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I am using datatables grid and added Datatables Drag drop and column checkbox filter feature in my grid, datatables column checkbox filter is working fine.
When I drag a column to another position, AND click on checkbox of datatables column Filter, the all data from the grid disappears and the message "No matching records found" is displayed.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged javascript jquery datatables or ask your own question. Can a (flying) character choose to fall (voluntarily), and then use a reaction to stop falling before hitting the ground? I tried using the Angular Unique Filter, as recommended here, but it's not filtering out the unique categories. I can acheive this with such multiple-checkbox as above but I have the requirements to display only Girls without Boyfriend as default display list. There were few similar questions like this when I was searching like This and This but the answers doesn't satisfy my requirements. Not totally sure if this is the same as your requirements, but I managed to have one checkbox that only shows relevant content when checked. So, pretty much the only difference is the selection of "Limit list to selected items" in the filter options. Whenever I run into issues like these, I tend to use the grouped option with exposed filters.

Configure the grouped filters similarly (I used the panopoly 'featured' boolean field since it was readily available). I tried the exact thing after posting the question, this will just eliminate the use of BEF, but there appears Multiple checkbox like featured,non featured (from your example) with BEF.
Before accepting my own answer, I am waiting for the answers which can do this in Drupal way, so, I can award the bounty.
I wanted to implement a similar approach and I finally found a solution, perhaps it will help some others. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged views views-filters better-exposed-filters or ask your own question. Should I list people who are in competition with me as reviewers to exclude for "conflict of interest"? There is a huge amount of data that users have to be able to limit to just the information they need. For a large library of data, such as articles, documents, forms, etc., provide meaningfully-grouped checkbox filters that enable users to include relevant topics in their search. For a large amount of filters, enclose all filters in a colored background to show that they are all related and can all be used to modify the corresponding table. All tables should be sortable by ascending and descending order for columns that make sense to sort, such as Date, Title.

Providing filters to narrow down large sets of data avoids information overload and enables users to find the information they are looking for, thereby helping them accomplish their goal. If I click the Perio category, only rows of questions under the Perio category will be displayed. When the checkbox Yes is clicked it'd hide all the Girls without boyfriends and display only Girls who has boyfriend. Columns such as Description shouldn't be sortable as they don't help to find the information faster. In order to simplify the process I’ve created a control that allows easy creation of different check and radio list components. Open the interface and storyboard side by side, you should be able to drag that outlet circle from interface to the LFilterView in storyboard.
What it should do is only filter out the redundant Perio category, and show only unique categories. Indicators should be provided either next to the column name, or if more robust sorting is needed (see next bullet), then as sorting options in the column name drop-down list.

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