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UK traffic police department has started a pilot project to check the photo identity of drivers at the roadside.
Surry is onboard for this project and several other agencies and departments are also signing up and a national roll-out will follow too. In the present system, there is no way to check the originality of an id provided by the driver.
But if there is no criminal record of the offender already registered in the database he can still get lost in the database. Chief also admitted, “If they give the wrong details, have no previous record and then fail to attend court that’s it. The DVLA’s plan to scrap the paper counterpart to the UK driving licence could cause chaos for drivers hiring cars abroad this summer, according to motoring groups. Originally planned to have been axed from January 1st this year, the organisation pushed back the nixing of the paper counterpart until 8th June after concern that it wasn’t ready for the changeover. From that date onwards, UK drivers will be obliged to carry only their photocard licences as the traditional paper half of the license will be cut to save millions of pounds in admin fees.

Information previously held on the counterpart, like penalty points or endorsements, will instead be held on the DVLA’s online database and can be checked online, over the phone or by post. However, drivers wanting to hire cars abroad will have to register their intentions with the DVLA in advance by using their website to enter their licence number and obtaining a code. The code can then be given to the car hire company instead of the paper driving licence, however the code is only valid for 72 hours, meaning that holidaymakers could be at risk of getting caught out. Drivers can also download a printable PDF of their driving history, but with the changes not widely publicised it’s not yet known how many car hire companies abroad will accept the print-off. Mark Bower from hire insurance firm MoneyMaxim, said that this could potentially cause massive problems for drivers intending on holidaying overseas and hiring a car.
Outlining the dangers of getting caught out thanks to the changeover, he said: “Most people are simply unaware that these changes are on the way – and it is not just renters.
He added that even doing it on a smartphone is a hassle, thanks to the complicated process needed to redeem the code and high data roaming charges while in other countries.
Learning 2 DriveWhat is Vehicular Manslaughter?What constitutes vehicular manslaughter and the types of penalty you will incur for committing this crime.

This system will allow the police to check driver’s data direct from police’s own national database. If the department moves for the court proceedings due to the false name given, the legal system will not be able to track the record of the driver and it will be a real loss of money and time. Officers can give a  second chance to the driver to provide correct details Chief Constable hopes that the pilot project will be ready to go national by the middle of 2015.
During this trial, DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency) is giving the police direct access to their database.

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