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Products work seamlessly with all leading software from Word, Publisher, Visio, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Enter the incorrect check numbers in Original start number and Original end number fields. We offer the checkbook register along with hundreds of business and personal templates to make business operations easier. Most products work on mobile platforms, smartphones, and tablets.Using the Checkbook Register TemplateThe Checkbook Register for My Excel 2007 or later is an easy to use template that calculates checking balances automatically courtesy of manually inputted data reflecting credit and debit transactions.
All the information written on a check is copied instantly onto the duplicate check, giving you a permanent record of each check you write.Each box of checks you receive will normally contain 150 checks per box. Each check is numbered in sequential order by a serial number located in the top right-hand corner of the face of the check.After you receive your box of checks, place the book with the lowest number inside your checkbook's protective cover. Before you write a check, make sure you place the clear plastic divider under both the check and the duplicate check. This will prevent what you write from filtering through to the remaining duplicate checks in the checkbook. When prompted, macros begin calculations following register template downloads.How to Use the Checkbook Register TemplateTemplates can be customized with company or personal names.

We offer downloadable business and personal software for everyone and there’s never a charge associated with any of the templates. Download the checkbook register and feel free to look around the rest of our site today!Download: Checkbook RegisterNot what you were looking for?
For the same reason, it is advised that you do not use abbreviations on the "PAY TO THE ORDER OF" line.Record the dollar amount using numbers.
This will make it difficult for anyone to increase the amount by inserting an extra number.Print the dollar amount in capital letters. If the correction cannot be made neatly, write "VOID" across the check and record it in your register by serial number and start over. The first is a blank endorsement, the second is a special endorsement and the third is a restrictive endorsement.A blank endorsement occurs when you simply sign your name on the top back of the check.
It is recommended that you only use blank endorsements for deposits made in person, where there is minimal risk of fraud.For increased protection from fraud, you can specify that a check is "for deposit only" above your signature. By using this type of endorsement, the check can only be deposited to the account of the person whose name is shown on the "PAY TO THE ORDER OF" line.
It is recommended that checks being deposited via mail be endorsed in this fashion.The third method of endorsement, a restrictive endorsement, restricts the use of the check you are depositing.

If you've ever had a check returned NSF, you know how expensive, inconvenient and embarrassing it can be. The duplicate check conveniently provides you with a quick record of all the checks you write.
This is important in those times when you're in a hurry.Sometimes there simply isn't enough time to record transaction information in your checkbook register immediately after you write a check.
It makes an instant copy of your check, and is safely tucked away in your checkbook, ready for you to record in your register when you have time.Another benefit of the duplicate check is that it can be easily stored. After you do this, any blank spaces left in the column should alert you of outstanding debits and credits.

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