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Xiaomi Redmi 3s & Redmi 3s Prime with 4100mAh Battery launched in India, price starts at Rs. For efficient graphics processing (which includes everything from 3D modeling to playing your favorite game), one of the most important requirements is adequate graphics memory (also called video memory).
If the answer is yes, then you’re in luck, as Windows 10 easily lets you find out the graphics memory of your computer.
Checking the graphics memory can come in really handy when you want to find out whether your computer meets the minimum system requirements for certain graphically intensive application (say, a game, or a complex 3D rendering program). Step 2: The next screen lets you change the display resolution, orientation, and a couple more things. As illustrated above, the Adapter Information sub-section also provides a breakup of overall graphics memory, so you can easily find out how much of it is Dedicated, and how much is Shared. Out of the vast array of complicated tasks modern day computers can accomplish, Graphics Processing is an extremely important one. Learn how to scan your computer’s memory (RAM) for errors with Windows Vista’s Memory Diagnostics tool. If your computer is having odd errors you can’t figure out or it sporadically shuts down will the blue screen of death you might have a problem with your memory (RAM). This guide shows you how to use Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool (included with Windows Vista or as a download) to check your computer’s RAM for errors. Click the option to restart your computer now and run the memory diagnostics test or to schedule the memory diagnostic test to run at your next reboot.
Make sure to press any key when asked if you want to boot to the DVD when the computer is booting up. Select an operating system (it really doesn’t matter with the memory diagnostics tool) and then press Next.

Press Tab on your keyboard to move to the Tools section of the boot manager screen and then press enter to start the Memory Diagnostics.
When the Memory Diagnostic Tool starts it immediately starts scanning your memory for errors with the default scan. If you have any errors they will show up while it scans and a report will be given to you the next time your computer boots up. If memory diagnostic finds errors in your memory it’s time to replace your computer’s memory. You can download the memory diagnostic tool and read much more about it on the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool Users Guide.
Memory diagnostic starts every start-up and there is no way to discontinue this, causing vista to take a long time to load. How run windows memory diagnostic tool windows 8, If errors are found, then the windows memory diagnostic tool will attempt to determine which particular memory module in your computer is causing these errors..
Windows 10 – detect ram issues windows memory, Windows memory diagnostic is a tool in windows 10 which was present in the previous versions of windows also. 13 windows diagnostics tools check pc' health, No matter , newbie veteran, windows system eventually run problems aren’ easy diagnose. Also make sure if your motherboard supports DDR or DDR2 RAM, which can be known by checking Memory type of currently used RAM.
The rapid advancements in computing technology have led to a multi-fold increase in the overall raw processing power of computers, which are now more capable than ever. Most computers these days come with either shared (or integrated), or discrete graphics memory. And the best part is that it can be used to find out both the discrete and shared (and hence, overall) graphics memory of the computer.

On the Display configuration pane that comes up next, click on the Change display settings link in the left column. But since we’re not interested in any of that, simply click on Advanced settings option on the right. You can even find out other important information (Chip Type, Video BIOS etc.) about your computer’s graphics adapter. This is obviously a problem, but there is no mention of how to stop the memory test anywhere in the Microsoft site. The same is true for the software aspect of computing as well, with programs and applications getting increasingly complex with each passing day. And this has led to the spectrum of tasks that can be performed by modern computers, becoming broader than ever. Under the already active Adapter tab, move to the Adapter Information sub-section, and you should see the Total Available Graphics Memory listed.
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One such operation, that finds its usage in a variety of industries (notably in Gaming, Special Effects), is Graphics Processing.

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