have to wait for it to arrive by mail! If you are starting the K1 process, customize this cover letter, fill in the items it describes in the order they are listed, and send it! We went from writing off 300K a years to less than 10K since it takes all my units and billing rules off the waivers. I've combined every scrap of immigration information (laws, rules, procedures, links, tips, & tricks) with the knowledge of dozens of great folks from the ASAWA Forum into the following topic areas.
Copy it, customize it, double check the fees (in case they've increased), fill in the materials noted in it, and get it out! We could do this on our way out of the country IF we can spend 1-2 days in Manila or Cebu, but it may be easier if you get the stamp before I arrive.
They will need to see your visa (so they know you can leave the country) before they will print the tickets. I told him I don't have an appointment letter but showed him a copy of the NOA #2 as instructed by the Immigrant Visa Center.
The US Bankruptcy Code at 11 USC 523(a)(8) provides an exception to bankruptcy discharge for education loans.2005 Bankruptcy Law Changes FAQ - FindLawQ: What is the new bankruptcy law, and when did it take effect? Aside from the fees (which change without notice), this collective knowledge should be able to answer more than 85% of your questions, and get you through the process!There are spelling errors, but the content is good!
If you have a question about what a "Letter of Intent" is, see that section below too! The Census office is the only place that can definitely state whether or not a record of marriage exists.
If you want really nice fitting jeans or stretch pants, you may wish to purchase a few pairs before you leave! Before you can pay the fee, some banks will ask to see a copy of FORM DS-156 from the K-Packet. We have an 99% success rate, we handle cases nationwide at affordable rates.K1 Fiance Visa Interview Questions. When the receptionist called my number, I again showed my passport and a copy of my NOA #2.
She then looked for my name in a list of people who called the Immigrant Visa Center to schedule the packet delivery. One of the security guards gave me a referral slip for one of the photo shops nearby that can do the photos in a few minutes. I assume that this is a commission upon referral collaboration with the photo studio.When I came back, I had dropped down to number six in line because it took me about fifteen minutes to look for the photo shop. After having my PDS checked by the receptionist, I was directed to a room where a digital photo was taken for their records. The receptionist there asked what visa I was applying for, and when I told her I was a K-1 Visa applicant, I was instructed to proceed to the cashier on the 5th floor.

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