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Launching a brand new website or publishing a new site version is typically a straight forward process given that it is well planned and well organized. The techniques that are used in order to develop a website are extremely important and they affect the SEO. Note that you can check several of the above (HTML Validation, Meta-Robots usage, Spider View, Page Analysis etc) by using the Web SEO Analysis tool.
In several articles in the past we have discussed how important it is to develop a solid link structure.
In order get a detailed view of how the PageRank flows within your site and what is the link structure of your webpages, make sure you use the Link Structure Tool.
After checking your webpages you need to ensure that all the necessary files have been built, that all of the necessary accounts are created and that you are ready to go live. I strongly believe that if you complete all of the checks that are described above and if you use this SEO checklist you will be able to detect most of the flaws that can damage your SEO campaign.
Now here’s a well structured checklist everyone concerned with SEO should go through. A nice simple guide to follow, clients are amazed when you show them how many factors they must consider. The checking portion of your A3 or problem solving process is just as critical as the other three stages.  Taking the time early in the problem solving process to develop a clear checking plan will provide structure so we can evaluate our plan and share what we learned.
As leaders, we need to stress the importance of creating a checking plan and then follow through to make sure we did a thorough job of checking, checking, checking…. Checking Account Promotions can help put money back into your pocket simply be knowing about them and taking advantage of them.
Here we will list the Checking Account Promotions that we know of.  Some of these promotions will be nationwide which means you can take advantage of them and some will be for local markets. Most Checking Account Promotions are temporary so be sure to check with the financial institution offering the promotion for more details. PerkStreet FinancialSM Deposit Account – Get 2% cash back by using your Debit Card on any transaction.

Free Flip Camcorder with First Bank – Sign up for a checking and savings account with first bank and you can get yourself a free flip camcorder.
PerkStreet Financial – Free checking account that gives back rewards for every time you use your debit card. Free iPod Touch at Bank of the West – Sign up for a new checking account and either set up a recurring monthly direct deposit of no less than $500, pay 10 Online Bills or make 20 Debit Card Transactions. If you know of any great Checking Account Specials or Promotions please let us know in the comments. Failing to take into account all the known ranking factors or failing to build an SEO-friendly website can lead to low rankings in Search Results.
Did I write unique, high quality texts that will be considered useful both by the Users and by the Search Engines? Did I add all the important keywords in the page Titles, the Meta-Descriptions and the HTML Headings (H1-H6)? Have I ensured that the content is not over-optimized, that there is no hidden text in the pages and that no Keyword Stuffing techniques are used? Did I make sure that my pages will not compete each other on SERPs and that I do not have lots of different pages optimized for exactly the same keywords? Analyze your pages by using the Keyword Analyzer in order to ensure that your pages are targeted and optimized for your selected keywords.
Is my menu visible from all the pages and is it developed in HTML so that the search engines can find the rest of the pages? Did I take steps to eliminate duplicate content by focusing on the Link Architecture, by doing 301 redirects when required and by using proper canonical tags? Additionally you can check the similarity percentage between two pages by using the Duplicate Content Tool. Have I eliminated all the links that point to different versions of the same page, causing duplicate content problems?
It will provide you with detailed statistics and graphs along with all the data you require to evaluate your current link architecture.

Am I positive that I use no blackhat techniques and that I do not violate Google ‘s Guidelines?
This article is really great because it will not only help people know more about seo but they will also know what’s new with seo. As a result before publishing a website, the Webmasters and the SEO professionals should validate that they are aligned with the best current practices and that they have not made important mistakes in their SEO campaigns. Additionally the SERP Analysis tool can help you analyze and evaluate the competition and see if it is possible to compete for the selected terms. Do I use a tree-like architecture where the top level pages are the most important pages of my website?
Have I gathered all the relevant high traffic directories of my industry and the search engine’s local listings where I can submit my business? I have bookmarked this article and will surely refer to it every time I take on my next project. In this article we provide a detailed SEO checklist in which we have the most essential checks that one should make before publishing a website online. Have I made sure that my pages contain no broken HTML that is likely to affect the analysis of the site? Yeah, I do not know everything in WordPress web design but pointers like these is of great help. Thanks for this one, it did help me better understand websites and what needs to be done before launching it.

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