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I had the opportunity to play an alpha build of Madden NFL 15 three weeks ago at the Tiburon Studios in Orlando, Florida.
The presentation aspect of Madden NFL 15 immediately reminded me of watching a game on CBS. Speaking of camera angles, there are six new gameplay cameras that you can toggle through on the fly with the d-pad before snapping the ball. My favorite part of the new presentation is the elimination of celebrations being tied to a cut scene.
The biggest improvement in my opinion is the player models and addition of more authentic face scans via EA SPORTS new capturing technology. With that being said, my impressions are from viewing the game in instant replay mode and close up camera shots. Like the presentation in Madden NFL 15, I walked away very pleased with the graphics portion of the game.
If you have any questions concerning the presentation and visuals in Madden NFL 15, please stop by this thread to ask me and I will answer as soon as possible.
Surprised you were able to take any screenshots with Andrew Wilson’s balls in your mouth. You played the damn game for 20 hours, and all you talked about was visuals and presentation ! Will there be an offline franchise mode that will allow multiple user controlled teams with CPU vs CPU simulation? Well the visual improvements are quite noticeable when comparing them to Madden 25 side-by-side. Following a major Madden 15 release earlier this week EA is working to fix a number of Madden 15 problems that prevent gamers from playing online, from counting wins and in some cases getting what they paid for when they bought Madden 15 Ultimate Team. If you plan to play Madden 15 on Labor Day weekend we suggest you check out these potential Madden 15 issues that you may run into, so you know what you can and can’t do to fix the issues. If you were able to enter your Madden 15 Ultimate Team codes, but you did not get the packs and points promised with a pre-order EA is aware of the problem.
There is no timeline, but hopefully you’ll see those Madden 15 MUT Pro Packs appear in your unopened packs area very soon. When you start up Madden 15 you may see a warning about Desync issues, which impact Connected Franchise Mode. According to EA, this problem is fixed, but there are still complaints about career wins and losses not being saved correctly. The Madden 15 release arrived on Tuesday August 26th amidst connectivity issues on PSN and Xbox Live, but in the time since, gamers are finding it easier to play and to connect with friends in Madden 15. My madden keeps making me play the opening game set up even though I load my connected franchise. I just tried playing a my season game online in franchise mode against another user and the game desynced 6 times within the hour. Desmond I had the same problem if your connected by a Ethernet cable reset it, if you do wifi, restart your wifi. I purchased $10 worth of points on Madden 15 MUT but never received my points… Did this happen with anyone else?? When i try to play my CF offline it sends me right back to the opening game of Seahawks vs.
EA Sports is announcing that it is celebrating the coming Most Valuable Player pick of the National Football League by introducing four players that will be part of the game with upgraded stats in the Ultimate Team mode of Madden NFL 15. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, DeMarco Murray, and Aaron Rodgers are the nominations that seem to be leading the race for the award at the moment, but the studio believes that its own picks have an outside chance of getting it.
His new Ultimate Team version has 94 Throw Power and 95 Throw Accuracy and the Auction House says he is worth about 86,000 Coins. Jamaal Charles, from the Kansas City Chiefs, is also part of the MVP race because he is currently tied to the league lead in terms of rushing touchdowns, which means that he has upgraded speed, elusiveness, and juke moves. One of them is Marshawn Lynch from the Seattle Seahawks, who has contributed a lot to the team’s territorial gains, resulting in 98 Stiff Arm and 96 Trucking in the EA Sports-made sim.

The studio explains, “Gronk has returned to his dominant form after battling injuries the last couple of seasons. The Ultimate Team version of the player features 96 Catch In Traffic, 94 Catching, and 92 Release.
Madden NFL 15 is getting continued support from EA Sports, which means that fans can expect to see a new title update coming in the near future, and new packages for the Ultimate Team mode are also introduced on a weekly basis. The Chicago Bears head into Madden NFL 15 as a slightly improved Madden team from an already impressive (but low key) squad in Madden 25.  If the Bears start of the season strong, roster updates could lift them into a top tier Madden team. Additional Remarks: The Bears will be a tough team to play against in Madden 15, although they may not be a team you see too much of online.
I put in over 20 hours with the game and wanted to share my hands-on impressions of the presentation and visuals in the game. The score bug, stat banners, down and distance graphics on the field and camera angles inspired by NFL Films all combine to make it look like a real NFL broadcast.
Half-time shows of some fashion have been in Madden for a while now, but they were usually bland because they only showcased a couple of plays without any voice overs lending insight into each play.
The sidelines get a slight upgrade with more moving staff members, but are still hindered by the absence of fully rendered player models. I was impressed with the graphic overlays, half-time show, dynamic cameras and attention to detail on the head coaches.
I have always enjoyed capturing screenshots and looking at the details of video games; especially sports titles.
I tried to play with as many teams as possible during my time with the game and only had issues with the player models for Tony Romo and Lance Briggs. I turned around to see someone else playing as the Washington Redskins and Robert Griffin III was walking up to the line of scrimmage. Many people expect the game to keep its visual fidelity while far away in a gameplay camera angle, but that expectation is not realistic. I take a lot of screenshots for the website and just sat in awe at some of the shots I had lined up the game. Me and my brothers have been waiting for its return to Madden as they took out that feature a couple years ago.
Are there any videos out showing off the camera angles or any of the new presentation features? There are some Madden 15 problems you’ll just need to live with until EA is able to fix the problems. This will prevent you from downloading new rosters and other updates and may limit your ability to play Madden 15 online or use Madden Ultimate Team. I’ve never been booted playing Madden before, and one of the instances was right after I crossed the GL after a long pass. I find a football game that punishes people for being knowledgable in football to be completely idiotic (even teams feature for ranked matches). But soon after i tried typing in the redeem codes and said they have already been use really dissapointing. Watt from the Houston Texans is the final featured player because of his defensive end capabilities, with 97 Power Moves and Block Shedding and 95 Tackle. I realize the Defense had some injuries last year, but it seems kind of insane when the team was ranked 8th in Total Offense last year and 30th in Total Defense. It is important to note that this was an alpha build of Madden NFL 15 and the development team makes improvements and changes on the game every day. The cameras change up during pre-game focusing on different parts of the field like the sideline, a group huddle or the team lining up to kick the ball. Unfortunately, I spent most of my playing time without audio so I can’t comment on any commentary or crowd noise improvements. While the sidelines still need to be improved, I think people will be happy with what Madden NFL 15 brings to the table, especially if they were able to improve the commentary and crowd noise.
After playing Madden NFL 15, I think it looks on-par with every sports title that has released on Xbox One and PS4.

The lighting, color palate, player models and player face scans combine to make the game a strong competitor in the visuals category. I’ve been loving Madden since Madden 10 and every year it gets more and more realistic.
I was in a room with 15+ other people and didn’t want to disturb people by putting the volume up or zone out by putting my head phones in.
You’d see stuff like Adrian Peterson running in the open field for 40 yards in slow motion.
I understand you want anyone to be able to play the game and have fun, but to long time madden and football fans, they took the fun out of dominating everybody i played, now ill run a post between a cover 2 zone and linebacker all the sudden tips the ball. While this may have been true a year or two ago, with the departure of Lovie Smith and the acquisition of Mel Tucker as defensive coordinator, the defensive strategy is completely different this year. Chris Conte and Major Wright combined for two of the bottom four safety performances in the NFL.
Therefore, the impressions coming from E3 this week are likely to be from a different build than I experienced. They not only include a couple of big plays, but plays that set up those big plays as well.
However, it really does add to the presentation when your coach on the sideline looks identical to how they do in real life. There is one caveat though; the game still lacks great visuals during games played at night and in a dome stadium. I immediately thought about the Madden NFL 25 trailer between the Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings and how they finally achieved that level of realism shown in the trailer.
Any time I’d have an incredible play the replay would deflate any of the excitement I had.
Ive turned the ball over (including a safety once) after i caused a turnover at least 6-8 times.
The team has made a point to emphasize that this year Tucker will be utilizing his own system, rather than trying to run Lovie’s like last year. We likely have an unproven rookie in Brock Vereen starting at FS if Conte doesnt make it back from offseason surgery in time, and if Mundy doesn’t hold up health wise, our Strong Safety is Adrian Wilson after recovering from an injury that is usually career killing.
For example, you will see a replay of a third down defensive stand if that led to a touchdown during the offensive possession. I tackled Morris into the endzone and he rolled over and celebrated by pointing both hands  in the air. The facial scanning technology EA SPORTS has is great and was used on a lot of star players in Madden NFL 25.
It was refreshing to see one kick off following the kickers foot swing into the ball while the next one followed the kickers torso and hand movement signaling his teammates to start rushing towards the opposition. While the highlights are being shown, Larry Ridley will discuss each play and send the broadcast back to Jim Nantz and Phil Simms to start the second half. It is obvious that they made an effort to capture as many faces as possible for Madden NFL 15.
I am hoping some of the popular rookies like Jadaveon Clowney and Johnny Manziel get the same treatment before the game releases. I played the game three weeks after the NFL draft so it makes sense that they would be absent from the game.
Gone are the days when a touchdown is scored on one side of the field and the cut scene shows the player celebrating on the opposite side of the endzone. Although, their faces do look decent from this official screenshot released today by EA SPORTS.

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